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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 11 AUGUST 2012: Something for Congresslady Michelle Bachmann to start considering, and seriously: Videlicet, the clear and distinct possibility that her claims of "Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration!!" of the United States Government, especially in certain security-sensitive areas, may actually be--wait for it--a FORGERY of the highest order.

You heard that right: FORGERY. As in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that classic staple of anti-Semitic hatemongering having known connexions to the likes of Czar Nicholas II of All the Russias, Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler and even contemporary "Christian Patriot" types who still use it in "evidence" of a non-existant "Jewish Conspiracy" to Undermine Christendom, notwithstanding repeated court cases over the years as have found it to be a forgery created by high-level operatives of the Czarist Russian secret-police agency, the Cheka, in 1905, to justify extreme anti-Semitic measures in Czarist Russia.

And making the matter worse: Modern word-processing software such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office have reached that very ne plus ultra where professional-looking forgeries can be created on a PC or laptop as can fool even the FBI's highly-skilled experts in forged and questionable documents vis-a-vis their authenticity.

Those responsible for the "Hitler Diaries" forgery in 1983 (especially those connected with the West German popular-interest weekly magazine Stern, as cooked up the original stunt) thought they could get away with it and thereby fool the world--until professional researchers with the West German Bundesarchiv saw through the farce and exposed the whole as a rather amateurish forgery, written on diary papers as weren't even available back during Nazi rule and whose pages were tinted with stale tea to create a patina of authenticity. But not before the forger collected some DM2.6 million for this "discovery of the century" as eventually became anything but.

Could it be possible for some low-level aide in Congresslady Bachmann's office, or a close friend-of-a-friend thereof, to have created these McCarthyesque stories as an electoral dirty trick of the worst sort against especially President Obama? The which should be worth investigating more so than her claims of the Muslim Brotherhood's having its fingers in the corridors of power and influence.


"What the people don't know won't hurt them"--yeah, right. Especially coming as they do from the lips of a certain Bryan Fischer with the so-called "AmeriKKKan Family Association," whose prolefeed pronouncements are rather notorious for their absurdities, their distortions of the historical record, their constant claims that Divine Maledictions are coming upon Our Dear Lovely Nation for having strayed from His Divinely-Ordained Will for AmeriKKKa, &c., &c.

Which explains why the ilk of Meneer Fischer deserve such watch-and-ward, in line with Josiah Quincy's famous injunction that "liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."


What may be the beginning of the end for any credibility the Greater "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement, in its several permutations, may actually have heading into their supposed Last Hurrah of Indecision 2012: Judson "Tea Party Nation" Phillips has been ordered by a Federal judge to pay the Venetian Las Vegas Casino-Resort some $748,000 (including interest) for a "Tea Party Nation" rally scheduled for July 2010 as was suddenly cancelled for want of interest (even to the extent and trouble of booking 1,637 hotel rooms for the whole).

Hopefully, Meneer Phillips will be hit with a lien against his Real and Personal Properties to recover the cost--and it'll be the Real McCoy this time, unlike the sham "common-law liens" used by anti-government extremists to stifle (or attempt to) critics thereof.


So much for the notion of traffic congestion being one with the Defence of Freedom (and, by this [il]logic, public transit being one with "social engineering" and "Communism"): A new study out of Charlotte, NC hath it that access to public transit could actually serve as a preemptive to obesity, never mind the likely "cultural heritage" platitude some on the "patriot" right will seek to use to defend obesity and unsound eating habits.


For all the prolefeed conservative prolefeeders love to make about their being the Voice and Conscience of a "REAL AmeriKKKa" in Clear and Present Danger of Genocidal Persecution for as much their Noble and Glorious Race and their Pious and Simple Christian Faith Cherished Deeply and Dearly (cf. their brethren among the Afrikaner Volk down South Africa way post-apartheid especially), such may actually mask a blatant and conscious doublethink revealing a deeper contempt for the rural and small-town "REAL AmeriKKKan" Arcadia they claim to defend and uphold.

Especially considering their insistence that the United States Postal Service, as presently structured, should essentially be declared "fiscally and morally insolvent" notwithstanding where this supposed "REAL AmeriKKKa," for want of affordable high-speed Innerwebz access in especially country areas (which telecoms companies insist is "unprofitable" and reinforce such with claims of "serious signal degredation" at longer distances from the local exchange), NEEDS the Postal Service all the more for its correspondence and bill-payment needs and requirements. Relies on it a little more than usual, even.

(The same, perhaps, being said of lower-income, national minority-dominant and Native American/Alaska Native/Pacific Islander communities within sovereign United States territory.)

And should the Postal Service be forced to make further sacrifices to save its traditional business model (even to the extent of ending Saturday letterpost deliveries and closing Post Offices in country areas), this same "REAL AmeriKKKa" cherished in the right's prolefeed as Worthy of Study and Emulation All the More for to Reclaim the Luscious Glory of Our Dear Lovely Nation risks suffering all the more adversely. Especially should such a declaration of "fiscal and moral insolvency" call for a corporatisation of the Postal Service and concurrent share issue, more than likely to be traded on the Pink Sheets or, if lucky, on the OTC Bulletin Board, traditional homes of microcap shares (as in such trading for $1 or less/share). Preferably reinforced by patriotic appeals for "subscribing till it hurts" reeking of the tastelessly paranoid.

The prospect of which may want to be watched.

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