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19h25 UTC; MONDAY, 27 FEBRUARY 2012: Appy Polly Loggies, readers, for this post being somewhat tardier than usual, what with his being somewhat busy this Monday ... not to mention the likelihood of this part of Minnesota being under a Winter Storm Watch from about this same time tomorrow well into Wednesday (and the timing couldn't be more interesting, considering where a) we haven't seen much in the way of conventional snow throughout the winter; and b) we're getting into the worst part of winter climatologically, such usually seeing a heavier, wetter snowfall than typically associated with winter. Let it be hoped that the ensuing water equivalent seeps into the topsoil and replenishes the moisture somewhat.)


In case you haven't heard, history was made at last night's Academy Awards: For only the second time in the 84-year history of the Oscars (as they're colloquially known), a silent film(!) won Best Picture: The Artist, to be specific (which also won the Best Actor and Best Director statuettes), which is set during Hollywood's transition from silent to sound pictures in the late 1920's. (Which, incidentally, was when the Oscars were first presented; the very first such for Best Picture, in 1929, went to the World War I epic Wings, which heretofore was the only silent film so honoured.)

And so much for Sacha Baron Cohen's stunt on the Red Carpet involving what he claimed were the cremains of the late North Korean "Great Leader" Kim Jong Il, which prompted security to be called in: IIBC, Pyongyang hath it that "Great Leader" will be embalmed and put on display alongside his late father, "Eternal Leader" Kim Il Sung, as Holy Icons of Worship and Pilgrimage at the Kumsunsan Memorial Palace outside Pyongyang, alongside such other altars of idolatrous Juche-worship as the Kim Il Sung Memorial on Mansu Hill near Beautiful Downtown Pyongyang (which itself is home to the Tower of the Juche Idea) and--last but not least, or so the official prolefeed hath it--Holy Paekdu.


As for the notion certain overzealous specimens of hyperconservative Zealotry and True Belief are likely to push about 'n Volk red homself as an Indecision 2012 campaign meme (particularly where "Tea Party" types come into play), maybe it was time to ask how exactly such can be deemed "Christian" when such calls upon the Lower Class to be theoretically targeted thereby to blindly refuse any charity or help under the banner of socioeconomic empowerment of the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan".

For those among you as haven't seen "that photo" making the Secular-Progressive rounds of late which some would view as being of the apples-to-oranges school of comparison, see for yourself.


Memo to veterans as are seeking medical treatment at, or are currently patients in, Veterans' Administration medical centres around the United States: You may qualify for a discount on bus fare to and from such cities as are home to VA Medical Centres, especially where you lack a car or may otherwise have problems getting transportation to said facilities for treatments or surgery. For details, ask the VA Medical Centre where your treatment will be had about eligibility when you make your appointment.

(AFAIK, I believe Greyhound still has this facility; you may want to ask nonetheless even if your community is served by another carrier such as Jefferson Lines or Indian Trails in the Midwest, Southeastern Stages or Kerrville Bus in the South, ShortLine or Martz Trailways in the Northeast ...)

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