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Onward and upward, then, readers:
  • So much for the arrogance of the poor white as the "REAL AmeriKKKan" Fox News and suchlike prolefeed conduits like to idolise: A newly-released study suggests that poor whites with less than a high-school education, tending for the most part to reside among their own sort, are more than likely to snuff it earlier than statistical averages from heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer ... and aggravating the risk is the want of decent access to medical care and equally-desperate want of medical insurance.
  • As for the reinvention of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan Presidential campaign following Mother Jones' releasing those Videos Unpleasant mocking the "47 percent" as "dependent on assistance" and "seeing themselves as victims" long enough to vote for President Obama (the working-classes, for the most part), in its Luscious Glory of desperation and wholesale conservative abandonment recalling King Henry V's "I know thee not, old man" dressing-down of Falstaff following his coronation as per Shakespeare, the question which needs to be asked, of course, is "Will it play in Peoria?" (As for an explanation of why Indecision 2012 matters all the more to the Real American, not the simulation conservative prolefeeders like to present, read and share this letter to the editor.)
    Meanwhile, some highlights from those Videos Unpleasant You Need to Know About as are exceptionally disgusting and repulsive to the point of meriting condemnation of the Romney campaign. (Appy Polly Loggies there to George Bernard Shaw's "Plays Unpleasant"--as in Widower's Houses, The Philanderer and Mrs. Warren's Profession--for providing inspiration.)
  • Is there any logical, rational even, reason for using rape as an analogy vis-a-vis mass abandonment of a cause by hard-wired conservatives to explain wholesale loss of support (e.g., the wife of Missouri Congressman-cum-Senator wannabe Todd Akin using the rape analogy vis-a-vis loss of RepubliKKKan and SuperPAC campaign support following Rep. Akin's crack about "legitimate rape" and its supposed want of byproducts)?
  • Those as are responsible for that infamous Islamophobic online video Innocence of Muslims must be laughing like the Harpies of Greek Mythology at all the Extreme Ultraviolence same hath wrought across the Muslim world, with at least 40 known dead in toto from rioting, numerous firebombings--and, in Pakistan at least, creative attempts to prevent civil disorder thereby ensuing by declaring Friday to be a National Holiday, using freight containers to block access to the centres of major cities like Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar on major roads and cutting off cellphone service so as not to aid riot organisers in coordination thereof. (But then again, two Peshawar cinemas were torched by rioters.)
    As if that weren't awful enough, an actress in that infamous prolefeed exercise is now suing the producers for Fraud and Deception, claiming she was tricked by the original casting call into believing such was an epic in the Lawrence of Arabia stylee without any connexion to the Prophet Muhammad or Islam generally.
  • Is it any wonder doublethink of the highest order prevails rather strongly among the "poor whites" insisting on being seen as the "REAL AmeriKKKan"?
  • Police in Mahwah, NJ have issued a Public Warning about the so-called "grandparents scam" whose premise is to suggest that the grandchildren of the victims were in some class of a Bad Accident or otherwise In The Wrong Sort of Company, and that they need money wired them timely to avoid Serious Consequences. Usually done overnights, the better to catch the targeted unawares.
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