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15h54 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 6 JUNE 2012: With Wisconsin Governor Scott "Wisconsin IS Open for Business" Walker (who, know, is STILL from Uranus) surviving the recall attempt against him yesterday, Your Correspondent, for one, just has to wonder:
  • if Governor Walker is going to start playing the "plausible deniability" card (a/k/a doublethink) overtime to further excuse his acts, deeds and exploits against the prospect of serious charges against him (recall where one of his closest drookies and aides let slip where the ongoing John Doe Inquiry was and is targeting Governor Walker all the while) as could translate into impeachment proceedings);
  • whether the original leak (q.v.) could be enow to undermine the John Doe Inquiry at this point in time, especially should Governor Walker start turning against such aides of his as cooperated to date with same as being "traitors," "quislings," "disloyal" or otherwise "emotionally disturbed" to the point of compromising the credibility thereof; and
  • if, by that very slogan "Wisconsin IS Open for Business," he's giving especial grace and favour to the likes of multi-level marketing (MLM) and "work from home/work online" operators to trade with impunity, sovereign immunity even, in targeting Wisconsin's unemployed and unemployable made all the more so thanks to Walker's very policies and articles of faith ... not expected to know all the while that such schemes are deliberately and consciously manipulated against the rank-and-file, not to mention linking pay more to building downline or forced matrices than on selling products or services.
Let us be thus reminded that "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," regardless of what Governor Walker saith about promoting the Greater Unity and Cohesion of the People and Nation.

But then again, there are other topics of interest worth discussing:
  • Google has announced that users of its several online earch tools and components will start receiving a warning through "pop-up" notices explaining that Certain Hostile or Dangerous Regimes, both from within and without, may be monitoring your websurfing habits. Likely candidates therefor including the so-called "People's Republic of China," "Democratic People's Republic of Korea," "Union of Myanmar," "Islamic Republic of Iran," "Bolivarist Republic of Venezuela" and "Republic of Cuba."
  • "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief, in its Luscious Glory of insisting that children need to be taught a healthy respect of, and patriot love for, the "mutually beneficial interconnexion" of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity, are certainly bound to be all over The Walt Disney Company's late announcement that its programming targeting children on television, radio and Teh Innerwebz will no longer be carrying advertising for high-fat/sugar/sodium (HFSS) foodstuffs known to have particular appeal to children at the expense of healthier options meeting established nutritional criteria.
  • Flashback to 1996: The mayor of Izmir, Turkey makes international headlines by announcing that Dole-branded produce can no longer be sold in public markets there because he had the notion that then-RepubliKKKan Presidential candidate Bob Dole was somehow connected to Dole Foods (which, know, is not the case). Worth thinking about in case someone gets the notion that Fox News prolefeeder Bill "No-Spin Zone" O'Reilly is connected solely by "common surname identity" with O'Reilly Auto Parts in case thoughts of boycott calls come to mind.
  • News "Tea Party" types, in their Luscious Glory of "stay-the-course" complacency excusing the superstitious rivalling such out of Pyongyang, aren't going to believe even for a moment: Solar-powered heavier-than-air flight is finally possible, demonstrated by a solar-powered aircraft successfully completing a 19-hour flight between Madrid and Rabat powered solely by the sun, with 12,000 solar panels on its wings at an average airspeed of 42 mph.
Now--any questions?

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