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19h17 UTC; THURSDAY, 26 APRIL 2012: Notwithstanding belaguered Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker insisting that there will be a sudden and spontaneous display of private sector jobs creation across America's Dairyland just before his scheduled recall election on June 5th, as if to steer the vote towards him all the more (never mind the John Doe Enquiries approaching him all the more, with Serious Consequences ensuing if proven true), he doesn't want you or I knowing that he has a super-secret Plan B in place for his Sanctii Sanctorum should he manage to win.

Which, it turns out, hath precedent in these observations by the Rev. "Golightly" Morrill of the scene in Havana as Prohibition forced thirsty Americans there, for one, via Capt. Billy's Whiz Bang for June 1921:
MANY are the travelers like Pantagruel in search of the Dive Bouteille-Holy Bottle-and who believe in its oracular utterance-"Drink!" The man who holds in veneration the memory of Noah, notices on entering Havana that the harbor entrance is "bottle-necked," and well "fortified"-with booze. The '''Fountain of Youth" here is not water, but "cask"ades of wine and beer, etc. However, one needs the purse of Croesus-for if you want to drink you must pay what the bar wants to charge-a price as exorbitant as smuggled liquor brings in the States. lf you remonstrate with the bartender, you may send for the manager, as my friend did, and have him say, "Don't bother me-tell your troubles to a policeman." If you are mad and tired of Cuba, go to Guadeloupe and Martinique, in the French West Indies where the rent-hog is unknown; where a good room rents for $7 a month; where a course dinner, with a bottle of wine, at the best hotel, will cost you only 40 cents; where rum punch is three cents; a glass of wine, five cents, and the best brands of champagne, $1.50 to $2.00 a quart. In Cuba, you pay $2;50 for a bottle of wine, and $12 for a quart of champagne.

Pascal wrote than man was the "glory and scum of the universe." Much of the scum of the United States has floated to Havana. The lure of "spiritual" elixirs (there is a vermouth in town known as "Vaticano") has brought a "bum" element to the island. Havana has become a convention city for crooks who frequent the racetrack, saloons and gambling hells. Most appropriately has the outline of Cuba been compared to the hammer-headed shark. Fights and brawls are common; city jails are full of American drunks and toughs. Cuba has imported laborers from Haiti to raise cane, but the worst "Carn-raisers" have come from the United States. Sterne said, "An Englishman does not travel to see Englishmen"-an American does not care to journey here to meet such Americans.

The tourist, robbed right and left, need have little fear of the Havana senorita stealing away his.heart. Her beauty is largely mythical. As a rule, the Cuban woman looks as if she had used a barrel of flour to powder her face, and her body is built on barrel-hoop lines. To powder she adds paint-mamma and her daughters are about the only paintings one finds in town. After viewing and reviewing these: Spanish "beauties" (so inferior to our American beauties in the garden of love), one does not feel inclined to purchase the books sold here in the stores: "The Art of Kissing in Twelve Lessons"; "The Art of Caressing in Twelve Lessons." Taken all in all, the Havana "angel" is an adorable, endurable inutility-an expensive luxury on which to hang fine clothes and diamonds. Pythagoras made it a rule to review every night what he had done during the day. Were she to follow his example, I fear she would soon be through, for she appears to be master of the art of doing nothing that is important.

Havana harbors many "ladies" of that species one calls ladies only between quotation marks. God made Cuba, but the Devil invented some of Havana's pastimes, The Cuban is '''revolting'' in his pleasures as well as in his politics. Streets along the water-front are lined by open bars and brothels brilliantly lighted-a "mistake" because most of the inmates resemble female Calibians.

The witchery of the old time wanton is no more. With Flaubert one laments the passing of the fille de joie: "In olden times she was beautiful when she walked up the steps leading to the temple, when on her shell-like feet fell the golden fringe of her tunic, or when she lounged among Persian cushions, twirling her collar of cameos and chatting with the wise men and philosophers. She was beautiful when she stood naked on the threshold of her cella in the street of Suburra, under the rosin torchlight that blazed in the night, slowly chanting her Campanian lay, while from the Tiber came the refrains of the orgies. She was beautiful, too, in her old house of the Cite behind the Gothic windows, among the noisy students, when without fear of the sergeants, they struck·the oaken tables with their pewter mugs. She was beautiful when she leaned over the green cloth and coveted the gold of the provincials; then she wore high-heels and had a small waist and a large wig which shed its perfumed powder on her shoulders, a rose over her ear and a patch on her cheek. Fear not that she will ever return, for she is dead, quite dead."

Ten miles from town is situated the notorious "Casino" which is trying to emulate Monte Carlo with its glare, gold and girls. If you win anything there, you are lucky to get back to town with it without being murdered or robbed. Recently a young man, who made a fortune overnight here, disappeared, and all they found of him was his leg. Not long ago a stark-naked woman was found dead near the Casino. The mystery has not yet been cleared up. At the gate entrance of this palatial gambling-hell, I noticed policemen taking the license number of every auto that arrived, to keep track of the chauffeurs, many of whom are crooks and cut-throats. If you do survive, and reach Havana in safety, the size of your bill makes you feel very "'automobilious." Sad but true, it is easier to locate some of our United States diplomatic officials at the Casino at night, than in their offices during the day.

The Havana Oriental race-track has a bad name even among sports. There was no exhibition of fine, fast horses or fast time, simply a fast set who threw the races to the bettors who gave the most graft. Boozing, betting, and profanity were the characteristics of the human race at the horse-race. Yet foreign, literary, dramatic, and musical reviews are crowded out of newspaper columns for daily ads and write-ups on the elevating amusement of the Casino and race-track.

One cannot make an inventory of paradise in Havana without mentioning the carnival. At the Malecon I watched the Senoritas throw kisses and confetti-the confetti was six inches deep-and I wondered how it would be cleared up till I remembered the number of "rakes" there were on the boulevards. The Cuban's idea of heaven is an endless Mardi Gras where he may throw star-dust confetti and waltz with the angels. However, the Havana carnival lacks the spontaneity and gayety of Nice, Venice and Martinique, it being more of a fashion show.

The populace takes little note of time save in the dance. All society, from A to Z, thronged the theatres and club-houses where they revolved like automata on a music-box. l witnessed one ball in a small hall where six policemen were stationed to keep the dancers within the bounds of decency.

Cuba has declared a moratorium, yet the people are neither paying each other or the United States, and act as if sugar were up to 25 cents a pound. They cry for financial aid, yet I witnessed a Sunday carnival where $75,000 was foolishly thrown away like so much confetti.

The Havana youth is a dissipated dude who improves his mind by strutting and staring on the piazzas, and accosting women with insulting looks and words. With him cursing passes for rhetoric. His time and money are well spent at race-track, cock-pit, roulette table and the harlot's house. He is familiar with all liquors except the stimulating wine of progress.

God has made Cuba bautiful with her altar-like mountains, smile of the sea, waving palms, fragrant fruits and flowers and sweet cane-fields, but Satan has entered this Eden and let his slimy trail. Cuba, "The Pearl of the Antilles," has been trampled under the hoofs of human swine. Too often the C in Cuban character stands for cupidity, carnality, crookedness, cabals, charlatanism, "Caramba" cursing, and contempt for Americans.

Lot left Sodom and was saved. As I sailed away from Havana, I said with Solomon, "Vanity, Vanity, all is Havanity."
Let's just hope the Good People of Wisconsin will take this to heart, especially as a warning for what Governor Walker may secretly have in mind for "jobs creation"--howbeit of the worst sort, with corruption and vice reeking all the more.


Remember the name: Bo Xilai. He was the former head of the Chinese Communist Party branch in Chongqing until he was let go in March of this year under mysterious circumstances (officially excused as "corruption") as are yet the subject of much rumour and speculation across China ahead of the 18th Communist Party Congress in Beijing this fall, whence the Supreem People's Congress is expected to announce a new generation of leadership to replace current Premier Hu Jintao, for which Bo is expected to attempt a serious challenge which could risk China's going down the same path as Eastern Europe in late 1989 following the Berlin Wall's collapse.

For the moment, official censorship has banned all online searches or mention of "Bo" or any variant thereof lest the opposition benefit therefrom. As if that weren't enough, the official People's Daily of the 12th ran a front-page editorial calling on all of China's 1.3 billion people to (according to the Worker's World website)
maintain a high level of ideological unity with the CPC [Communist Party of China] Central Committee with Hu [Jintao] as the general secretary, and hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics.
It added further:
We should strive to safeguard the favorable situation concerning China’s reform, development and stability, make new achievements in building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, and speed up the socialist modernization drive, thus to welcome the 18th CPC national congress.
(Which begs me to ask: What exactly constitutes a "moderately prosperous society" within the constraints of "socialism with Chinese characteristics"? Or, for that matter, ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen," as the "Tea Party" [pseudo]movement holds deeply as dearly as the cornerstone of AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations?)


You may or may not have heard about where, Glenn Beck's "news portal" serving his Grand Delusion of Reclaiming Our Dear Lovely Nation From Herself, hoping to recast same on a par with apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory as God's Own Country, was infected with some class of a computer virus the other day. Was this some sort of "inside job" under Meneer Beck's direction, perchance, with overtones of very sick humour intended as computers of his Good and Loyal Subscriber and Support Base crashed wholesale from the effects of this mouchikware attack?


A particularly noisome charge that the GOP's 1964 Presidential candidate, Barry Goldwater, levelled against incumbent Lyndon Baines Johnson (himself forced into the Presidential role upon President Kennedy's assaination in Dallas) was his presumed connexions to Bobby Baker, a Washington influence-buyer who was also a homosexual suspected of weird and unwholesome associations for selfish personal gain. (The claims being played up heavily by John Bircher types in their prolefeed.)

How do we know the ilk of AmeriKKKan Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, the Karl Rove-affiliated SuperPAC's on steroids and amphetamines serving "the Four Hundred" in their Luscious Glory of maintaining a Bush the Younger-brand status quo as may lead Our Dear Lovely Nation to Degeneracy and Ruin, as can be quickly exploited by the "New World Order," isn't going to dust off Bobby Baker and its meme of "corruption leading all the way to the White House" for use against President Obama vis-a-vis the emerging scandals of advance Secret Service agents consorting with prostitutes in Latin American countries where the President was about to visit, with lurid and exaggerated details somehow right out of disreputable news outlets such as Fox News, WorldNetDaily and NewsMax? (Especially where dogwhistle racism can be deployed to maximum effect.)

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