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00h UTC; THURSDAY, 28 FEBRUARY 2013: Gosh, February just went by all that fast ... and in just over a week, Summer Time (otherwise known as Daylight Savings such) goes into effect across North America (unless otherwise proscribed, as is the case with the American states of Arizona and Hawai'i and its Minor Outlying Islands ... and the Canadian province of Saskatchewan).

Meanwhile, the Minnwissippi is rather fortunate to be out of the brunt of the most recent Major Winter Storm of this winter, as opposed to well southerly of us--like Chicago, Milwaukee and Rockford. Still, though, March is traditionally the worst month for snowfall, and it's more than likely a wetter, heavier such at that. The sort which could be enough, in the right circumstances (and subject to how quickly the frost leaves the ground), to ease or otherwise end the drought situation as plagued us last summer.

Mondegreen Alert: Is it just me, or does "A Town Called Alice" by Jet sound like "Telephone Alice"?

Why boredom and ennui may be bad for your health: A research paper read before the Third International Boring Conference in London late last year made note of where those whose lives were heavy with boredom or ennui throughout were more likely to develop serious health issues, especially Fatal Heart Attacks ... not to mention tendencies towards the addictive, in particular alcoholism, drugs and gaming.

If you suspect that your last can of beer tasted a bit flat and watery, you may not be alone: Consumers in at least three American states are suing Anheuser Busch Inbev for damages and compensation over charges that the several brands of Anheuser Busch (notably Budweiser, Bud Light, Budweiser Select, Michelob, Michelob Light, Michelob Select, Busch, Busch Light and Natural Light) have been deliberately and willfully watered down to the point of having less than the 5% alcohol/volume claimed on the label; plaintiffs claim to have word from former employees of the world's largest brewers that the practice was willful and deliberate, and that such was stepped up following the 2008 merger of Anheuser Busch and Inbev, the latter created several years back by a merger of several European and Latin American breweries, in the interest of controlling costs and maximising profit. (Anheuser Busch, for its part, denies the allegations and contends that its products comply with prevailing labelling laws.)

Which is enough to wonder, then, if Anheuser Busch Inbev is something of a low-profile supporter of "Tea Party" and similar anti-tax movements if it dilutes its beer to the extent of wanting to reduce the amount of tax liability to the Internal Revenue Service vis-a-vis its beers. (Anheuser Busch also produces several alcohol-free beers like O'Doul's and Busch NA, as are not subject to the Federal excise on beer; witness the statement "Non-Taxable Under Section 5051(c), Internal Revenue Code" on the labels therefor.)

Imagine the prospect of some overzealously racially- and nationally-aware family on pilgrimage to Branson, that Holy of Holies of so-called "White Culture" in its Luscious Glory of National Unity and Identity, discovering in their motel room's drawers all manner of curiosa, sex toys, even blow-up dolls for no viable purpose apart from warped sexual gratification left behind by a previous guest--and the housekeeper not having noticed it in cleaning same up preparatory to their arrival. And their addressing the issue to the manager, replete with the inevitable appeals to White Christian Cultural and National Identity excusing such objections and the "shock and distress" felt in so discovering.

("Curiosa," should you ask, is an old euphemism for pornography; however, a more accurate term for curiosa should be "erotica", as in such books, magazines and pamphlets which, while containing some nudity, are not as explicit in their tone and content as more conventional hardcore pornography, especially when it comes to sexual arousal or stimulation. Erotica, by contrast, tends to feature things like pictures of animals in actu coitus or otherwise improbable sexual fantasies such as making love with creatures of folklore or fantasy such as trolls or mermaids on a regular basis.

(Or, for that matter, even Blue Lagoon-type fantasies where some boy barely approaching pubescence winds up on an isolated Polynesian island via shipwreck, eventually being taken in by the natives and embracing the typically Polynesian innocence of overt and conscious nudity, especially while diving underwater, surfing or even swimming with dolphins in a most natural sort therefor. And actually being witness to dolphin sexuality most pure and beautiful among the reefs more than once as much as having dolphins among his friends.)



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