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17h52 UTC; FRIDAY, 18 JULY 2014: By now, the Big Story of the Moment has to be the Unfortunate Events as befell the Boeing 777 assigned Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 (Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur) yesterday, with all 293 aboard having been killed; same having been brought down by suspicious means in the Russo-Ukrainian border area seeing ongoing tensions involving Russian-sponsored separatist mercanaries officially seen as representing local Russian-speaking peoples supposedly "under persecution" by the Ukrainian government.

And as soon as the first bulletins and newsflashes broke, conspiracy theorists and nutcases wholesale began flooding Teh Blogospheerez with all manner of lurid and absurd Conspiracy Theories about such having been taken down as a prolefeed stunt, that President Obama staged the whole to divert attention from the Central American juvenile refugee crisis and its supposedly Sapping Our Precious Bodily Fluids as a People and Nation by His Grace and Favour, all that Mickey Mouse. Not to mention conflicting stories about whether the Ukrainians or the Russians had the crucial "black boxes" providing helpful cluedos to investigators in due time (since deflated by news this morning stating that Ukrainian emergency services agencies had recovered same).

And at an early stage in the reportage, one item on the Russian-language site for worldcaster Russia Today claimed that the "real" target of the missile(s) in question may have been the official state aircraft for Russian President Vladimir Putin; regardless of its credibility, one thing is obvious: Russian separatist forces have found sport in looking for Ukrainian military or civil aircraft to shoot down throughout the current Russo-Ukrainian crisis, and it's being suggested that we have a case of Mistaken Identity.

The which is sure to carry a serious price for not just Putin, but also his United Russia party, the crony capitalism that it supports (in particular the gas supplier Gazprom) and its Unholy and Dangerous Alliances with the Russian Orthodox Church in its Luscious Glory of orthodox conservatism whose greater aim is Reclaiming the Luscious Glory of Mother Russia per Soviet-era geopolitik and idealism, such being the target of fresh sanctions announced by both the United States and the European Union as make it difficult for Mother Russia to seek outside, hard-currency-based finance or trade (and which President Putin insists will backfire upon the United States).

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But one thing is certain in the long run: Mother Russia will be paying lots of pretty polly, and then some, for its Ukrainian and Crimean misadventures. Especially considering all the expenses that warfare carries, which in its turn will be rather dear without all manner of tax increases or imposition of special war taxes just to keep the whole going for as long as Putin and his Great Within think it necessary for Mother Russia.

And too, you also have the prospect of "people power" taking exception to these misadventures and the harm such is costing Mother Russia all the more internationally, which could only risk aggravating the sadism of the Russian military and police forces on the very words of President Putin (howbeit in code more than anything) to the point of making Soweto look like the Orlando Theme Parks.

In any event, expect the implosion of Mother Russia to come within measurable distance. Even if Putin has to flee by the closest of margins to refuge in Cuba, China or even North Korea, replete with the usual string of conspiracist hyperbole reeking of the inebriated or otherwise influenced by the conspiracist's own Delusions of Grandeur that such will become viral and at once become accepted as fact absent substantiating evidence.

But in the meantime, can you imagine the following perhaps being apt metaphor for the secretive misadventures of Putin's Great Within late of nights inside the Kremlin walls in its denial of the Harsh Light of Reality vis-a-vis Ukraine?

So until next time, folks ... "73"
(Which was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye,"
in case you're wondering.)

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