00h UTC; SATURDAY, 23 JUNE 2012: First off, some Appy Polly Loggies are in order for the outage at LinkReferrer.com (link following), which has been a boon of late for traffic generation to this website in some measure, especially considering Entrecard's uncertain status over recent months ... never mind where my ISP doesn't exactly think too kindly of them (but then again, readers, can you think of other credible traffic-swaps apropos blogs such as this?).

But then, we've got other worthwhile stuff to discuss at this time, as per usual:
  • As if GOP Presidential wannabe Mitt Romney's insistence on Returning AmeriKKKan Jobs to REAL AmeriKKKans wasn't getting rather trite and annoying, The Washington Post hath it that Romney's time at Bain Capital Partners saw some investments in companies as were fond of outsourcing once-proud AmeriKKKan industrial jobs offshore, especially so to China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Bhangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea, among other hotspots for cheap, unskilled, easily-exploitable labour. Which should be enow to have Real Americans asking if the "real" Romney socioeconomic agenda is closer to that of Afrikaner Economic Empowerment such as the Afrikaner Broederbond and its public face, the Federasie van Afrikaner Kultuurbeleggings (FAK; the "Federation of Afrikaner Cultural Organisations"), was pushing in the decade-long runup to the apartheid regime's coming to power in 1948, with some help from the closely-interconnected Reddingsdaadbond (RDB; "Rescue Action League").
  • Something worth using as a prolefeed "whipping boy" against incumbent and challenging RepubliKKKans in Congress vis-a-vis Indecision 2012: News that such RepubliKKKans who signed the Grover Norquist Pledge to blindly and willingly reject any and all tax increases, or even new forms of taxation (all the while eventually hoping to "drown [the United States Government] in the bathtub," per Meneer Norquist's very words) may actually be violating their very oath of office to "defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic." And IIBC, Jeebus said you can't serve two masters--not to mention such raising questions of Trojan-horse betrayal of Our Dearest Nation to the Christian Right as may be, in and of itself, treason (as in "giving aid and comfort" to the enemy). So what otherwise stands in the way?
  • Just be thankful it wasn't some "Tea Party" sugar daddy who shelled out some US$10 million at Sotheby's for George Washington's annotated copy of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, vintage 1789, at auction yesterday; instead, the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, as maintains the Mount Vernon estate, purchased it. (No immediate plans have been announced for whether it would go on public display.)
  • It'll be interesting to see how the Right-Wing Conspiracy Prolefeed Masheen explains the prospect of gasoline prices falling below $3/gallon ere Indecision 2012 rolls around, as some oil and gas industry analysts are suggesting--especially if they suggest that it's because of "back-room maschinations and scheming" on the part of President Obama for Unfair Electoral Advantage, replete with sugar-coated racist dogwhistles, anti-Semitism and worse.
  • Meanwhile, Your Correspondent couldn't help but notice where The Once and Future Waterpark Capital's official Facebook presence actually has 257.84% more Likes than that of the Cultural Conservatives' Ideal Acid Test for die Elegante Amerikanischer Leikultur ... or, put more specifically, as of just moments ago, 176,022 Likes for Wisconsin Dells as opposed to 68,267 Likes for Branson, with the Dells having an advantage of 107,755 in the Likes department. How exactly does the Dells do it?
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