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20h38 UTC; TUESDAY, 17 APRIL 2012: Your Correspondent acknowledges that most of the time, as here, blog postings tend to be a mixed bag sort of posting, discussing anything and everything as crosses upon the mind of one from the ranks of Those Our Parents Warned Us About (as if we spread "schizophrenic germs" in the form and fashion of such as were carriers of Loathsome Diseases), and is rather satisfied with it. Even if it sometimes means having to take down somewhat meticulous or otherwise short notes on what he wishes to discuss in the form and fashion of these posts to make sure he gets things right.

And there are usually times when it's not uncommon for him to discuss certain topics to an extent some of you would regard as ad nauseum, never mind repeating the same worn-out "talking points" being a common prolefeed meme to dictatorial regimes and their apologists such as with Fox News Channel and right-leaning talkback radio--witness Your Correspondent's wondering on occasion whether the "real" socioeconomic agenda for the GOP/"Tea Party" element in Indecision 2012 is one rooted in that which Afrikaner nationalist elements down South Africa way promoted to the point of promulgating, enabling even, the apartheid regime (howbeit with the intention of seeking to empower their people under the banner of 'n Volk red homself as saw appeals to ethno-national cohesion and identity, not State charity as "tended to enslavement," the best approach to their socioeconomic rescue).

"Two can play at that game," I say. Especially before Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pick up on it.


No wonder the "Tea Party" crowd, in its Luscious Glory of contempt for the Lower Classes otherwise to be seen as "REAL AmeriKKKans" (the hope being to push them psychologically into embracing "wholeheartedly" the ideal of 'n Volk red homself as their Last and Only Hope to Save and Empower Themselves Socioeconomically based on the disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" being one with AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity, not to mention the usual faulty interconnexion to Religious Liberty), must be drooling approvingly of legislation releasing Indiana and Wisconsin telecoms companies from traditional obligations to provide wireline telephonic service; the better, supporters thereof contend, to release greater resources towards new communications technologies deemed "more viable."

Howbeit at the expense of lower-income, rural and minority-dominant communities traditionally seen as unprofitable by the telecoms industry (even allowing for Telephone Assistance Plan and Link-Up America subsidies as were a byproduct of the Bell System's 1984 breakup), which risks many of the afflicted areas having to use the letterposts all the more for want of affordable Innerwebz access (but then again, the Postal Service itself may be in Clear and Present Danger of calls for enforced profitability to be preferably achieved through corporatisation and share issues reeking of appeals to the basest of patriotism of steroids).


The ingenuity of the criminal mind when it comes to narcotics trafficking seems to know no limits: As if using religion as a guise to conceal narcotics trafficking activity (especially where trucks had garish images of the Christus and/or Our Lady of Guadelupe) or smuggling marijuana into flush toilets being imported from Mexico into the United States weren't unsuccessful ruses in their own right, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shut down a Los Angeles-based online market trading as "The Farmer's Market"--howbeit in cannabis, cocaine, lysergicides, heroin, PCP, Ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms, even going so far as to use PayPal to accept payments.

And staying in Los Angeles for the moment, two toy companies there have been found to be conduits whereby narcotics syndicates laundered the Immoral Proceeds of Crime into stateside bank accounts, even structuring the deposits to avoid having to report large cash transactions.


You may or may not have seen adverts on the TV or online of late for the likes of, which allows image-sensitive, image-conscious even, companies to essentially delete bad press, blog posts, Tweets, even boycott calls, in service to their Good Name, Repute and Honour (for a price, of course).

So what exactly prevents ekonomesie vryheid, &c., from taking healthy criticism for once by resort to drastic measures such as this, hopefully acting as stimulus enow to improve product or service quality?


This year's SPAM Jam in Austin, MN (where Hormel Foods, LLC, as makes SPAM Luncheon Meat, is based--and, along with its Fremont, NE works, produces SPAM) is expected to have exceptional significance, what with 2012 being the Diamond (75th) Anniversary Year of SPAM's introduction unto the marketplace (in 1937, to be exact).

The which, in any case, ought be enough for SPAM Jam Austin organisers to find out how many of the remaining Hormel Girls (as in their sales force-cum-musical troupe, presenting Music With the Hormel Girls on radio from 1947 to 1953, the last season [1952-53] also seeing a concurrent television run) are still living with an eye towards a reunion at SPAM Jam. Ditto for the Hormel Chili Beaners, a Mexican music-and-dance troupe as toured the Midwest, along with regular radio appearences, in the mid- and late 1930's to promote Hormel Chili (never mind its having a milder taste to better appeal to the unsophisticated Midwestern palate, today it's the top-selling canned chili nationwide).

And if the late Tupac Shakur's much-Tweeted-on holographic appearence as the closing act of California's Coachella Music Festival this past weekend was any precedent, can we expect SPAM Jam Austin to see the return of George Burns, Gracie Allen and Spammy the Pig in like form and fashion? (Remember, folks, that Burns and Allen's radio show was sponsored by Hormel between 1938 and 1940 to promote SPAM. Soon afterwards, Hormel sponsored the radio talent search It Happened in Hollywood for a few years.)


Speaking of SPAM, its traditional association with the Lower Classes socioeocnomic has inspired the Scots colloquialism "Spam Valley" (a/k/a "Spam Glen") to describe a supposedly-prosperous-looking housing estate concealing poverty, fecundity and ignorance of the highest order (cf. "morally-superior" AmeriKKKan trailer parks traditionally populated by overzealously-self-conscious poor whites of the Earl Pitts stylee).

"Spam" has become colloquialistic in its own right in describing unsolicited junk e-mail, especially of a false, misleading or questionable nature (never mind attempts to gild the lily by referring thereto as "bulk e-mail marketing" and exaggerating the power and intrusion thereof as an online marketing tool).

And an early nickname for SPAM, "miracle meat," has since become gay slang to describe abnormally-large male genitalia, especially the penis.

Ahhhh, SPAM--what could we do without you?

REMEMBER THIS: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And should you ever need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; the which is necessary to preempt Your Correspondent's getting unwanted "spam" generated ultimately via e-mail links in a more conventional website milieu.


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