00h UTC; MONDAY, 10 SEPTEMBER 2012: As Hate Week 2012, that Sanctii Sanctorm of the AmeriKKKan Christian Patriot Right's year, gets under way for another year, along comes word of a new (and at once unlikely) Far Right threat to the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket's chances at the Presidency in Indecision 2012 in the form and fashion of Constitution Party Presidential candidate Virgil Goode, Jnr., whose hard-wired agenda based on a literal interpretation of the Constitution of the United States (especially such excusing racism, White Christian Nationalism, xenophobic jingoism and "Fortress AmeriKKKa" trade mindsets "to create jobs [and] protect AmeriKKKan industry' may prove all the more attractive to the more goodthinkwise rank-and-file sort of "Tea Party" supporter--a "poor white" of the lowest breeding and intellect, too dependent upon conservative prolefeed outlets for his own good and with a hard-wired, primitive even, patriotism such as can be easily manipulate if and when deemed necessary (which could also make it even more difficult for him to find work).

Not to mention some Elmer Gantryite evangel calling on the Good Christians of "REAL AmeriKKKa" to write in the name of Jeebus for the Presidency as a protest vote against the "corrupt and Godless" political status quo in Our Dear Lovely Nation.

Either way, we have a setup as could translate into Barack Obama's potentially gliding to a second term in Indecision 2012.


And you can just imagine the "Tea Party" agenda calling for requiring children from "welfare-dependent" families to participate in "school-to-work" schemes at school as part of the family's Social Contract with their Vocational Guidance Counsellor--preferably such as emphasise the ideological (as in applying Class Consciousness based on a hybrid of Scientology, Jucheism and the Reddingsdaadbond down South Africa way in apartheid's naissence) over the practical, to the point of risking serious psychological and emotional harm as could make many graduates thereof unemployable on disability grounds, notwithstanding the Implied Waiver of Liability.


While the just-concluded Minnesota State Fair may be regarded as the acme of America's several State Fairs (with the State Fair of Texas likely to differ on that point out of typical Texas arrogance), the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" school of thinking, aided and abetted by conservative prolefeed of the Fox News sort, will insist that the Iowa State Fair or the Kansas State Fair is a more realistically AmeriKKKan ideal of state fair.

Just as they insist that Branson's so-called "music shows" are a more realistically AmeriKKKan litmus test and defining standard of Amerikanischer Realkultur "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as it were.


Though the summer season (to shoobie traps like Wisconsin Dells) may have technically ended on Labour Day proper, to the Waterpark Capital, "it ain't over 'till it's over" (after Yogi Berra)--videlicet, their annual Wo-zha-wa Festival on the second weekend after Labour Day (next weekend, in fact), which for the last 45 years or so has marked the traditional segue from summer to fall colours even before Wisconsin Dells' repute was founded on the water fun park business.

Not exactly the sort of celebration to attract A-list celebrities and paparazzi with potentially unwholesome media associations, Wo-zha-wa is Wisconsin Dells' annual rite of seasonal passage as the tourist-distractive shops get rid of their summerwear at bargain prices ... the arts-and-crafts types can browse the crafts market while concurrently dining on various food carts in aid of local charities ... and watch an over 150-unit parade down The Broadway, the Dells' main drag, on Sunday afterlunch.

(But then again, Wo-zha-wa may not exactly be the same what with a long-cherished crowd favourite of the Kiwanis Chic-Pic there no more; the local Kiwanis club in Wisconsin Dells, as relied on same as a major fundraiser of theirs, abandoned such after last year due to a declining and aging membership and general unwillingness among the younger generation to keep things going.)

But then again, by no means is the Dells' season over by any stretch: Through the fall colour season, both the Dells Boat Tours and the Original Wisconsin Ducks will continue in operation, especially so on weekends; do call ahead as their operation depends on river levels and general weather conditions. (For the record, both are still running until the end of October, which fits in nicely with the state teachers' convention long weekends in Wisconsin and Minnesota in mid-October.)

(Incidentally, those of a certain age may recall the radio vignette comedy Vic and Sade, which made frequent mention of a fictional Wisconsin village named Sweet Esther, famous for their daily parade. I just hope Paul Rhymer, who created and single-handedly wrote Vic and Sade in its radio incarnation, didn't have Wisconsin Dells in mind when he came up with Sweet Esther as a throwaway gag; in those days, the boat tours and the Stand Rock Indian Ceremonial were the main tourist draws.)

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