18h UTC; SATURDAY, 29 DECEMBER 2012: When you get right down to it, Your Correspondent has thought of his online e-boutique, and the swag therein offered (as powered by Zazzle.com), as a form of free advertising vis-a-vis this very blog by its purchasers and ultimate wearers. In other words, more than a mere fashion statement; think of such as being Teh Blogospheerez' answer to the shopping bags of Stew Leonard's and the signage and bumper stickers of Wall Drug Store.

Both these entities' slightly crazy advertising approaches, know, inspiring Your Correspondent in developing said e-boutique, and the swag offered therein, as not just ephemera featuring a weblog's name and stylee (especially as logotype) ... but also as a form of free advertising among its wearers (my resources not being enow to warrant paying for advertising, or even to pay people to wear, and walk around in, say, our T-shirts or even our windbreaker jacket in the campiest of shoobie traps especially, which I consider the ideal milieu for being so spotted).

Not to mention the prospect of being seen in some highway rest stop or truck stop even with our bumper sticker, which, in addition to being the free blog advertisement I see it as, also affords the opportunity for smartfone users able to get close to it (preferably while the car displaying it is parked) to scan the QR codes as can download the fresh-launced mobile apps vis-a-vis this blog and its online shopping miseadventures. (As for why someone like Yours Truly would want to incorporate QR code into his e-boutique's merchandise, you have the free advertising angle there, for one. And for another, with so many smartfones out there of late, not to mention plenty of marketers and advertisers starting to recognise the power of QR coding as a marketing tool in and of itself, it was inevitable that some innocent smartfone user, especially the free app junkies, might manage to stumble upon the QR code enough to scan same and download the app[s] in the process.)

Even the coffee junkie will doubtless appreciate our travel mug (howbeit with our logotype only, sadly) and/or our basic coffee mugs as feature the app QR's. And for such as are fond of card nights in smoke-filled rooms as shows of Rush Limbaugh-model masculinity at their crudest and most banally jingoistic, how about our playing cards, with our logo and QR codes featured prominently on the back? (The which are equally suitable for euchre, bridge, gin rummy, cribbage, hearts, 500, sheepshead, solitaire; in fact, any recognised card game using your standard deck of 52.)

And how about while on your shopping trip at the local supermarket, hypermarket, Farmer's Market even ... or even among the beaches and waterparks, for that matter ... using our QR code-enhanced tote bag? (Which, in the former instances, doubtless helps do wonders for the environment by reducing bagging waste. And at some retailers, you can get a modest credit on your purchase by using reusable bags. And in the case of especially the waterparks of Wisconsin Dells, such is certain to recall "the bumper sticker" from the Tommy Bartlett Show in the heighth of its Luscious Glory in certain Chicagoland neighbourhoods.)

In any case, when all is said and done, such creative advertising in form of fashion and swag such as you manage to purchase will help Your Correspondent out fiscally in its own way. (With 9.11% of the commission he can generate going to help reduce the American National Debt, in line with ongoing commitments vis-a-vis the online shopping misadventures, both from this website and from the mobile app.) And for such who annoy moi with their e-mail enquiring about my product catalogue, there are discounts available for larger purchases, depending on quantity desired.

In any event, I hope that I've given you readers a start when it comes to the revamp of the online boutique ... now if you'll only make a decent purchase or two, eventually getting out there and walking around in that swag of yours on behalf of mein weblog, Your Correspondent would appreciate it all that much. And as I said, think of the swag I offer, especially when displayed properly and proudly, as a free advertisement for this blog.


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