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For some reason or another, there are certain supposedly Inviolate Truths that the Lower Classes as are dependent upon charity as their support lifeline are expected to accept (and blindly, not to mention out of fear) if they want to keep receiving benefits or otherwise find decent work, housing, medical care, whatever, in the community--or so they're "conditioned" to believe by Unwritten Tradition. As in:

  • "See something--say NOTHING."
  • "Think about your community, your employer, your job, your relationships, before you speak out."
  • "You need to be aware that there is an Unwritten Law, a Natural Law, which entitles those in power to certain Rights, Privileges and Powers by Unwritten Tradition. You need to be mindful of these rights in whatever you think, write or say."
  • "It's possible that by your complaints, you could be violating others' rights--especially those relating to Commercial Free Speech, Earning a Livelihood, and--most important of all--Privacy." (The last one supposedly extending to certain trade secrets "as entitle certain companies to a natural competitive advantage" over all else.)
  • "Protect your home, your job, your community: Shut Up."
  • "You could risk losing your job/getting evicted from your apartment/being shunned by your acquaintenances by your outspokenness."
  • "Nobody loves a troublemaker in this town."
  • "You knew what you were doing."
But in Reality, how often do these (by and large) latent fears and scare tactics actually become deployed against such who dare to speak out?

Or, for that matter, wind up receiving a summons to a Mental Incapacity Hearing as (unfortunately) winds up in commitment to the state hospital for the insane (the whole having been rigged or otherwise manipulated beforehand), eventually to be subjected to Greyhound Therapy "to make room for more serious cases," and without any sort of advice to seek help where they're arbitrarily sent?

And how do we know certain conservative prolefeeders aren't making the aforementioned paranoia worse?


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