18h UTC; FRIDAY, 26 APRIL 2013: At least the Minnwissippi IS getting some decent springtime weather for once--if but for this weekend, for the most part; the 7-day forecast for these parts calls for cold, unseasonably rainy weather (as in the low-mid 40's Fahrenheit) returning as May makes her presence known next Wednesday. (And PLEASE spare us the absurd conspiracy theories supposedly discrediting the whole "global warming" business; meanwhile, Snopes.com brings to your attention this 1962 Humble Oil advertisement about "melting glaciers" that nowadays would be seen as embarrassing.)

And speaking of Embarrassing Advertising, especially so the sort timed to coincide with Earth Week by invoking environmental messages. Hyundai Motors has made an Appy Polly Loggy for an embarassing ad as makes light of attempts to commit suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning by running a car in a closed garage ... only in this instance, the ad (howbeit unauthorised or not otherwise vetted in advance) shows a Hyundai hybrid SUV which releases hydrogen exhaust as the suicide masheen.

The continuing story of the Brothers Tsarnaev (as in the Unfortunate Events at the Boston Marathon a fortnight ago next Monday), apart from generating lurid and unwarranted conspiracist prolefeed fodder, can only get more interesting--or can it? It seems that the parents, as still reside in Russia's Dagestan region, are unable to come to the United States at the monent, the father claiming illness and the mother fearing arrest on an outstanding warrant for shoplifting should she enter the country (and perhaps making things all the more absurd with Alex Jones-stylee conspiracy prolefeed about the brothers somehow being incapable of carrying out the act, instead suggesting that the whole was staged as a "false flag" prelude to a Campaign of State Persecution of Bible-Believing Christians rivalled in depravity by the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacree of 23 August 1572 against French Huguenots, but with elements of Nazi extermination centres targeting Jews and other "subhuman" populations as included the disabled, the "mentally defective", war wounded, homosexuals and those of Russo-Slavic characteristics).

If there's one bill in Congress the Real American needs to rally round all the more,
it would probably have to be the Save the Postal Service Bill, just introduced in Congress. Such would release the Postal Service from its onerously burdensome mandate of having to advance funds for health care cover for its employees for the next 75 years and would free up the Postal Service to enter new lines of business through Post Offices, especially so in rural and low-income areas otherwise without decent banking or funds-transfer businesses.

Still, though, may I suggest that said legislation reaffirm the Postal Service's Universal Service Obligation to deliver letterposts Monday through Saturday, inclusive, to every last address across the United States, while allowing for competition with regards to packages and letter documents. (In fact, the main reason the Post Office entered the package delivery business with Parcel Post in 1913 was to provide competition for the railway express companies--as in American Express Co., Adams & Company Express, Wells, Fargo & Co., and Southern Express Co.--in response to press and public outrage about high shipping prices and outrageous profits ensuing. During Federal control of the railways during World War I, the express companies, as a "patriotic gesture," consolidated their operations into a unified organisation, American Railway Express, restyled in 1929 as Railway Express Agency, restyled REA Express in 1960; financial mismanagement and plunder of funds by high-level executives, not to mention revocation of a Government-Protected Monopoly on air freight, forced REA Express into liquidation by 1975, just three years after Amtrak assumed control of passenger rail services.

(Of note, too, is that with the reorganisation into Railway Express Agency in 1929, its shares were divided among the 83 railroad companies using its services, divided proportionate to their volume of business. Its freefall began in 1969, when five of its executives acquired REA Express from the remaining railroad members.)

Unworthy of conspiracy-theory prolefeed in and of itself: An overnight fire at a psychiatric hospital outside Moscow, whose cause has been put down to an electrical short, killed 38 inmates thereof; their decease was made all the more infamous thanks to the highly-sedating nature of the medications they were prescribed and bars on the outside windows to discourage escape attempts. Only a nurse and three inmates lived to tell the story.



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