18h06 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 23 NOVEMBER 2011: Suffice it to say that Your Correspondent couldn't help but think of that particular advert (from the 23 November 1936 issue of Life magazine, its first as an illustrated weekly) in thinking of how to make this Thanksgiving-related post rather interesting. Especially when you stop and consider just how Politically and Socially Incorrect the advert's suggestion that a few good ciggies over the course of the Thanksgiving feast helps complement same by stimulating appetite and digestion is by our otherwise enlightened standards of the early 21st century.

Hence, by such standards, imagining crazy Aunt Mildred chain-smoking those discount-tobacco-store ciggies over the Thanksgiving dinner like a fiend, never mind the inevitable health objections vis-a-vis second-hand smoke jetting away, and insisting that such "helps the digestion," is only asking for trouble. Instead, I'd recommend a dose of the old Angostura bitters for everyone before the dinner is served; 1-4 tsp., according to the label. (The same dosing being recommended for instances of gas-passing ensuing after the meal.)


Meanwhile, since this is the traditional time to extend thanks for what went on through the year, Your Correspodnent feels compelled to do his part in line with King Custom before he goes on a short break from posting material over the long weekend. So let's give thanks to:
  • Those of you who, thanks to Entrecard, manage to keep this blog in the public eye to the (howbeit rather limited) extent that it manages to, in spite of all the legitimate efforts I make to call attention to it through Search Engine Optimisation, direct-mail marketing (howbeit rather crude and primitive) and word of mouth.
  • By extension, to Entrecard proper; notwithstanding an ongoing spate of technical issues on their end of late, as well as their reluctance of late to address various issues I call to their attention and notice, such is about the only decent free-no-cost traffic swap facility I'm able to use.
  • To Yola.com, who makes available this little corner of Teh Innerwebz possible to Your Correspondent on a "free-no-cost" basis, and has given moi a virtual canvas of sorts to make my site the somewhat attractive train wreck that it is (inevitably, there are some online purists who think that the inclusion of courtesy linkbacks and having links open new browser windows or tabs only makes a website less attractive and less aesthetically pleasing to the mind's eye).
  • To my many friends and acquaintenances through Facebook and Twitter (in the latter instance, some 700 followers on average at any one time of late), for you help to make my own life a little more interesting. Not to mention, on occasion, having some patience with the material I share, ultimately via the likes of dlvr.it as a "one-stop" posting facility.
  • To Radio Northsea International, bringing back in online radio form Europe's last great "pirate ship" offshore radio station; perhaps the finest accompaiment I have to being on Teh Innerwebz.
  • To the United States Postal Service, about the only decently affordable direct-marketing channel Your Correspondent hath to make this work by its author more widely noticed, almost always to rather obscure, esoteric and whimsically-named motels and hosteleries the world over (howbeit to the extent that my rather limited resources allow for postage). Whether such actually has the desired result of attracting serious weblog traffic, let alone the receipents going into ROFLMAO mode on reading it, is anybody's guess.
  • To the likes of Engrish.com and EngrishFunny.com for inspiring me into my using Engrish for my somewhat simple direct-marketing techniques (as well as TranslationParty.com and Google Translate for making the Engrishfication of said marketing possible, let alone hilarious on the part of the targeted); the better to try and attract serious attention, understandably.
  • To the freshly-launched Q(uick) R(esponse) code-generator site at the French-based site Unitag, which is, in Your Correspondent's opine, the single greatest improvement on the QR code since its creation and introduction by the Japanese company Denso-Wave some 20 years back (as in making the QR code even more colourful and at once colourfully imaginative, even to the extent of incorporating your own logotype if you wanted to).
    (BTW, that QR code maker is free to use, so let your imagination be your guide in how you want the QR to look. Professional licencing for website developers, etc., is available; see the Unitag site [q.v.] for full details and pricing.)
  • To Mein Innkeeper Friend, a rather welcome and invaluable inspiration for much of the material in these posts from time to time--especially when such can be made rather amusing and entertaining. Not to mention being a long time friend and guide to Your Correspondent. (I'm unable to disclose his name at this time at his request.)
  • And, last but not least, to The Once and Future Waterpark Capital of the World, where I happen to have some wonderful acquaintenances and contacts who appreciate my fondness for the place as much as this work--not to mention inspiration, based on past acquaintence with same, for a new web portal concept I have in mind that I hope to start work on over the Christmas/New Year's break period, one I hope to call "Let's Wisconsin Dells!" and dedicated to the premise that you don't need to stay among the attention-getting waterpark resorts to get a decent value-for-money break there (with plenty of public interaction expected in the interest of debate and stimulation).
To them, and to you, dear reader, Your Correspondent is duly grateful and gratified this Thanksgiving.


In any case, as I mentioned early on, Your Correspondent will take a short breather from blogging over this the Thanksgiving long weekend here in the United States; G-d knows he could certainly use the break. (As for the Thanksgiving dinner proper, a brother of his, and wife, not to mention Your Correspondent's motherdear, are coming up to take the Thanksgiving buffet at a local restaurant here in Winona tomorrow.) It's possible he might drop in Entrecard to help get this blog noticed, especially here in its new page (and would welcome reviews of this blog by such who drop here, come to think of it).

That, as well as encouraging you to take advantage of the Online Mall and/or The T-shirt, &c., Shop for holiday gift ideas and inspiration avoiding the Black Friday bedlam and confusion in the process--which, in its own small way, will help reduce the American National Debt with your ensuing purchases (and the equally ensuing commissions Your Correspondent gets on the sale off the aforementioned).

In closing, then, have a Happy Thanksgiving--and as Yates's Wine Lodge, that fine old English institution of hospitality reminds us in their motto, "moderation is true strength." (Cf. that of the Educalcool initiative in the Canadian province of Quebec: "Moderation is always in good taste.")

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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