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18h12 UTC; FRIDAY, 18 NOVEMBER 2011: First, it was Penn State University's venerable football programme as was hit by charges of Indecent Sexual Liberties with Vulnerable Children vis-a-vis a charity run by a former football coach thereof which is supposed to help the vulnerable, forcing its president and its venerable longtime football coach to resign in disgrace and an assistant football coach to be put on leave.

Now, it's the equally-venerable basketball programme of Syracuse University as is the latest target of Child Sexual Abuse Charges involving an assistant basketball coach groping two ball boys some 30 years ago.

So, what would be the next high-profile university as would be the target of what, in the end, will likely be a Major Exercise in Mass Hystreria Reeking of Prolefeed (as in fresh allegations of Indecent Sexual Liberties with Minors vis-a-vis sport programmes), even with right-wing prolefeed outlets suggesting that the ensuing scandals are byproducts of an increasing acceptance of gay rights, howbeit without any credible substantiation short of "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries to prove the interconnexion ... as well as some prolefeed conduits suggesting where "witch-hunt" behaviour could be coming into play with each fresh new revelation and that same is a post hoc, ergo propter hoc response to a new California law mandating that school history texts give due regard to GLBTQ figures.

No wonder the Elmer Gantry crowd must be such hypocrites about the defence of Family Values, what with their ideal for Reclaiming Our Beloved AmeriKKKa From Herself being essentially a police state packaged as a Christian Dominionist Theocracy that apartheid South Africa's Christian Nationalist regime was forever clinging towards achieving the final perfection thereof.


Something for the Zealots and True Believers in Capitalism with AmeriKKKan Characteristics as ur-Great White Father Mutually Interconnected To, and Interlocking With, Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, to ponder (and then some):
  • With all the attention and notoriety from "The Other 99%" and "Occupy Wall Street" somehow focused on major cities, perhaps it was time to start asking about the effects of socioeconomic inequality and disparity upon small-town and rural America, already seeing the serious effects of such issues as declining prices for crops and commodities and their effects upon family farmers especially, climate change and its effects on crop production and soil fertility, depopulation of many once-proud rural communities for want of viable job opportunities, an elderly and aging populace left behind as the young people move to the cities to find jobs or education (even if it translates into Clear and Present Danger of Moral Harm and Lapse, a traditional paranoia device common to Rural America), lack of serious investment or development opportunities for rural communities, businesses closing left and right in the face of "big-box" competition some miles away (the drive to and from being rather costly in the end) and disincentives (in effect) to improve telecommunications infrastructure to rural areas as would allow affordable high-speed access to Teh Innerwebz thanks to "telecoms deregulation" and other guises. That, and calling for serious action to Save This Supposed Arcadia Of Traditional Values From Itself (which, to the conservative mind, can only happen according to the guiding principles of 'n Volk red homself ["a people rescuing itself"] through Reddingsdaad ["mutual assistance"] on behalf of a greater Volkseenheid ["natural unity of the people"] whose final achievement is Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk"--and without seeking any outside help as would "promote dependency" in the long run).
  • Imagine if this happened on a Southwest Airlines flight: Passengers on an air charter from Mumbai to London as was diverted to Vienna for a refueling stop were cajoled, hounded even, into paying over some US$31,000 to cover the fuel bill for the flight, even being instructed to access the ATM's in the terminal for the funds.
  • The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in Great Britain had among its adjudications this week one against a company called Gainex as was advertising on Teh Innerwebz a "magnetic fuel saver device" with rather overblown claims of performance and efficacy; in asking for proof of performance from the company; according to the ASA, "Gainex said it was not their policy to respond to complaints made by anonymous complainants. They said they had data to support their claims but were unwilling to provide it. They suggested that the ASA or the complainant purchase the product and carry out their own testing. They pointed out that they had only ever received one complaint from a customer about their product." Which, to the ASA, was enough to consider the claims misleading, especially given their unwillingness to cooperate, and called on Gainex to please remove the claims in question from their website and stop making claims they could not substantiate, thank you and G-d Save the Queen. (Not to mention imagining the possibilities for British humour making satiric mincemeat of this matter as social statement, especially so in the rather sophsito stylee of Monty Python or Dave Allen more so than the Naughty Seaside Postcard stylee of Benny Hill or the Carry On movies.)


As you may have heard, the Secret Service, responding to a request from the Herman Cain Presidential campaign citing numerous threats against the person of Mr. Cain, is offering protection during Cain's campaign appearences.

How do we know these "threats" didn't actually come from within the Cain campaign proper, as if to exaggerate the danger such so as to seek out Secret Service protection all along?


Once again, it was time to start asking that thought-provoking question from Mein Innkeeper Friend in the face of "The Other 99%" gaining attention and respect with the questions they raise, and the hard-wired Zealotry and True Belief of the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement in capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics as Great White Father, so to speak:

"WHO DOES MORE FOR THE ECONOMY: One with $10 million net worth ... or 50 with $100,000 net worth each?"

(The hope here being one of critical thinking being promoted and encouraged, without recourse to emotional excesses tending to hysteria.)

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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