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16h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 2 MAY 2012: So much for the notion that "bulk e-mail marketing," as the "spamming" trades prefers gilding the lily to excuse an Unethical Marketing Practice, is a "widely misunderstood" weblog marketing tool "proven to attract increased website traffic": Such, know, is actually against the Terms of Service among website and weblog hosts, free and otherwise, and any proof thereof called to the attention of the abuse desks will mean automatic deletion of the site(s) in question.

Meaning, in effect, having to resort to more ethical and at once logical channels to try and attract improved traffic against the clear and present likelihood that Entrecard could close without warning, or otherwise be unavailable for extended periods due to server issues on their end, the which Your Correspondent wishes to make note of for your own like and due consideration (especially considering where you need to look all the more carefully and at once make due and reasonable effort to discover what they're all about, trying them to find the right mix of services as translate--or try to--into improved traffic and notice).

One of the more obvious attempts in attracting traffic, naturally, is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), through regular resubmission of this site unto various online directories and search engines through "one-stop" site submission channels like Free Web Submission, which is rather credible and reliable in this respect. (But then again, using the free submission route sometimes requires an extended wait for its being spidered and indexed duly and accordingly, what with subscription-based submission channels usually taking priority should one want to be timely listed.)

Other ways Your Correspondent has used of late to make note of the freshest postings here in this New Explosion of Pedigreed Bull include:
  • Pinging various search engines and RSS feed directories through FeedShark (another viable "one-stop" submission tool Your Correspondent finds equally invaluable);
  • Using the Malaysian-based blog traffic service Gezt.com (as does have a few American followers among its cosmopolitan ranks) and Zimbio.com (which converts fresh posts into articles for topically-driven wikizines via the RSS feed) to push the freshest posts;
  • Launching a Facebook page in connexion with this blog, which features the latest in blog posts as well as the occasional insight or two (those of you in Facebook are cordially invited to become friends thereof, as entitles you to comment on, and share on your own accounts, blog posts therein posted);
  • Using my Twitter feed, via dlvr.it, to call attention to these posts in Twitter (and, ultimately, unto Facebook) via the RSS feed;
  • Making these posts available in the Luscious Glory of RSS feed via a selection of online RSS feed aggregators (the subscribe list is off to the side of the page; just scroll down a ways to find it), which you can unsubscribe from at any time, not to mention this site, the RSS feed and my Facebook and Twitter presences being available unto suitably-equipped smartphones and tablet PC's thanks to the Luscious Glory of QR codes to scan into your smartphone or tablet--as well as in the Amazon Kindle reader (howbeit by monthly subscription, with a one-month free "taster"); and
  • Launching an (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list thanks to Yahoo! Groups entitled Friends of The Blog That Am!, which I hope to launch unto its Luscious Glory as soon as sufficient interest is shown in the form of adequate-enow subscribers therefor (subscription link off to the side of the page; remember, you can always leave anytime, and I won't hold it against you if you should choose to leave).
But by no means am I limiting these efforts to this blog; the Online Mall is also a major emphasis of efforts on my part to improve traffic as, hopefully, translates into sales as can supplement my disability benefit as a viable income stream absent the likelihood of my coming into significant money within measurable distance; Linktopia.org, for one, figures heavily into the promotional mix (howbeit using free-no-cost options as may be rather limited in what exactly is at hand). Not to mention the likes of online want-ad sites like Ablewise.com and HouseOfNothing.com in service to these efforts (or trying to, at any rate).

If the preceding, readers, has offered you some inspiration or ideas on how best to attempt traffic boosts for your blog (especially with fellow Entrecarders who, like myself, have concerns about where to turn next), Your Correspondent trusts these efforts will not have been in vainglory. But then again, you can't quite guarantee what to expect, especially when you have limited resources to draw upon and don't have much knowledge about how to go about marketing your website so that it at least attracts some traffic (especially on the up-and-up and kosher); besides, I see the whole "bulk e-mail marketing" canard to be a ruse, especially when the "opt-in/permission-based" links sometimes offered may not exactly be genuine or heartfelt, let alone making you nervous about What Might Happen Next with your e-mail or ISP in case complaints start coming in.

Anyhow, thank you for your support.

Or as they'd say in Bloemfontein, "Dankie vir u ondersteuning."

Or, for that matter, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, "Diolch i chi am eich cefnogaeth."

REMEMBER THIS, READER: Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated. And should you ever need to contact me with questions, comments, whatever, please do so through this page; to join our free (howbeit sporadic) e-mail list, just click here. (BTW, we will not sell nor share your e-mail address, and you can always leave at any time.)

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