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17h47 UTC; THURSDAY, 17 MAY 2012: Reader, I hope you'll appreciate this modest experiment in presenting my commentaries through this very blog by presenting several topically-inclined thoughts in list form; your comments, of course, are always welcome, as is the responsible sharing thereof. Let's proceed then, shall we:
  • Overheard: Both GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are really from the planet Uranus. In fact, their tone of speech suggests as much.
  • So who exactly isn't buying into that IPO of Facebook set for the morrow?
  • Is the real GOP agenda for Main Street (and, in effect, "REAL AmeriKKKa") actually expected to be "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," provided such was compatible with ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe (and to take the forms of Reddingsdaad and Helpmekaar)?
  • With the Census Bureau reporting where birth rates among National Minorities in the United States have now exceeded those of heretofore "morally superior" whites, how much longer before the Archie Bunker element starts pushing crude, pornographic even, appeals for the "racially aware" to increase white birth rates By Any Means Necessary?
  • (Just a reminder: So-called "Confederate Southern AmeriKKKans" don't qualify officially for National Minority status.)
  • Are GOP-affiliated "SuperPAC's" (as much as the GOP, come to think of it) in some class of an Unholy Alliance with the so-called "Church of Scientology" vis-a-vis creative ways to apply Scientology's "Fair Game Law" as a prolefeed weapon?
  • Who's the REAL patriot here: The "Tea Party" Zealot/True Believer in his Luscious Glory of exploiting the wholesale poverty, fecundity and ignorance extant in traditionally white "group areas" (as it were), or those who take "Tea Party" prolefeed claims apart?
  • So what exactly are the "social welfare" activities among the likes of AmeriKKKans for Prosperity, AmeriKKKan Crossroads GPS and the several "Tea Party"-affiliated sects as entitle them to tax-exempt status when the record suggests otherwise?
  • Watch for certain scions of the "Tea Party" element, taking advantage of the ongoing Congressional ex-lax, to start expressing overt admiration for the likes of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hendrik Verwoerd as Examples Worthy of Study and Emulation for Rescuing Our Dear Lovely Nation from Herself.
  • What sort of maths did Wisconsin Governor Walker, in his Luscious Glory of hubris seeking to defend himself from the recall challenge, use to create the illusion that Wisconsin actually "created" jobs last year thanks to his "wise leadership" when the actual record suggests otherwise? (And if any jobs were actually created at all, expect such to be in the scam arena, in particular "work-from-home" and "work online" schemes based interstate.)
  • As if the GOP thought "ending welfare as we know it" wasn't good enow, expect them to push through mandates requiring students from "welfare-dependent" backgrounds to participate in School-to-Work schemes which place an unhealthy emphasis on the ideological (mostly parroting "Tea Party" and Ayn Randist talking points in a state of gross inebriation, with Certain Bad Words thrown into the mix) rather than the practical, the which carry risk of psychological harm as could prevent participants from finding jobs training "despite reasonable efforts" through targeted schemes like Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Corps, Partners With Industry and Emergency Economic Redeployment.
  • New research commissioned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors' Authority suggests that workers are actually more productive after an extended vacation, as well as suggesting that doctors should be encouraged to prescribe rest vacations for such with serious risk of the old neurasthenia. All the more reason to put paid vacation time to serious and productive use for once.
Well ... how do you like this approach to blogging here at The Blog That Am!?

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and apprecitated. And if you like these posts, please join my (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list for insight and observations as may come across Your Correspondent's mind (which you can always leave at any time); to contact me, please do so through the Contact page; responses cannot be guaranteed.

And please be aware that Your Correspondent has no control over the content of outside links in these posts, which are provided solely for your information and enlightenment.



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