18h UTC; TUESDAY, 19 MARCH 2013: In starting out this time around, boys and girls, Your Correspondent wishes to note that the titling of this post was inspired by Paul Simon's first big solo hit, "Mother and Child Reunion" from 1972--made even more interesting through its being Engrishfied. (The inspiration for the original was a dish that Meneer Simon found on the menu of a Chinese restaurant in New York.)

Which brings up a possible Mondegreen Alert therefrom about the lines "But the mother and child reunion/Is only emotionally," when "emotionally" is pronounced in a certain, less-sophisto stylee.

As Cyprus goes back to the proverbial drawing board for a European Central Bank bailout of its fragile banking system made worse by soured bank investments in Greece (what with traditional and historic interconnexions vis-a-vis Athens and Nicosia) thanks to substantial deposits from especially Russian investors (many of them with weird or unwholesome connexions, including some with ties to Known Criminal Elements themselves having interconnexions to the United Russia party and/or the Russian Orthodox Church) in recent years--said bailout requiring a one-off tax on bank deposits as security therefor--it's enough to wonder how much longer before, absent calls from the Kremlin for "patriotic" investments in Mother Russia, such monies start being parked in the United States. And especially so in certain "shoobie trap" bankers as are less likely to attract the suspicions of bank watchdogs cf. the major Wall Street such.

(In any event, Nicosia has announced that, in response to public outcry, those whose bank accounts have less than €17,500 on deposit will not be subject to the special levy.)

With the news that Alex Trebek has announced his retirement as host of the syndicated game show Jeopardy! at the end of the current series, has Sony Pictures Television considered the possibility of using a "reality TV" approach to select its next host? (Which, in its turn, brings to mind where Palestinian TV has decided to use the "reality TV" approach to help select the next President for the Palestinian West Bank.)

Nice Fresh News for "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" types in the interest of Reclaiming Prosperity: China-based Suntech Power Holdings, the world's largest solar-panel manufacturer, has announced it has defaulted on US$541 million of bonds.

Also in this same vein, steep month-on-month gains in real property prices in several major cities (in particular an 8.2% rise in Guangzhou real estate pricing, nearly double that from the previous month) has led the rabidly nationalistic Global Times gazetta to call on the Beijing government to impose a freeze on house prices in first-tier cities with terms such as these:
Public opinion doesn't truly reflect the complicated mentality toward housing prices. High housing prices have fueled wealth disparities between families in China's first- and second-tier cities. They have also widened the gap between homeowners and those who can't afford houses.

Soaring housing prices have a negative effect on people's view of property, limiting life choices and sowing seeds of discord in society. High prices benefit China's householders by sharply increasing their wealth, while greatly frustrating those without houses. It means new migrants are shut out of big cities.

It's notable that most victims of high property prices are young people. They are the backbone of city development, but desperation fueled by unaffordable housing warps their attitudes toward the country. In the long-term, high housing prices will evolve into a political issue.


High housing prices are a result of China's unbalanced regional development. The population of first-tier cities has swollen, placing thresholds on housing. We must balance the attractiveness of first-tier cities to ease this problem, although this is easier said than done.

No matter what measures are taken, it's important to freeze housing prices in first-tier cities. We should resort to market measures as much as possible, but if that doesn't work the government should directly intervene. It is the least painful remedy for all parties and creates conditions for further actions.

There is adequate housing supply in Beijing, with the rapid development of the city's line traffic system gradually integrating the outskirts with downtown. As long as the public adopts a rational purchasing attitude and there is minimal speculation, housing prices in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will finally match residents' income levels.

Expectation for cooling the sizzling property market is based on the ability to narrow China's regional development gap. If not, China will continue seeing abnormal development of its property market.
The Elmer Gantryites must be drooling anxiously at the news that a supplier of yoga pants for Lululemon sent out a batch which turned out to be a little too suggestive for Mrs. Grundy to accept; in any case, a recall of the black such from earlier in the year has been issued.

And now, as a public service, the preceding item is repeated in Engrish:

Drool anxiously to the news audience of Elmer Gantry is that I sent a batch is found to be suppliers of pants Yoga for Lululemon is suggestive too little for the nag accept you must be hanging. In any case, the first half of this year, has been issued a recall of these from black.

(In any event, Your Correspondent hopes to occasionally bring some variety to shorter items in this blog by repeating such in Engrish, LOLspeak or Yodaspeak; this in the spirit of an occasional gag Saturday Night Live did when Chevy Chase did the "Weekend Update" news parody starting the second part of the show of repeating a particular item "for the hard of hearing" or "for cows." Your comments on this concept would be appreciated.)

No wonder "Tea Party" types are so in bed with the Dregs of Fundamentalist/Primitive Christianity such as they see to be in Clear and Present Danger of State Intimidation and Persecution, in its turn excusing their perverted misreading of the Sacred Scriptures: With Pope Francis I calling for greater compassion and mercy towards the poor, downtrodden and vulnerable of Society in the homily of his Mass of Installation as the 266th successor to St. Peter in the papacy, expect such an element to push all the more blatantly the prolefeed trope suggesting that the Roman Catholic Church must be some class of an Evil Cult and the Whore of Babylon 5 to make such brazen calls for compassion towards the Lower Classes. (In fact, the bookstore at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC goes so far as to consign books dealing with Catholicism, Mormonism and suchlike branches of Christianity to the section given to "cults.")

To the conservative prolefeeder's ideal of "REAL AmeriKKKan," their ideal vacation destination may not be so much Orlando and its theme parks or Las Vegas as Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, the Poconos, Panama City Beach, Branson, Lake of the Ozarks, Wisconsin Dells, Yellowstone National Park and London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. I bring this up inasmuch as a resort cabin complex in Pigeon Forge caught fire at the weekend, destroying many of the cabins therein (and with exploding propane tanks making matters worse) until a blessed rainfall came along yesterday to help local firefighters. Luckily, nobody was hurt.

And Another Thing (as used to be said in closing each episode of Chickenman, if you still recall that radio comedy farce): How do we know such wasn't really some class of arson seeking to collect on the insurance money in the face of declining business and/or property values?



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