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and paranoia you would have in this regard.

18h UTC; THURSDAY, 2 MAY 2013: So much for the out-of-season character and nature of this peculiar early May snowstorm here in the Minnwissippi where Your Correspondent is based; we can do without the Elmer Gantryite prolefeed suggesting that said storm is a show of Divine Warning about Yahweh God preparing to withdraw His Protective Hand of Salvation from Our Dear Lovely Nation for Failing to Keep Faith with His Divinely-Ordained Will and Mandate for Same.

(Which should call to mind this just-released study suggesting that the hard-wired "REAL AmeriKKKan" belief in "End Times" religious prophecy may explain our hard-wired complacency in failing to accept the clear and present likelihood of Our Dear Lovely and Morally-Superior Nation addressing the consequences of climate change.)

Meanwhile, the "Drill, Baby, DRILL!!" element must be drooling all over themselves in glee, not unlike a baby's glee at having been given a spanking new toy, at the news from the United States Geological Survey as hath it that North Dakota's Williston Basin oilfields (encompassing the Bakken and Three Forks formations) may contain significantly and measurably more crude oil and natural gas as yet untapped than suggested previously--as in a possible 7.38 billion barrels of extractable crude oil ... 6.7 trillion cubic feet of untapped, yet recoverable, natural gas ... and 530 million barrels of untapped, yet recoverable, natural gas liquids (e.g., naptha gas).

Which, thanks to newly-available drilling and extraction technologies, may be all the easier to recover; however, I wouldn't exactly bet the farm in suggesting that Bakken/Three Forks crude oil and natural gas will actually be a "magic bullet" towards lower gas prices within significant and measurable distance. Especially considering the want of direct pipeline access at the moment to both fields, requiring crude oil therefrom heading to the refineries willing to handle same (situated in five states presently) to be transported by rail exclusively, which can add somewhat to the end cost (even with refining processes being all the more efficient in producing not just gasoline and diesel fuel, but also such other byproducts as heating oil, kerosene, jet fuel and asphalt).

So where exactly does it come about
that "building inclusive communities" will eventually lead to Socialism or Communism (as if implying that the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe as one with Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar requires essentially apartheid-stylee policies of social engineering as are themselves based on flawed or otherwise discredited pseudoscience implying that the various National Minorities can best thrive "among themselves" in Designated Group Areas reinforced by a "blood-and-thunder" brand of "Stand Your Ground"-stylee vigilantism reeking of the racially selective)?

We may want to watch all the more for where Clear Channel may become compelled to go into Carey Street before the summer's out, thanks to continued and continuing losses in the ad-revenue department made all the more so by activist pressure upon The Oxycontin Boar's advertisers since l'affaire Sandra Fluke back last February, in its turn causing some 2,000 national and local advertisers to drop their ad buys therefrom, to be quickly replaced by Public Service Announcements (PSA's) to fill the void or otherwise disreputable and questionable advertisers buying ad time at new cut prices, the better to appeal to his Good and Loyal Drookies of the lowest breeding, intellect and consumer purchasing power still accepting his prolefeed as Gospel Truth over some 600 mostly small-market radio stations, mostly on medium wave, from Mt. Katahdin to Mauna Loa and Point Barrow to Mallory Square.

If you thought our "morally superior" brand of FreeVee was awful enough, consider where German public broadcaster ZDF has announced where it would no longer broadcast repeats of the long-running (281 episodes produced between 1974 and 1998, broadcast in some 100 countries), Munich-situated even, police detective series Derrick after it emerged that its late star, Horst Tapper (d. 2008), concealed his military service in World War II with the infamous Tottenkopf ("death's head") tank squad of the Waffen-SS; Herr Tapper insisted up until his decease that he served but as a medic, eventually taken prisoner just before V-E Day.

Concurrently, Dutch public broadcaster Omroep MAX cancelled a previously-scheduled summer screening of some 20 episodes of Derrick, adding "we will not honour an actor who has lied over his past." And the state police in Bavaria are considering revoking the "honourary detective" title given Herr Tapper in 1980 in light of these fresh developments.

With official details over the shock death of rapper Kris Kelly, half of mid-1990's rap duel Kris Kross, in hospital overnight at the age of 34, being unclear to the moment (apart from the fact that he was found "unresponsive" in his Atlanta apartment last evening, possibly from drug use), it may be worthwhile to consider applying the British term "death by misadventure" in cases where death was aggravated by misuse of narcotic drugs or complicated by past histories of drug abuse. (Classic specimen of "death by misadventure" explaining cause of death: Hong Kong martial-arts film star Bruce Lee, whose death in June 1973, itself brought on by the effects of an Equigesic tablet taken for headache in the apartment of actress Betty Ting Pei, was put down to "misadventure" by a coroners' jury there about a year or so later.)

Some nice fresh news for our "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China" friends about the Dignity of Labour that the "Tea Party" element behind this line of thought wants emphasised all the more in service to ekonomesie vryheid, &c., in its glorious interconnexion to Our National Character and Identity, by way of BBC Monitoring's China media roundup vis-a-vis yesterday's May Day observance:
Hong Kong's Oriental Daily News carries an editorial entitled "The privileged sweep all; how come labour is glorious".

It questions the value Chinese leaders, including President Xi Jinping, have been advocating recently that labour is glorious, listing phenomena on the mainland that prove otherwise.

"The workers have been laid off, and the peasants have lost their land. The working people have become the lowest group in society," it says, adding that immigrant workers do the heaviest work, earn the least and are least respected.

Delegates representing the workers and the peasants are getting fewer and fewer at the national congress, it notices.

On the mainland,
Southern Metropolis Daily shares the same view but takes a more positive approach.

In an editorial entitled "Dignity of labour needs rigid protection of law", the paper says contrary to what the national leaders advocate, daily life proves labour is worthless.

The paper says immigrant workers often have to threaten to commit suicide in order to get their payment.

"This shows the value of labour has suffered a heavy setback in the Chinese society", it adds, noting that "issues of labour rights are increasingly presenting themselves in the form of mass incidents".

It calls for employment law to be faithfully observed for the value of "labour being most glorious" to be widely accepted.
Finally, Your Correspondent just hopes Sioux City Sue (whomever she is) wasn't among the clients or even the masseusses at Hong's Chinese Massage Parlour in Sioux City, itself closed following a police raid the other night as saw its owners arrested and charged with Promoting Prostitution when it emerged that massages offered undercover police detectives occasionally crossed the line into the erotic or sexualised.



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