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18h45 UTC; MONDAY, 16 JANUARY 2012: You might have heard by now on the news where some petroleum-industry analysts have gone on record as suggesting that American gasoline prices (currently averaging $3.31/gallon for regular unleaded) could be heading for a major climb, with $4/gallon likely by the Easter break and $5/gallon possible by the Memorial Day long weekend, traditionally starting the summer travel season.

The which could likely be put down to several factors:
  • Global Geopolitik relative to Middle Eastern crude oil supplies, especially given Iran's threat to block access through the Strait of Hormuz, itself an important conduit for most export crude from the Middle East (as is easier to refine into gasoline and diesel fuel than what remains of crude oil stateside).
  • Speculation on the commodities markets, especially among certain weird and unwholesome elements seeking to raise funds all the quickly for October Surprise-stylee "winning of hearts and minds" campaigns vis-a-vis Indecision 2012 aiming to preempt the reelection of President Obama "to save Our Dear Nation from itself."
  • Political and/or labour instability among the major oil-exporting states as could cause substantial stockpiles of crude being withheld from export markets (e.g., Nigerian labour union leaders suspending a National General Strike after Beautiful Downtown Abuja announced that it would resume, on a limited scale, gas price subsidies for lower-income persons as were cancelled late last week).
  • Calls among certain weird and unwholesome politicos, especially such wrapping themselves in the flag, carrying the cross, and calling themselves "Christian Patriots" all the while, for "preemptive" strikes against Iran to prevent their further development of a rumoured nuclear-weapons programme which, for all we know, may exist as little more than right-wing scaremongering prolefeed to promote an idealised sense of National Unity and Cohesion that would make Glenn Beck's "9-12" campaigns look like a feelthy weekend amongst the worst of the "music shows" down Branson way. And insisting all the while that taxes be kept all the lower "to help the Producers create REAL jobs, paying REAL money, for REAL people," never mind where evidence proving an interconnexion between low tax rates and actual jobs creation is lacking beyond "Hitler Diaries"-stylee forgeries.
And we all know, boys and girls, that those disguising themselves as "Christian Patriots" stateside insist that keeping the price of gasoline all the more cheap and cheerful is essential to AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalist Identity and Cohesion.


Said news is bound to be of particularly serious interest and "importance" to such marching under the banner of "Drill HERE! Drill NOW! PAY LESS!!!", preferably delivered at "Tea Party"-stylee rallies of the sort in a highly-fanatical cadence reeking of Fascist/Nazi mass rallies in their Luscious Glory. A sort whose cheap, cheerful, bumper-sticker-slogan platitudes conceals what amounts to an equally fanatical call for an AmeriKKKan brand of North Korean-model Jucheism constructed according to their supposed (and flawed, when all is said and done) interconnexion of Ekonomesie Vryheid with AmeriKKKan characteristics to Our National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar, as a Peculiar Among the Nations By Divine Ordinance, to be regarded as coexisting For Mutual Benefit.

Not to mention deploying the same brand of "National Interest" patsy that Portugal, in the death throes of its quasi-Fascist Estado Novo regime in the early 1970's, was pushing vis-a-vis her colonial presence serving no real interest other than its own arrogance, insisting repeatedly that if Lisbon were to suddenly lose control over her remaining colonies in Africa and East Asia (as were of limited socioeconomic value to Portugal anyway, save for the last-ditch discovery of offshore oil and gas reserves off Sao Tome & Principe in the throes of the 1973 Middle East oil embargo), Portugal's own national and sovereign identity was under threat of usurption. (The meme, it turns out, having particular urgency tending to the paranoid after India relenquished control of Portugese India, as in Goa, Diu and Daman, in 1961 by force.)

(Not to mention recalling that episode in Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow about the Sanjak of Novi Pazar, and the control thereof, supposedly being all the more crucial to European Geopolitik than anything else.)

In any case, such specimens of willful poverty, fecundity and ignorance who, like it or not, may be unwittingly playing the Jucheist mindset fail to recognise the obvious:
  • Practically all the established stateside crude oil fields (especially such in Pennsylvania, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and California) have reached, or will soon reach, the end of their productive viability.
  • Initial claims about the supposedly massive "untapped crude oil potential" of the Bakken Formation in western North Dakota and eastern Montana used by the "energy self-reliance" element as a prolefeed tool (particularly its implication that such could translate into a prolonged Golden Age of energy self-reliance) may have been exaggerated by a factor of at least 20; besides, production of Bakken Reserve crude is currently about 500,000 bbls/day by one estimate, all of it shipped by rail to refineries in McPherson and Coffeyville, Kansas and Cushing, Oklahoma absent direct pipeline access into the Bakken Formation fields.
  • Refining technology has significantly improved in recent years to the point where it's actually possible to convert crude oil into refined distillates faster, and more efficiently, with existing refineries and their refining capacities. And it's not just gasoline and diesel fuel (and the latter's cousin, home heating oil); you also have kerosene, naptha, asphaltum, solvents and lubricants (as in motor oil and grease) derived from crude all this time.

This may easily be stretching things to incredulity's extreme, but you could also imagine this same "energy self-sufficiency" element seeking an alliance with such specimens of the Luscious Glory of White Christian Nationalism as are participating in a Call for Solidarity recently announced by the so-called "Youth for Western Civilization" with the Afrikaner People of South Africa in the face of what's being presented as the Clear and Present Threat to a Once-Proud, yet Humble, White Christian People of Pure and Simple Faith in the Almighty as were (or so their official mythos suggests) Called by Yahweh God Unto South Africa in His Name and Service, and all that cal.

Such a Call for Solidarity being a hagiographically sugarcoated depiction of the Afrikaner Volk enjoying the fruits of White Christian Privilege under the apartheid regime in its 46 years of Luscious Glory (1948-1994), whence South Africa was depicted as God's Own Country and the established agenda of racism which was at the heart of apartheid seen as His Divine Will and Ordinance. Civitas Dei built on Calvinist/Dutch Reformed teachings and theology which excused mandatory Sunday business closings in the name of Observing the Holy Sabbath, for one.

For the sake of such a call to Energy Self-Reliance, as here, expect this Call for Solidarity to take note of South Africa's becoming energy self-sufficient through ersatz fuels cheap and cheerful derived from otherwise low-grade brown coal via the Fischer-Tropsch Process, as produced by Sasol, the state oil company, at its Sasolberg (and later, Secunda) facilities, the which the apartheid regime milked for propaganda purposes to the max (especially through the glossy Signal-stylee prolefeed magazine South African Panorama) during the 1973 and 1979 Middle East fuel export embargoes. (What they won't tell you here is that the Afrikaner nationalists as were the brains of apartheid had close alliances and friendships with the Nazis during World War II as went beyond the ideological, in this case seeking a cheap and cheerful way to become energy self-reliant in view of its own lack of crude oil and the high costs of importing and refining such once the Afrikaner Nationalists came to power. In any case, the coal-to-fuels facilities are recognised leaders in this respect since the original Sasolberg facility began gasoline production in 1955.)


Finally, as if taking things from the ridiculous to the extreem, and then some, consider the likelihood of religiopolitical conservative True Believers forming a rather absurd alliance with "Tea Party" Zealots and True Believers for the sole purpose of pushing the meme that the defence of Religious Freedom is intertwined with that of Ekonomesie Vryheid with AmeriKKKan characteristics, as suggests that one cannot exist without the other, interconnected For Mutual Benefit.

The which, it turns out, is rather quickly deflated thanks to the likes of Jon "Daily Show" Stewart exposing the whole as sham and artifice. And especially so when there's eventually called what emergeth as a super-secretive Ekonomesie Volkskongres on the model of the Bloemfontein such in 1939, as called by the hyper-Masonic Afrikaner Broederbond to promote the ideal of a Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" as a "preemptive" to the "dangerous" spread of Poor Whiteism among Afrikaners reduced to leaving their idealised rural Arcadia to find jobs in the cities, with attendant risk of Moral Harm and Lapse. And expect the Final Proceedings therefrom to be highly secretive, just like the Volkskongres proper, entrusted only to an "elect***entitled as of right" who will then be expected to use euphemistic code words to advance its agenda, to be explained in a supplement to the Final Proceedings officially packaged as "guidance notes on implementing the agenda" thus derived (which, as it turns out, was secretly developed beforehand, with the Volkskongres' role being largely one of "rubberstamping" approval in the Name and Behalf of the AmeriKKKan People and Nation).

(One likely cluedo as to what to expect: When all is said and done, expect such to call for maintaining a complacent "stay-the-course" status quo further worsening socioeconomic inequality to be excused as one with Christian Love.)

So what otherwise stands in the way of the Real Americans (not the simulation preferred by Fox News and their prolefeed cousins in talkback radio) challenging such possibilities?

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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