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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 12 JUNE 2013: What Certain Cultural Conservative Zealots and True Believers Don't Want You to Know (and "for reasons you will understand," or so the canard would have it):

Videlicet, their desire to willfully and yet consciously (denying same all the while, in line with a pervsaive brand of doublethink as seems to dominate conservative thought of late) dump upon lower-income communities the crudest and most depraved specimens of "elegant pornoo" and "blood-and-thunder" Extreme Ultraviolence on the cheap; the "rationale" therefor explained by insisting (without credible evidence whatsoever) that the targeted Lower Classes:
  • lack any due regard for morals, decency or common sense;
  • lack any grasp of general ideas as would allow them to understand simple, coherent stories; and
  • have Traditional Cultural Folkways as condone such tolerances therefor.
Not to mention insisting that the Lower Classes get bored rather quickly with "schoolboy" (top-shelf) porn, and would rather enjoy the more perverto specimens thereof, especially where children, animals and incest come into the equation. And without any sense of shame or guilt, at that. (Besides, let's not forget what Neal "Operation Rescue" Horsley once told Sean Hannity about bestiality being part of "rural cultural heritage," all the while recalling his loss of virginity to the farm mule.)

If ever there was an argument for rallying round the cause of Amtrak--or, for that matter, passenger rail in the "morally superior" United States--all the more, consider Mark Gerchik's freshly-released treatise entitled Full, Upright and Locked Position: Not-So-Comfortable Truths About Air Travel Today, which Your Correspondent heard about on the NPR programme Fresh Air the other night. (Remember, folks, 9.11% of my commission from your purchases off this site goes towards reducing the American National Debt, as if you needed a Good Reason to Shop Online. Unless you have Valid Reasons why the Real American should have no interest in so reducing such.)

How exactly, pray, do you expect the Lower Classes to be "weaned away from dependence upon government" when you favour an educational syllabus emphasising True Patriot Love of Country Thou Dost In Us Command (howbeit reeking of the jingoistic and xenophobic), so-called "Traditional" Moral and Familial Values and "Bible-Believing Christian" Theology bordering on that of the same Islamist fundamentalists (think Iran and the Taleban) you want us to loathe and fear For My God and My Country over core and essential skills necessary for job readiness?

And further, pray, how would "ideological instruction" as per the "Tea Party" and "9/12" lines of thought actually help the "welfare dependent" get a better chance at finding work in the first place, unaware that such could only risk psychoemotional harm and abuse?

Meanwhile, down Wisconsin Dells way, certain "Water Animals" out at America's Largest Waterpark would welcome your kids' letters through the letterposts, especially the chatty and creative sort. Such, no doubt, being a rather welcome way to help them develop creative thinking and writing skills (cf. the "Tail Mail" scheme at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park down Florida way), as well as "thinking outside the box" in the bargain.

They can be directed to:
The Water Animals
c/o Noah's Ark Waterpark
1410 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy.
Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965-8445
Whether such would actually get the kids away from especially the more sadisto sort of video games that some Elmer Gantryites are claiming "promotes Satanism" and worse is anybody's guess. Handwritten letters are preferred for best effect.



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