Which every Real American ought to do. And be outraged at what it will
REALLY cost us all in the end.

18h UTC; THURSDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2013: It's probably just me, but you have to imagine whether the barroom chatter in mostly working-class (or, as conservative prolefeeders insist on seeing it, "REAL AmeriKKKan") neighbourhoods over the coming days will include calls for outright sabotage, terrorism even, against the United States or its agencies, institutions and schemes in response to a shutdown that the GOP now acknowledges was structured to enhance "Tea Party" image and credibility among the Unwashed Masses of "REAL AmeriKKKa."

But which, in the end, is backfiring, and risks it even more.

Still, though, something barkeeps ought to keep an ear out for heading into the weekend is any sort of language which could be interpreted as a threat against the President, the Congress or the United States generally coming from especially the "Joe Sixpack" element too dependent on Fox Prolefeed and conservative talkback radio for his own good (not to mention being too race-conscious as well). And share same with the likes of confidential police tip lines, notwithstanding the Unwritten Code of the Tavernkeepers as insists that "what happens in the tavern, stays in the tavern," especially if his licence is coming up for renewal.

Meanwhile, Dame Rumour is rather busy with a report suggesting that certain e-mails in the possession of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D/NV) could be enough to bring down House Speaker John Boehner (GOP/OH)--never mind that such was reported on by Politico.com and since picked up by Glenn Beck, the latter himself highly incredible. Hence, enough to suggest that the authenticity therefor be challenged, as it's possible we may be dealing with forged e-mails designed as a Dirty Political Trick; however, judgment ought be reserved until we get the final word on their authenticity.

Meanwhile, we can expect the rapidly-faltering "Tea Party" faction,
in its desire to save face as much as public trust and credibility over the budget wars as are at the heart of the government shutdown, to use the imbroglio as a back door to push through (and unnoticed) designs on "voucherising" Medicare and Medicaid in the name of "saving" such by "empowering the poor to embrace the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace" after "chronic and habitual government dependency," unaware (or are they?) that:
  • the concept has yet to be scientifically tested (and empirically, at that), preferably through computer modelling and cost-benefit analyses, as to whether serious taxpayer value would ensue;
  • there are no plans (at least known to moi) about any of the States at least testing the viability of a voucher-based model of Medicaid, or seeking Federal waivers towards that end;
  • such could actually be used by health insurers to sell inapproriate or otherwise unnecessary health cover to a largely unsophisticated, vulnerable and easily-influenced segment of the population, especially where false or misleading advertising, or otherwise inapproriate marketing tactics, are at work (cf. the MediPlan Plus scandal in Illinois a few years back);
  • such could give too unhealthy an advantage to political donors from the health-insurance industry seeking spoils for Good and Loyal Campaign Service, thereby further limiting the options available when its supporters insist on offering "greater choices, guided solely by the Invisible Hand" to the poor and elderly; and
  • there may be a clear want of checks and balances to ensure that the interests of all stakeholders in this Noble Experiment are protected, thereby opening the door to corruption, mismanagement, fraud, waste and gross inefficiency ensuing as would only reduce the same to farce.
The which will want to be pointed out to your Congressional legation, especially so such from the "Tea Party" ranks as are Zealots and True Believers in the concept without taking due regard of the real costs over the long run, as opposed to the shorter term they enjoy emphasising.

A Nice Fresh News now for such specimens of xenophobe
insisting that continued United States membership in the United Nations could be dangerous to Our National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations as of Divine Will and Endowment: Contending where it "wants no part in a neo-colonialist organisation," the government of The Gambia in western Africa has given notice that it will leave the British Commonwealth posthaste, effectively reducing its membership ranks to 52 countries--virtually all of them former British colonies or possessions.

Did you hear on the news about the 911 dispatcher in Pima County, AZ (as in Tucson and surrounds) as was overheard laughing in the background of a recent call thereto demanding assistance when a car caught fire in an Unincorporated Area therefor, prompting the caller to ask if the laughter was intentional (prompting him to call again to make sure he was seeking help)? In any case, enquiries continue.

Finally, a Mondegreen Alert: The 1969 hit "Abergavenny" by British crooner Marty Wilde, performing as Shannon, sounds like "Africa, Benny"--or does it? (BTW, Abergavenny--or, in the Welsh, Y Fenni--is an actual community in southeastern Wales, over by Newport towards Cardiff; it's also the gateway to the Brecon Beacons National Park.)

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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