17h45 UTC; MONDAY, 20 OCTOBER 2014: Hopefully, readers, you've taken my absence from Teh Blogospheerez last week out of respect for my mother's passing (the funeral for her being Friday last) stoically and patiently, just as Your Correspondent is taking the loss of a dear and cherished part of my life. And is managing not to go all too insane in the process, hoping to use Teh Blogospheerez as an agent of healing. In any case, here he returns to business:

So much for the notion SeaWorld seems to have about killer whales and bottlenose dolphins living in close proximity to each other at their three parks being a Happy Family: On last wednesday's edition of CBC Radio's As It Happens, note was made of a study SeaWorld conducted in partnership with a marine research institute vis-à-vis their three parks' killer-whale and bottlenose dolphin populations whose findings are rather surprising (and, were such to be conducted in the wild--which is highly unlikely--would be even more of a stunner): As in the fact of captive killer whales not only being rather clever in imitating the mannerisms and speech patterns of their cetacean cousins, but also being rather skillful in imitating dolphin speech patterns.

But when it comes to the old you-know-what, such may require further study into whether killer whales and bottlenose dolphins would be sexually compatible, even with their acknowledged interest in sexuality as a tool of friendship and bonding as much as for survival.

(The study is noted in the third item of the first part of the programme, which can be heard at the link.)

If you contribute to "Christian Patriot" darling Sarah Palin's so-called "SarahPAC" out of a misguided sense of Serving My God and My Country. consider this: Only about 5% of your donations go to the campaigns of her preferred RepubliKKKan/"Tea Party"-tending candidates for public office--with the rest likely going God-knows-where.

Including subsidising her Noble Experiment in Streaming Prolefeed Video, otherwise known as the Sarah Palin Channel, in its early stages (as if a $9.95/month subscription wasn't good enough).

Tell me something isn't exactly wrong here: Dollar Tree Stores is at the top of the OSHA violators' league table so far this year when it comes to reported workplace health and safety violations ... even without any deaths or serious injuries ensuing from reported violations; most of the violations in question involve the likes of unsafe storage and handling conditions for merchandise boxes in storerooms such as letting boxes hang over the edge of shelving, never mind the risk of such tipping over to the point of causing injury.

On the other hand, how do we know Dollar Tree isn't a major financial and/or moral contributor to "Tea Party" and/or "Christian Patriot" movements or causes, hoping such would entitle them to Grace and Favour (otherwise known as "spoils") when the time comes?

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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