16h UTC; SUNDAY, 19 MAY 2013: By now, you may or may not have heard about where Mayor Rob Ford out of Toronto The Good (or reasonable facsimilie thereof) was seen on a video supposedly smorking crack cocaine in a car park from a glass pipe (or, again, reasonable facsimilie thereof) ... and that said video was making the rounds of Teh Innerwebz big-big time, notwithstanding where offers to sell the video to Gawker.com and The Toronto Star (as has been rather uneasy towards His Honour) were unsuccessful as the maker thereof wanted six figures.

And Mayor Ford "himself" insists that it's not him, that he's been set up by The Toronto Star to discredit his conservative agenda and related articles of faith and force him out of office.

Now imagine the scene in question involving some "Tea Party"-type leader here in our otherwise "morally superior" United States, especially in a position otherwise expected to command the utmost of confidence and trust among the Moronic Underworld.

Especially so in light of a leaked Heritage Foundation memo to Congressional RepubliKKKans advising them to cook up scandals aimed at depicting President Obama in the most odious light possible at the expense of the commonweal (as last week's trifecta therefor, now collapsing for the most part, demonstrated).

Meanwhile, have cultural conservative Zealots and True Believers any evidence to substantiate their occasional charge about certain films or TV programmes causing "spontaneous and wholesale moral lapse" as is seen to Endanger Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations (in particular that as has been documented, empirically researched and peer-reviewed)? And how do we know their Elmer Gantryite drookies aren't secretly channelling His Satanic Majesty's Dark and Sinister Forces Upon Our Dear Lovely Nation and then projecting blame upon "liberals," "the gay lobby," "secular humanists" and worse (especially where prolefeed value can be maximised)?

Besides: Are Al Cohol, Mary Jane Weaver, Auntie Em and/or Old Doc Snow at play throughout their developing such bizarre and incredible prolefeed?

Another unlikely prolefeed target likely to be manipulated by Elmer Gantryites as Irrfutable Proof that God is Preparing to Remove His Protective Hand from Our Dear Lovely Nation Without Prior Notice or Warning (as if seeking to further push for the National Day of Fasting and Prayer for Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Land on 9/11, as endorsed by Joseph "WorldNetDaily" Farah) would have to be Friday evening's derailment and collision of two Metro North commuter trains on their New Haven Line at Bridgeport, CT as left some 70 injured (six seriously) and the New York-Providence-Boston portion of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor out of service until further notice (or, as these misguided [pseudo]religious want it, "subject to Divine Confirmation" by way of certain signs in North Korean stylee).

(Still, though, could it be possible for His Protective Hand to also be the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace revered by conservative Zealots and True Believers insisting that a natural and latent interconnexion exists between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar, and want such given the "mere formality of legal recognition," as it were, through a Constitutional Amendment?)

In concluding this post today, Your Correspondent wishes to apologise for the hasty and somewhat rough nature of same, as well as such posting unusually earlier than normal: Tomorrow morning, he goes in for a six-month physical with his medico at the local polyclinic, and as it may be some while for same to complete, especially in view of rough weather expected in these parts on the morrow, he apologises if there turns out to be no post in consequence therefor.



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