00h UTC; THURSDAY, 27 SEPTEMBER 2012: For starters, Your Correspondent feels it best to bring up The Top Story of the Moment, as in the passing of singer Andy Williams last evening at his Branson, MO home from bladder cancer at 84 years of age, Branson having been where he established a new following among certain cultural-conservative types seeing in Branson the One True Acme and Ideal of a Defining Standard and Test for Amerikanischer Realkultur as is, for the most part, the so-called "White Culture" cherished deeply and dearly as an ideal of AmeriKKKan National Exceptionalism with his Moon River Theatre.

In any event, Meneer Williams had a long and varied musical career spanning some 75 years, beginning with his two older brothers in the late 1930's on WHO radio's Iowa Barn Dance out of Des Moines, and touring with his brothers until the siblings got tired of the routine ... with Andy "himself" becoming a serious rival to Frank Sinatra and Elvis in terms of record sales and radio airplay from the early 1960's well into the 1970's. Not to mention his weekly musical variety series The Andy Williams Show over NBC Television from 1962 until 1971, as well as Christmas spectaculars over that same network for many years, the former introducing the Osmond Family Singers out of Orem, UT to a national audience (and eventually becoming stars in their own right, eventually having their own Branson act as would eventually be amalagamated into the Moon River Theatre's such).

In fact, it was Meneer Williams' arrival in Branson around 1989, just as Branson was becoming home for decayed Nashville recording acts, that would begin diversifying Branson's Muzikschaukultur ... howbeit to the extent of creating an idealised "white culture" presenting what editorialist Cal Thomas once described as a "nutritious patriotism" of a sort perhaps rivalled by Nazi Germany's using the Kraft durch Frude scheme to promote German "folk culture" in the interest of Reclaiming Lost National and Racial Honour and Glory. And in pure Branson fashion, two shows a day except on Sundays (matinee and evening) until the last year or so, when his illness forced Williams to cut back to only the evening performance.

Andy Williams, you'll surely be missed.

(But then again, has anybody, especially his widow and/or estate, considered where the bladder cancer as caused Mr. Williams' demise may have been aggravated by the prescription drug Actos, as has reportedly been thus interconnected? The fact of which may require an autopsy and, if the Actos interconnexion is established, perhaps seeking a settlement with Actos' compounders and manufacturers.)

Still, there's a few other things as deserve discussion:
  • Is it just me, or is Fox News Channel's frequent use of "most Americans think ..." in prolefeed disguised as commentary thereon raising hints of such possibly being a "weasel word," a dogwhistle even, to consciously (and yet unconsciously) mislead and confuse the vulnerable as make up Fox News' target audience?
  • As if public and activist unease over voter-suppression efforts such as "card check" in the name of "protecting electoral purity and integrity" by "preventing vote fraud" as may not actually exist wasn't disgusting enough, here exists another Clear and Present Danger to Liberty from the GOP/"Tea Party" element expected to be defended (howbeit privately) on a par with Die Gelofte aan Bloedriver which Afrikanerdom has long cherished as a Sanctii Sanctorum of Afrikaner National Unity and Identity--and for which public outrage deserves to be vented; as Josiah Quincy reminds us, "liberty is not safe where the people are not watchful."
  • In urging "REAL AmeriKKKa" to rally round the Romney/Ryan ticket all the more by urging them to ignore the dismal poll numbers of late at President Obama's expense, how do we know the "real" message here, a la the Oceanic dystopia of Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, is "reject all evidence of eyes and ears" and essentially deny all knowledge of Objective Reality?
  • As bankers start playing the canard of "new Federal banking laws" to excuse increased and increasing fees for and relating to chequing accounts (including monthly balances to avoid service fees, overdraft fees and ATM use fees), how many chequing-account customers (especially from the Lower Classes) will start switching over to a cash basis exclusively, trying all the while to avoid arousing suspicions of being associated with terrorism or extreme political groups, including the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement?
  • Finally, something Mein Innkeeper Friend came up with on a spur of the moment vis-a-vis the new Minnesota Vikings stadium to eventually supplant the Humphrey Metrodome (a/k/a Mall of America Field) in downtown Minneapolis: Viz., constructing same so that its retracting roof is on a "sardine can" model (i.e., such being constructed of the same type of material used for the inflatable dome as would roll up in a subbasement thereof, the better to allow for inspection and repairs being made at ground level). Has anybody else thought likewise?
Hoping such continues to enlighten and stimulate your thought-processes otherwise corroded by unhealthy dependency on the Lamestream Media, until next time....

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