18h UTC; SATURDAY, 27 APRIL 2013: If I may just start here with my mentioning that I've just decided to add this very blog you're reading to Blogshares in the hope of improving exposure and attention thereto. (For the uninitiated, Blogshares is a simulated shares exchange in weblogs in which you get $5 million in play money to invest, as it were, in member blogs. It'll probably take awhile to get used to it, understand.)

So much for the "Tea Party" mindset of insisting that their agenda and articles of faith are "viable," "scientifically tested," and are "reinforced by carefully-researched and scientific studies" that, for all Your Correspondent knows, may be pseudo more than anything. Or based on numbers randomly picked up from thin air. And yet their prolefeeders insist on using Any Means Necessary to "win over hearts and minds" of the "REAL AmeriKKKan" thereto, especially where the illegal, the questionable or the dubious are involved (in particular subliminal models).

Possible cases in point:
  • When it comes to the "complete and final" privatisation of State Social Security, how do we know they're not looking for licence to flog off unsound or otherwise inapproriate investment vehicles upon the "REAL AmeriKKKan Working-Classes" their prolefeed insists will only "benefit" therefrom all the more (such as so-called "High-Yield Investment Plans" probably modelled on the FVB byproduct of the Afrikaner Economic Movement as presaged apartheid)?
  • As for their ideal of "complete and final regulatory relief," such an element must be drooling and smecking approvingly of the want of regulatory oversight prevailing in Bhangladesh to the extent of some 425 garment workers having died in recent months in two Unfortunate Events involving garment factories located in high-rise towers close to Beautiful Downtown Dhaka (i.e., 120 having died in a fire back in November of last year and over 300 dead in last Wednesday's collapse of an eight-story tower housing garment-sewing factories as showed serious cracks), with the afflicted being told by their employers to stay on the job in spite of warning signals to the contrary.
Meanwhile, the new owners of Hostess Brands, a bastion of "REAL AmeriKKKan" Cultural Identity and Heritage, have announced the return of their several iconic snack-cake brands (as in Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding Dongs, Cup Cakes, Sno-Balls and Suzie-Q's) within measurable distance (as in by the July 4th Long Weekend), thanks to four of its factories (in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Kansas) reopening and set to employ 1,500 between them (so long as they sign what amounts to "yellow-dog contracts" proscribing union membership or associations under pain of dismissal and blacklisting).

And One Thing More: Could it be possible that the explosion and fire as decimated the West Fertiliser Company in West, TX (with 15 dead and ensuing destruction to a good portion of the town) may have been some class of an insurance job on the part of management, hoping to pocket the proceeds therefrom and skip town before getting noticed?



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