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21h UTC; SATURDAY, 2 MARCH 2013: So how do we know Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker didn't bribe his way out of the John Doe Enquiry just to protect his name and repute further, using the Legal Defence Fund of his set up against the possibility of serious criminal action? (Especially given where it's emerging that he's seeking a RepubliKKKan Presidential bid for Indecision 2016, enow time for plenty of opportunities for to deflate the emerging cult of personality among "Tea Party" types not knowing any better.)

Mondegreen Alert: How do we know "Cool for Cats" by Squeeze doesn't really sound like "Cupar Cats" (as in Cupar, Fife, Scotland, perhaps best known as the production centre for Scott's Porage Oats)?

It's well established that public-opinion surveys risk being skewed in the results because of how the questions are phrased, nuanced even--particularly where Political Significance comes into the equation. Can the same be said for ballot plebiscities of the sort advanced by "Tea Party" causes in states where Initiative and Referendum are allowed?

As if using payday loans to exploit "poor whiteism" and emerging cultural depravity wasn't bad enough a form of social control, then what would preclude, in the interest of "moving people away from dependency on government," promoting mutual rotating savings and credit societies of the Kyu or Stokvel model as would serve to "help the poor help themselves" in culturally-deprived communities?

Not the best time to launch a product recall of this sort: Zachary's Confections, a small-time candymaker out of Frankfort, IN, briefly went into panic mode after four lots of chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs as were produced for the Easter trade were suspected of containing salmonella bacterium. Subsequent product testing has now put these fears to rest, and you should see them back on store shelves ready for your Easter baskets within measurable distance. However, should it so happen that you experience any ill feeling or queasiness after consuming any of Zachary's Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs, please call them posthaste on a/c 765-654-8356 during regular business hours or send them an e-mail with the details.

No wonder stupidity of the highest order is valued by "Tea Party" and "9-12" types as virtuous when it comes to expecting what the rank-and-file ought to know, at least in the "milk-before-meat" stage of political and ideological instruction: Viz., essentially a Reader's Digest-brand worldview which is highly-condensed to the point where they're not expected to question things right away.

Memo to the David Barton "WallBuilders" crowd: The very name and stylee of "WallBuilders" needs to be taken, interpreted even, in the context of the Afrikaans word apartheid, and its core meaning of "separateness." As in a desire among the Afrikaner Volk to be left alone and unto themselves, entitled as of Divine Will and Right (or so they were expected to accept) to "sovereignty within their own sphere" entitling the Volk to establishing their own governmental, educational, cultural and religious institutions within their own "group areas," reinforced by such concepts of cultural and national identity they see fit to develop as defining the Afrikaner.

As in essentially being in a rather narrowly-structured world of Afrikanerdom expected to revolve around their own self-conscious racial and national ego itself excused by a warped Calvinist/Dutch Reformed religious ethos as itself excuses racism and racial exclusion.

Which, as it turns out, isn't exactly kosher for the Rainbow Nation, as News24.co.za thus notes:
The contents of a book called Die Raadsplan by Living Hope Ministries and its founding pastor, Willie Smit, amount to hate speech, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) said on Thursday.

"It found the church publication offensive and amounting to hate speech," spokesperson Isaac Mangena said.

The commission received a complaint in 2010 claiming the Free State-based church and its pastor authored and published a racially offensive book entitled
Die Raadsplan [as could be translated to "The Council's Idea"--Your Correspondent].

The complainant said the book, the church and its pastor depicted the white race as divinely ordained to be superior to and rule over all other races.

The publication was distributed to various Christian book stores in the country.

Mangena said the commission had found some parts of the book to some extent corroborated the complainant's assertions.

The pastor and his church believed they had exercised their freedom of expression, freedom of religion, belief and opinion to write and make the utterances.

However, the commission's view was that the right to freedom of expression did not extend to advocacy of hatred based on race, and that constituted incitement to cause harm.

The commission held the publication was racially discriminatory and amounted to hate speech.

It concluded that such publications were unacceptable in a free and democratic dispensation that espoused equality as its central theme.

The commission recommended that the Films and Publications Board take steps to remove the publication from all public distribution channels.

It also supported appropriate administrative and other sanctions in terms of the Films and Publications Act.

The commission held that the Institute for Race Relations at the University of the Free State, in collaboration with the Governing Council of SA Council of Churches, should engage the Living Hope Ministries church and Smit in a series of race relations sensitisation workshops.

The commission asked for a written report on the progress achieved in six months.
(Come to think of it, how much longer before we see an English translation thereof available among AmeriKKKan Christian Right circles, including "Tea Party" and "9-12" types, as well as the likes of Glenn Beck and Bryan Fischer endorsing same in glowing terms?)

Even more bizarre: Imagining the prospect of the "Tea Party" and "9-12" types "building alliances" (howbeit discreetly) with the Volkstaat movement in South Africa, seeking as it does to establish a quasi-sovereign "national home" for the Afrikaner Volk within post-apartheid South Africa, and exchanging much correspondence on topics of mutual interest, all along unaware of its racialist and white-nationalist associations throughout.

And managing to do so without attracting the suspicions of the Department of Homeland Security in liason with the Postal Inspection Service.



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