18h UTC; MONDAY, 8 JULY 2013: Thoughts while crushing aluminum cans down for recycling at a motel I do for: The likelihood of Christian National Homeschooling, in its Luscious Glory of emphasising an idealised, manufactured even, concept of "Traditional Family Values" at the expense of core skills, incorporating Orwellian mind games on the model of crimestop, blackwhite and doublethink as part of key aspects of its syllabus and curriculum.

In particular when it comes to an insistence on the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe being one with AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations ... yet on the other hand, condoning cartel behaviour as one with "natural selection" and the "natural evolutionary processes" being necessary to its defence, unaware of the harm and danger such poses to both business and consumers alike, especially where "complete and final regulatory relief" is insisted upon "to save [ekonomesie vryheid, &c.] from itself" (and invoking His Name and Luscious Glory to so justify fraud, waste, mismanagement, gross inefficiency, "featherbedding" [protecting outdated and unnecessary positions made so by technology "to help create jobs" and/or "preserve industrial heritage," among other patsies], price-fixing, Reseller Price Maintenance Agreements, supply-chain manipulation [including creating artificial shortages on occasion to inflate profit margins], arbitrary "stretchouts" and/or "speedups" without reasonable wage adjustments, restrictions or proscriptions on brand advertising, among other specimens thereof).

Memo to the "Drill, Baby, DRILL!!" Zealots and True Believers likely using recent increases in crude oil futures to as much as $103/bbl to advance their agenda: To insist that increased (and potentially wasteful or counterproductive) stateside crude oil and natural gas drilling will magically translate into lower gasoline prices within measurable distance solely by virtue of the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace (a/k/a God's Protective Hand Upon Thy Dear and Lovely Nation) is nothing but a delusion as fails to consider where global Geopolitik can play its hand upon the commodities markets from time to time--as presently, what with the uncertain state of affairs in Egypt over recent weeks (and know, the Suez Canal is a major transit route for Middle Eastern crude out of the Arabian Sea region).

And it's absurd to persist in believing that by overzealously insane stateside drilling, and depending solely upon stateside crude (especially so in the Bakken/Three Forks formations in North Dakota and Montana, itself the dominant crude-oil Eldorado of the hour), such will "magically" lead to $2.50/gallon gasoline's return solely via ekonomesie vryheid, &c. Besides, as fuel economy is now essentially the watchword when it comes to automobiles (especially as electric, CNG and hybrid automobiles gain greater acceptance), such translates into reduced fuel consumption--in its turn translating into reduced fuel tax revenue which, in its turn, makes possible highway construction and repair.

And it's not just gasoline that comes from crude oil: You've also got diesel fuel (and its cousin, home heating oil), kerosene, naptha, aviation fuels, propane gas and petrochemicals coming from crude oil, with refining technology improvements technically reducing the cost of production through more efficient processes such as catalytic cracking, which breaks down crude oil's molecular structure to improve its refinability.

Tell me this isn't exactly happening: When the Wisconsin State Fair hath its annual run at State Fair Park in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis from 1-11 August this year, expect there to be food fights in the vein of National Lampoon's Animal House over the fact that the whipped cream for its storied cream puffs will now be coming from interstate--Illinois-based Prairie Farms, to be exact; blame the bankruptcy of Golden Guernsey Dairy, its longtime whipped-cream supplier, for the change of supplier.

And its own egotistical Governor, by name and stylee of Scott Walker, still insists on creating 250,000 "real" jobs (especially the sort as can move the Lower Classes off "government dependency") ere he leaves office after this present term, created exclusively out of the collective goodness of the private sector's heart (if it can be called thus)--only to be more than likely coming from scam operatives based interstate, peddling glowing-sounding "work from home," "work online" and "network marketing" schemes whose promises of "earning more in a month than you earned in all of last year!" therefrom ought be considered illusory.

It looks as if for Europe's constitutional monarchies, 2013 could be the Year of Abdications, what with Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands having abdicated at the end of April in favour of her son, now-King Willem Alexander (itself marking the first time in 123 years that a male has been on the Dutch throne) ... and just last week, King Albert of the Belgians announced in a nationally-televised address that he would be abdicating the throne on Belgium's National Day, the 21st of this month, in favour of his son, Crown Prince Henri.

Never mind that their powers are technically limited, both the Dutch and Belgian royal houses still command a great deal of public respect, especially with their taking pains to be "more among their own" in public appearences. (Especially interesting from the Dutch standpoint is that the now-former Queen Beatrix took the throne when her late mother, Queen Juliana, abdicated in 1990 ... and Juliana herself took the throne when her late mother, Queen Wilhelmina, abdicated in 1953. In the case of King Albert of the Belgians, he assumed the throne after his father, King Baudoin, died in 1992.)

In any case, this blog extends best wishes to the Belgian people and nation as it prepares to welcome King Henri of the Belgians.


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