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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 31 JULY 2012: So let's get on wih things, shall we, readers:
  • With quite a few farmers in drought-stricken areas of the Midwest culling their cattle and hog herds due to the drought and limited feedstocks, some are suggesting that there could be a brief, yet substantial, glut of cheap beef and pork onto the market before prices start rising big time. Not to mention cheap mutton from New Zealand, to the chagrin of sheep farmers in the Midwestern and Rocky Mountain states who, thanks to the drought, are also culling their sheep herds at any price they can get.
  • As if Chick-fil-A's "Biblically-based business principles" wasn't starting to backfire on them in the wake of overt corporate acknowledgement of homophobic tendencies as one with Sound Business Practice itself translating into boycotts as are itself translating into calls for the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to rally round them all the more "For My God and My Country" on Wednesday, it's now emerging that sexism and misogyny are part of their "Biblically-based business" concept (as in a female manager for Chick-fil-A outside Atlanta being asked to leave her job and embrace traditional gender roles of wife and mother, itself translating into a gender-discrimmination lawsuit now pending).
  • For all the talk conservative ideologues and prolefeeders are pushing about a self-regulated business model based on industry-sponsored Best Practice Codes as could unwittingly excuse cartel behaviour in the name of preserving ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, for the average consumer, it can best be summarised in the Latin expression caveat emptor ("buyer beware;" i.e., "buyer assumes all risks") more than anything else. Which, frankly, is what it's actually about. Never mind the "REAL AmeriKKKan" not expected to be exceptionally thorough and scrupulous about shopping around and making wiser purchasing decisions, as if Knowledge was somehow on a par with The Stoopid Disease.
  • Meanwhile, how about giving Walmart, profiting as handsomely as it does off the poverty, fecundity and gross ignorance of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" thus reduced as their only realistic shopping option, the proverbial "taste of its own medicine" (as in those commercials promoting Walmart's Low Price Guarantee based on till receipts from competitors) by getting competitors to beat Walmart's prices based on Walmart till receipts, and see how Walmart reacts in the end? (Just a few ground rules here: Exact same brand, size and variety--"apples-for-apples," basically; no percentage-off, employee discounts or coupons applying; till receipt must be presented on checkout, with request for price match; and except in New Mexico, retailers have the right to limit purchase quantities.)
  • If there's one reason why the Lower Classes are finding it all the more difficult to find work these days in spite of workfare mandates, blame it on prolonged cuts to public-education funding essentially reducing the quality of education received, reinforced by conservative mindsets insisting that the educational curriculum and syllabus be driven more on a "values-centric" model (cf. apartheid South Africa's Christelik Nasionale Onderwys such) rather than one emphasising core skills essential for job or career success (as if "values" were somehow more "important" than developing requisite skills). Which, in any event, makes the poor all the easier prey for so-called "multi-level marketing" scams whose earnings tend too often to be based more on building downline than on selling products or services, reinforced by "front-loading" (as opposed to "drop-shipping") requirements which can prove costly, especially among such with no established credit.
  • Tell me this isn't some sort of a cheap stunt by Apple in its Luscious Glory of seeking to maintain market dominance for smart phones and tablet PC's, excusing the whole all along as "sound business practice": Videlicet, Apple suing South Korean consumer electronics powerhouse Samsung to the tune of $2.1 billion for Patent Infringement and Trademark Infringement vis-a-vis numerous "lookee-likee" smartphones and tablet PC's seen as confusingly similar to Apple's iPhone and iPad. (Samsung, in its defence, contends that they were using freely-available electronics technologies as have been around for several years now.)
Meanwhile, as the Junior Surf Rat Patrol did the "perp walk" in front of the Muscular Arms Aparthotel, displaying their surfboards in exercises of arrogant ostentation....

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