00h UTC; SUNDAY, 24 JUNE 2012: Sadly, Happy Valley isn't so happy anymore: You may recall where, Friday evening (United States time), former State University of Pennsylvania (alias Penn State) assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of Sexual Assault of Minors in connexion with his involvement in The Second Mile, a charity designed to serve disadvantaged and at once deserving youth, meaning that he may likely serve the rest of his natural life in gaol.

Which, in any case, doesn't sit quite well with the Christian Right prolefeeders who forever insist that heterosexuals are morally and psychologically incapable of sexually abusing children, that such is the sole and exclusive monopoly of homosexuals, notwithstanding clinical research disproving such claims. And will, come Monday, start pushing the trope that Coach Sandusky was really a "closet quean" using marriage as a PR trick to mislead and confuse the masses.


Something which ought to be used as a prolefeed "whipping boy" device against RepubliKKKan candidates for Congressional office in both chambers this Indecision 2012: Videlicet, the likelihood that said RepubliKKKans may be violating their solemn and sacred oath of office to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States" by swearing an oath unto Grover "AmeriKKKans for Tax Reform" Norquist as contravenes the Congressional oath by pledging, for the Greater Glory of God and Country, not to support any tax increases as an article of faith, hoping in the end to "drown [the existing United States Government] in the bathtub."

Hoping, thereby, that the "REAL AmeriKKKan" will go into sackcloth and ashes mode, playing the Andrea Yates card of wholesale and spontaneous weeping and wailing and bawling and goboreeting and boohoohooing unto Bog and His Holy Angels, Archangels and Saints in Their Collective Mercy Upon Our Dearest Nation for Having Allowed Demonic Possession to Hold High Carnival Unto Same....


If it's anything to you, GOP Presidential wannabe-presumptive Mitt Romney will be facing quite an uphill battle trying to "win over the hearts and minds" of the "REAL AmeriKKKan"--for the most part white, male-chauvinist, Bible-Believing Christian, having limited job and career skills as may not be marketable under current socioeconomic platforms, obnoxiously race- and faith-conscious to the point of hard-wired, latent even--for their vote. Here's ten reasons why, in case you need to know.

And as if that weren't enough, that campaign urging the faith-conscious to write in Jesus' Name on the Presidential ballot paper as a show of protest (so inspiring the lead off image today) could be enough to split the popular vote unto President Obama's favour, never mind the risk of vote-suppressive campaigns "to protect electoral purity and integrity" of the brand common to dictatorial regimes.


The acme of doublethink among such calling themselves "patriots" and "REAL AmeriKKKans," especially where "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement associations come into play: Videlicet, the flags they display in a Luscious Glory of ostentatious patriotism probably of Chinese manufacture when all the while they boast about love of country and AmeriKKKan Exceptionalism rivalled only in depravity by North Korea.

Within American society is a large class of people who fly flags on 30-foot poles in front of their houses and adorn their cars with flag decals and what they believe are patriotic bumper stickers. They are also quick to let everyone know how patriotic they are, and how much less patriotic the rest of us are. But patriotism is far more than flying flags and shouting about liberty in Tea Party rallies.

Find someone wearing socks, T-shirt, bandana, and even a jacket that looks like replicas of the American flag, and you might find a hyper-patriot. Of course, just a few decades ago, they would have spat out their disgust to anti-war protestors or hippies who had so much of a flag patch on their jeans.

Most of these hyper-patriots wrap themselves in the flag and Constitution, but are quick to try to shut off dissent, believe the only true religion is the one they espouse, demand that the police frisk citizens who aren't White, and declare the Supreme Court is un-American when it doesn't rule the way they think it should.

Many of the hyper-patriots waved those flags high whenever the U.S. has gone to war, even if that war was created by lies. In Iraq, almost 4,500 Americans have been killed; more than 32,000 were wounded, many of them with lifetime injuries.

Many of the hyper-patriots are insensitive to the problems of the 700,000 Americans, about 70,000 of them veterans, who are homeless on any given day.

They are oblivious to the 46 million Americans, about 16 million of them children, who live in poverty.

They oppose universal health care that would help all Americans, including the 50 million who are currently uninsured.

Many of these hyper-patriots believe unions are un-American, and workers who demand good work conditions and benefits are whiners.

These hyper-patriots are also the ones who believe Social Security should be privatized, oppose Medicare, and go ballistic when they think government is infringing upon rights of the individual. But they believe government should impose standards of what are or are not proper sexual positions for consenting adults.
In effect, right up there with such specimens of Afrikaner hubris down South Africa way who, in the runup to the apartheid regime's coming to power in 1948, pushed the notion that 'n Volk red homself after years of being regarded as second-class citizens by the British occupation when the Afrikaner insisted they had a "natural right" of dominance dating to the 1652 arrival of the first colonists under Jan van Riebeck at Cape Town.

But to paraphrase Hamlet, "ay, here's the rub":
These hyper-patriots readily buy products made outside the United States, proudly proclaim the great bargains they just scored, and somehow believe they are still patriots.

But here are two statistics hyper-patriots might wish to reflect upon during the three weeks between Flag Day and Independence Day. About 99 percent of legal fireworks used during July 4th celebrations are made in China. The second statistic is that during the past decade, Americans paid more than $93 million for U.S. flags made overseas, most of them from China. Many of those flags are proudly waved by hyper-patriots.
Which has moi imagining as a possible sketch in the Candid Camera vein one where some rather arrogant, bloviating even, "Tea Party" type decides to buy an oversized specimen of Old Glory for display in front of his property as a show of True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command--only it turns out that, when he opens the package and unfurls the flag for display on the pole, it turns out to be that of the People's Republic of China (only he isn't aware of it all along until he hears "The March of the Volunteers" playing out of nowhere in the background, and in especially strident stylee, leading the hapless uberpatriot into frustration and paranoia).

That, and Mein Innkeeper Friend recalling where the American Legion post in a rather small southeastern Minnesota community (name not disclosed For Obvious Reasons) whose ideal of "Americanism" was to construct a rather ostentatiously tall flagpole in the town square for to display Old Glory, the hope being that such would be seen for miles around (subject, of course, to clear weather).


Meanwhile, if there's one magazine that the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKan" in his Luscious Glory of poverty, fecundity and ignorance would just love to see as a distractive more than anything else, expect the ilk behind this exercise in manufactured Luscious Glory (especially as an agency of mind control) to develop one in the vein of the long-established (1916, to be exact) Afrikaans-language South African weekly Huisgenoot ("Home Companion"), a popular-interest magazine devoted to light features, serialised and short fiction, celebrity profiles and such other features as recall to mind the Luscious Glory of The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Life, Look, Liberty, Grit and Capper's Weekly in their day (the last two especially popular in the so-called "REAL AmeriKKKa" so idealised as Arcadia).

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