17h19 UTC; SATURDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2014: Last Saturday saw something of a milestone in American television history as was probably not one of the better such to consider: Such was the first time in the 60 years that the American free-to-air (as opposed to cable or satellite) networks did not air cartoons during their Saturday-morning programme. Which, come to think of it, shouldn't be something to shed tears over; rather, such may want to be a sign to recall the memories of the byproducts of especially the Hanna-Barbera animation studio, no doubt a key influence in the Saturday mornings of a generation or two as grew up on the vidiot's lamp of Diogenes.

And as Your Correspondent was a close acquaintenance at one point of the late Joseph Barbera per said Hanna-Barbera studio, such makes this a rather interesting time to imagine some whimsical mashup possibilities for segments of certain specimens of Hanna-Barbera's productions as came to moi "just out of the blue" (as it were) the other night (all for fun, mind you, especially should someone at the Hanna-Barbera unit of Warner Bros. Animation be reading this):
  • I can just imagine Scrappy-Doo's entrance line ("Ta-ta-ta-ta-daaahhhh! PUPPY POWER!!!!"), delivered rather bombastically, being cut short at "Puppy--" by some sort of calamity as is evident by crashing, camera shake, whatever ... to be followed by a blank screen with the ensuing audio being something on the order of "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour (On The Bedpost Overnight)?" by Lonny Donnegan and The Skiffle Band, "Sukiyaki" by Kyu Sakamoto, "United (Part One)" by The Music Makers or "The Lonely Surfer" by Jack Nitzsche.
  • Imagine the possibilities for this scenario as would drive Glenn Beck's conspiracy diagrammes even more illogical and incomprehensible: Having one of the "Splashback" commercials for Wisconsin Dells followed almost immediately by a choice example of a Cattanooga Cats musical sequence, in all its one minoota, 45 seconds or so of psychadelic/OpArt Luscious Glory as made such a cult classic among Hanna-Barbera's animated throughput ... which could be followed (even in its own right; i.e., without the commercial beforehand) by some specimen of TV signoff sequence.
  • To deal with the more obnoxiously blatant examples of conservative prolefeed such as on Fox News Channel or Fox Business, especially such as pander to the Moronic Underworld and its more basic brand of patriotism, imagine Sheriff Pudge Trollsom (per Trollkins) rejoindering with "Muffle it, Flake!" (as in Deputroll Flake Furkle, especially when his remarks get rather ridiculous or otherwise unworthy of going any further). Or, alternately, cut off the nonsense (to spare the audience further humiliation) and switch to a Woofer and Whimper exchange from Clue Club (which eventually became a show in its own right, as part of Skatebirds under stylee of Woofer and Whimper, Dog Detectives).
  • As for the hypocritical doublethink vis-a-vis Main Street prevailing on Fox News' Saturday-morning "Cost of Freedom" block, I'd cut to such clips from the Trollkins episode "Trolltown Goes Trollywood" in which a cheapshot film director, having come to Trolltown to film a movie on the cheap-and-quick with actress Lola LaTrolla, remarks at just how easy it was to take advantage of a "hick town" like Trolltown for filming his latest epic (or close to it)--even with Blitz Lumpkin cast as Trollzan of the Jungle. Alternately, consider such segments of Top Cat which has T.C. cooking up yet another scam to make a quick buck via the police telephone which Officer Dibble is forever unable to get access to, the rationale perennially given for seeking to evict Top Cat's crew.
  • To challenge the "War on Women" tropes common to conservative prolefeeders, especially such as condone the misogynistic, I'd cut to Huckleberry Hound's trademark rendition of "Clementine", with any ensuing comments should things be warranted. Or, equally worthwhile, imagine cutting to where Penny Hound dive-bombs it into that rickety police station file cabinet, his faithful cat Spot pounding away, to transform himself into Hong Kong Phooey.
Well, at least this is a beginning. Any other (un)likely possibilities in this respect can be offered in the comments section as follows.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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