00h UTC; MONDAY, 14 JANUARY 2013: Your Correspondent, for starters, could not agree more with the suggestion of American Senator Chuck Schumer (D/NY) to have the Real American boycott Walmart in protest of corporate policies as condone the sale of the worst possible firepower known as could be used in service of Extreme Ultraviolence as could include civil insurrection such as "Tea Party" and suchlike other "patriot" types are calling for "to reclaim Our Dear Lovely Nation" by essentially creating a Christian Nationalist state with elements of apartheid South Africa.

Which is rather interesting, especially considering Walmart's inherent and obvious appeal to the same vulnerable and dispossessed elements of the community whose crude, easily-malleable patriotism can be easily exploited to the extent necessary by the weird and unwholesome who use "patriotism," "reclaiming our country" and suchlike other platitudes to cover for the fact of their leaders and promoters being among the Dregs of Society. Even more so if it turns out they have histories of serious emotional disorders stemming from past abuse they fail to come to terms with.

Your Correspondent could not agree more. Especially when you have the Online Mall on offer (and an interrelated Online Mall Smartfone App, which can be downloaded free-no-cost on this website), committed either way to pledging 9.11% of Your Correspondent's commissions off your purchases towards reducing the American National Debt with a just-expanded selection of affiliated etailers.

As for such who insist that only the private sector can create stateside jobs if only they made "reasonable effort" to do so in the face of record profits, yet insist on the other hand that said private sector is "being needlessly prevented" from so doing because of "undue regulatory burden," may I be one of the first to call for such of that ilk to show cause as can support your case, including:
  • Actual examples of said "regulatory burden" as are actually preventing jobs creation;
  • How many jobs are actually being prevented from creation thereby; and
  • The net cost of said "regulatory burden" vis-a-vis jobs creation and productivity.
Such cause to be based on empirical scientific testing such as you perennially insist on, same following established and recognised protocols (not such which are actually rehashed ideological bromides serving the cause of pseudoscience).

Might I be one to suggest that those on the Christian Right who harp on and on about the need to "keep women in their traditional place" of essentially being sex machines "serving National and Racial Duty" all the more perhaps read Mrs. Warren's Profession by George Bernard Shaw, illustrating as it does the very circumstances and hypocrises as drive women all the more into prostitution and the sex trades; Shaw, for his part, insisted that such was intended as a corrective to the problem.

You can't help but recall things such as these: The other day, Your Correspondent, for no reason at all it seems, recalled at some length where a Chinese restaurant here in Winona, some years back, had on its Lunch menu among its appetisers "Tidbit Late." (Which was actually a typo for "Tidbit Plate.")

Save the dates, ye as insist that "AmeriKKKa Should Be More Like China:" The 113th biennial edition of the China Import/Export Fair (a/k/a the Canton Trade Fair) will be in Guangzhou over three sessions, to wit:
  1. 15-19 April, inclusive;
  2. 23-27 April, inclusive; and
  3. 1-5 May, inclusive.
(Importers will be invited to appear during the first and last sessions thereof.)



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