00h UTC; SUNDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2012: It's not all that often that Your Correspondent has posted content on Sundays, especially since about mid-summer (the better to see if such would affect site traffic numbers seriously); but as it turned out, Your Correspondent's need to express himself as spontaneously as this in such Interesting Times as these prompts this deviation from the norm (but then again, don't expect Sunday postings to be regular practice).

In any event, sally forth:
  • Tell me this isn't irony, doublethink even: Several recent Presidential preference polls of late, including those of Gallup, Rasmussen, CNN/Opinion Research, Quinnipiac/CBS News/New York Times, NBC News/Wall Street Journal and PPP, make note of where "poor whites" (i.e., those with annual incomes of $25,000/annum or less) are especially likely to vote for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in the Presidential elections--ironically, one of several demographic targets by "Tea Party" and "patriot" types for "card check" (as in Voter ID) schemes "to preempt electoral fraud" (as in "voting for the wrong set of candidates"), to be reinforced By Any Means Necessary at the polls if current reports of campaigns by "Tea Party"-affiliated goons to that end are confirmed.
    (With that in mind, do have programmed into your mobile or smartphone this freecall number: 1-866-OUR-VOTE, that of the Election Protection Campaign from People For the American Way for reporting voter intimidation and haraassment.)
  • How do we know Wisconsin Governor Scott "Wisconsin IS Open for Business" Walker, in embracing "pay-to-play" policies for jobs creation (notwithstanding his insistence that ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe will "spontaneously and wholeheartedly" create such "like magic" thanks to his agenda and related articles of faith), isn't really (and taking pains to keep secret) emulating Jersey City political-masheen boss Frank "I AM the law" Hague's tactics reeking of corruption and graft, in particular the annual "Rice Puddin' Time" ritual where civil servants had to give 3% of their annual salaries to "the Boss" (only this time targeting Wisconsin businesses, small such in particular, if they expect to get his administration's grace and favour towards jobs creation)?
  • Just how exactly does it become one with "Socialism" or "Communism" to embrace ridesharing and/or public transit as part of the commute out of economic and/or ecological sense? (Besides, go look up those terms in quotes in your Funk and Wagnalls for once.)
  • Duluth seems to be one of those cities whose very name is enough to provoke laughs in certain circles, comedic and otherwise ... and it turns out that the Zenith City saw its earliest snowfall on the overnight yesterday, about a quarter inch on automobiles and gabled rooftops (eventually to melt down as the day wore on). Which, in any event, may be about six weeks ahead of climatological average therefor.
  • So much for the rioting over the online video Innocence of Muslims, the whole now being revealed to have been a fraud throughout ... as well as that over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad's visage (which Muslims consider blasphemous) in the satiric French weekly Charlie-Hebdo taking issue with the rioting and its provocation: The Louvre Museum has opened a sub-museum in the complex as is devoted to works of Islamic art from between the 7th and 19th centuries from across the Muslim world, some (as it turns out) depicting the Prophet "himself."
Meanwhile, with Entrecard now but a sweet and fond memory among traffic swaps in Teh Blogospheerez, Your Correspondent continues to look for fresh and fascinating channels to enhance the traffic, otherwise at best minimal and not quite the sort to write home about when you believe that "honesty reaps the reward" (as in shunning like the pox "spamming" as a marketing tool, never mind the lily-gilding such engaging in same will themselves engage in as the greatest marketing tool since sliced bread). One such: Headliner.fm (referral link follows), which I learned about (Ripley, note) in Facebook last evening. Notwithstanding where Headliner is designed mostly for musicians, online radio stations and music promoters, nonetheless Your Correspondent is choosing to try same out as a traffic-building tool to join several other more goodthinkful such. Let's just hope such actually helps some.

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