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00h UTC; TUESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2012: In beginning this latest (mis)adventure unto Teh Greater Blogospheerez, readers, I should explain that the inspiration for the titling this time around (after having been Engrishfied through is a rather succinct review for this blog in, a service which Your Correspondent useth with mixed results since this spring to improve traffic numbers--to wit (as posted):
this site is insane and has way too much going on. mi comprende un poco espanol, pero, mi no comprende su site.
(The Spanish portion thereof can be translated as "I understand some Spanish, but I don't understand this site.")

Admittedly, such does take some time to appreciate what this site is all about. And one obvious area for concern some reviewers have is the use of courtesy reciprocal linkbacks for some link directories if you want free listings; my own resources are rather limited, understand, and he has to make best use of them all the more. (But then again, he's welcome to your donations through PayPal, not to mention your purchases from the Online Mall, as it may be some while before he's likely to come into money.)

Don't tell me this isn't mondegreen: As in "Cathy's Clown" by The Everly Brothers sounding in the chorus "Here he comes, that's Taddy's Clown." (As in, itself, the Holy Grail of cigarette card sets to collectors thereof, the Taddy's Clown Cigarettes series entitled "Circus Acts and Performers" as was still being worked on when the company making Taddy's voluntary wound itself up in 1920; only a few complete sets thereof are known to exist in private collections, and are highly valuable.)

Something communities approached by Walmart for new stores may want to consider: Sending them a Please Explain Letter to justify their need for taxpayer assistance when they already have significant and measurable resources at their disposal to construct their stores--and pay such who will likely be in its employ decent and living wages.

When it comes to the North Koreans, "satellite launch" is actually Pyongyang's euphemism of choice for a long-range missile test such as is being scheduled for later on in the month. Never mind that no orbiting satellites of any kind ensue in consequence thereof, there can still be concern from the South Koreans, the Japanese and the Chinese about Pyongyang's intentions in this respect under its new (and somewhat untested) leader Kim Jong Un. So much so, in fact, that Japan's Maritime Self-Defence Force and the American Navy have gone on patrol off Okinawa against the prospect of the North Korean "rocket" flight path taking same past that general area--which, come to think of it, also includes the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands.

It'll be interesting to see whether welfare agencies in certain culturally-deprived areas
will (howbeit discreetly) start "advising" especially the "welfare basket cases" to consider resettlement in Canada "in the interest of social betterment" (cf. Victorian/Edwardian England sometimes asking poor families to resettle in Canada by invoking at times whimsical patsies) ... and especially so into Francophone (as in French-speaking) areas of Quebec "to make sure [targeted welfare cases] know their place."

Something worth asking Grover Norquist's drookies in especially "Tea Party" sects
, especially ahead of Meneer Norquist's dropping hints of a "Second Tea Party" being spontaneously unleashed should sequestration occur absent serious agreement on the "Fiscal Cliff" farce which the RepubliKKKans are largely to blame for (Bush the Younger in particular): "How exactly do you expect to finance the day-by-day workings of the United States Government at a nil rate of tax?" (Besides, America is not Bahrain or Qatar, where export oil revenue therefrom means their residents pay nil rate of personal income tax regardless of income level.)

How exactly do conservative prolefeeders expect to push for "sponatenous and wholehearted popular support" for "complete and final" denationalisation of State Social Security in the name of its continued solvency in an element of "poor whiteism" lacking any essential knowledge of the equities markets as would, in essence, operate the "new wave" of State Social Security aside from latent anti-Semitic platitudes about Jews having "unhealthy and disproportionate dominance" over the same (yet would still support the basic concept, as if doublethink wasn't bad enough)?

Israel fires a shot across the bow (as it were) of reply
to the United Nations resolution giving the Palestinian Authority "non-member observer state" status by announcing plans for the construction of some 3,500 new Jewish housing units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank--which, unfortunately, only worsens the population density in the Tel Aviv/Haifa/Jerusalem triangle to the point where land and property values are becoming all the more expensive. Which calls to mind where Israel still has designs on reclaiming the Negev Desert in the south central region of Israel for agriculture.

Meanwhile, Your Correspondent understands where Die Volkstaat Orania down South Africa way is still looking for a few good White Bible-Believing Christians to achieve their Sanctii Sanctorum of an Afrikaner Nasionale Huis within South Africa's sovereign territory....


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