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19h30 UTC; TUESDAY, 10 JANUARY 2012: Some of you more linguistically-finnicky readers of this blog are likely to accuse me of poor grammar with respect to the title of this post, as in insisting that "innuendoes" is the correct plural form of the singular "innuendo" (which, as we all know, boys and girls, means "an indirect intimation of a person or thing, especially if of a disparaging or derogatory nature").

IMHO, admittedly, I think "innuendae" is (and should be) a more accurate plural form of "innuendo," even if it sounds a bit on the archaic side of things.

In any event, to borrow from a certain right-leaning talkback radio host's rather lameo injunction on air from time to time (as parodied once in South Park by Eric Cartman in delivering the morning school announcements over the tannoy), "I'm one of you--but I ask questions!" (Which would probably have better psychoemotional effect when delivered in a rather hyperjuvenile falsetto, followed with an equally-juvenile "Can't you see? CAN'T YOU SEE?!" in a rather pathetic singsong to match.)

Hence, Your Correspondent felt it was time to start firing up the innuendo masheen on all cylinders; the better to get you thinking critically and seriously for once (as if we needed it all the more):
  • Is it just me, or does one of the McCann Twins on the Consumer Cellular adverts on the vidiot's box look a little too close to Glenn Beck to draw unwitting parallels thereto?
  • In its Luscious Glory of unbarge dripping with paranoia about the Clear and Present Danger of "Class Warfare" aggravated by the "Occupy" movement and their kith and kin, aren't conservative prolefeeders in this area expecting their supposed "REAL AmeriKKKans" of (howbeit willful and conscious) poverty, fecundity and stoopidity to practice what amounts to mind games (e.g., Silva Mind Control, Dianetics, subliminal message tapes) under the banner of "Class Consciousness" and appeals thereto?
  • How exactly does peaceful dissent and opposition to unpopular right-wing ideas and articles of faith arbitrarily become one with Domestic Terrorism for the purposes and intents of the USA PATRIOT Act in particular?
  • How exactly does support for the GLBTQ community and its culture and lifestyle arbitrarily become one with "Christian Persecution," never mind that such is unlikely to meet the criteria therefor recognised by human-rights monitoring groups such as Amnesty International?
  • How many documented and credible instances of Christian Persecution, as defined by internationally-recognised standards, are there presently extant in the United States, notwithstanding Christian Right prolefeed about such being widespread or about to become all the worse within measurable distance (replete with parallels to the Nazi-era Holocaust against Jews and other real or suspected "undesirables" and "life unworthy of life")?
  • How do we know hyper-conservative Zealots and True Believers here in Our Beloved and Holy AmeriKKKa aren't secretly admiring and worshipping the sadisto, "iron fist"-stylee mindset of the ilk of Syrian majordomo Bashir al-Assad as a cheap and cheerful way with stifling dissent under the banner of Saving Our Dear Lovely Nation and Her National and Sovereign Identity, Antient and Peculiar? (Especially when reinforced with suggestions that anti-government protesters, peaceful for the most part, are being "influenced by foreign troublemakers and terrorist groups," the latter perhaps a subtle form of code excusing the possibility of "false-flag" attacks by State security forces, overt and secret, and "goon squads" recruited from the ranks of petty criminals being offered "redemption for value", as it were, to avoid serious prison time.)
  • In their collective Luscious Glory of homophobia as a Clear and Present Danger to the Purity and Sachristy of Traditional, Biblically-Centered Marriage, how do we know the Christian Right isn't secretly calling for establishing a GLBTQ "territory" in the fashion of the former Indian Territory as is now, by and large, Oklahoma, to which a number of Native American tribes (in particular the Five Civilised Tribes of the Southeast) were forcibly relocated starting in the 1820's and 1830's (in particular the Cherokee of Georgia and North Carolina, sent thus on the "Trail of Tears" by Federal troops at bayonet point)? (Think also, here, about 175-Stadt in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, created to "resettle" the former male inmates of the Dora prison camp sentenced thus for "homosexuality," real or suspected.)
  • Staying with the Christian Right's Defence of the Purity and Sachristy of Marriage for a moment, how do we know they're not secretly seeking a return to the discredited policies of eugenics such as applied in some 33 states in the first half of the last century as a supposed "preemptive" to wholesale poverty, "criminality," "welfare dependency" and other supposedly "un-Christian tendencies", more often than not through trick, coercion or intimidation?
  • As if the Defence of Capitalism with AmeriKKKan Characteristics wasn't really a "red herring" distraction vis-a-vis Indecision 2012 from the conservative prolefeed wing (especially the "Tea Party" faction), how do we know that what such isn't secretly pushing for to "save AmeriKKKan free enterprise from itself" isn't really something bordering on a Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk"--in theory--but in Reality, as would eventually be the case in apartheid South Africa, controlled by the likes of ur-trusts (notably Federale Volksbeleggings and Bonuskor, both managed by the life insurer Sanlam) officially managing such investments in Afrikaner small-business startups in the "name and behalf" of Die Volk en Nasie? And why the need for secrecy vis-a-vis the equally-secretive Ekonomosie Volkskongres whence such would be formulated (more than likely in amongst the Muzikschaukultur of Branson revered by such specimens of Zealotry and True Belief as their ideal of Amerikanischer Realkultur, though they want to take pains to avoid its prolefeed undertones and the influence of the "folk-culture festivals" which the Nazi-era Kraft durch Frude movement sponsored wholesale in the interest of promoting National Identity and Pride as much as improving labour productivity and efficiency)?
  • How much longer before especially "Tea Party" types seek to invoke mental-hygiene laws in the several states against The 99% and its sympathisers, with Strongest Possible Recommendation for "reeducation" to be "complemented with approriate medications" for what turn out to be iatrogenic or otherwise politically-influenced diagnoses of "mental disorders"?
  • To what extent is the ideology, core beliefs and policies of the so-called "Church of Scientology" influencing the thought of "Tea Party" types vis-a-vis dealings with real or imagined critics, particularly in "terrorism" proceedings invoking the mental-hygiene laws as an end-run against the prospect of SLAPP lawsuits (yet barely stopping short of filing bogus Uniform Commercial Code "liens" in the stylee of anti-government extremists seeking to silence or otherwise intimidate real or suspected critics)?
  • What exactly precludes the RepubliKKKan Party from overtly acknowledging that its Indecision 2012 agenda, and related articles of faith, is indeed one rooted in a fanatically hard-wired brand of racism making the Purified National Party of apartheid South Africa and its Christian Nationalist agenda (1948-1994) look pretty much like a weekend in Branson ... a racism they know is of their own latent delusion in insisting that AmeriKKKa is, was and will forever be a White, Low-Church, Bible-Believing Christian Nation when it was never was the intent of the Founding Fathers when they drafted the Constitution?
  • In its Luscious Glory of calling for "limited government" based on a de minimis ideal (as it were), how do we know that the "Tea Party" element and its prolefeeders aren't really seeking to replace the Constitution they claim to be "protecting and defending" with the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union? If so, what prevents their acknowledging as much overtly?
  • How do we know that the "real" energy policies of such "seeking to protect AmeriKKKan Energy Security and Independence" aren't really pushing for such which seek to excuse the wasteful, the ineffective and the counterproductive as being "Wise Use" (including the construction of outright eyesores producing ersatz gasoline and diesel fuel from low-grade brown coal, South African stylee, and subsidising its price as a tactic of pacifying the Lower Classes)?
  • How do we know the Extreme Right's contempt for the Lower Classes isn't really excusing a highly-secretive campaign of Extreme Prolefeed being dumped wholesale upon Designated Areas serving no viable purpose except "pacification" disguised as "Class Consciousness" (especially where pathetically crude and otherwise disgusting pornography comes into play, particularly so such involving children and animals)?
In any event, I hope I've satisfied your need for the moment. Especially if such serves its purpose of stimulating critical thought requisite to the education of the masses essential to democracy surviving and thriving all the more after Indecision 2012. "Liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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