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00h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 12 DECEMBER 2012: Before I begin this go-round, readers, an Appy Polly Loggy is in order for not posting last night, and without prior warning: Last evening, Canadian Pacific Railway's Holiday Train paid its annual call upon Winona to extend the old Holiday Cheer in aid of the 10 Days of Giving appeal for non-perishable food on behalf of the local emergency food shelf here in Winona. (In fact, there was a collection point for last-day donations on site, as well as volunteers collecting cash donations.)

And Your Correspondent made it a point of seeing same, even allowing for some snow flurries and cold temperatures in the process, followed by some supper in the cafe of the Hy-Vee here in Winona. Now you know.

In any case, I'll try not to bore you by keeping the topics short and sweet this go-round; let me know should you have comments:
  • How do we know that the several states seeking opt-outs from the Health Insurance Interexchange mandate per ObamaCare aren't really seeking to play the "states' rights" card to interoduce voucher-based schemes "to encourage healthy respect for freedom of choice made possible by the free market" in especially the Lower Classes expected to be thus "empowered" (read: targeted)?
  • No wonder conservative prolefeeders and their parrots insist that children especially need to be taught "healthy respect" for the interconnexion between ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe and AmeriKKKan National Character and Identity, and their place in the Greater Nobility of AmeriKKKa: The Federal Trade Commission has called out a number of smartphone app marketers in both Apple's iPhone Store and Google Play as target children for marketing such apps with particular appeal thereto as could be engaging in inapproriate practices (among them sneaking in tracking codes that the parents don't even know about, selling tracking data to advertisers and displaying context-driven "partner messages" when they don't even know it).
  • Why HSBC America just can't help being a major player in the "sub-prime" VISA/MasterCard game as targets such with problem or marginal credit histories, not to mention lacking sophistication: The American unit of the Honkers and Shankers has agreed with the Justice Department to pay US$1.95 billion to settle charges that they were acting as a conduit for illicit money-laundering vis-a-vis Mexican drug cartels and engaging in illegal money transfers to Iran.
  • See if you can discern the doublethink here: Conservatives are forever insisting on the defence of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as essential to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar ... yet on the other hand insists that small business, essential as it is for steering jobs creation and socioeconomic development, is just "standing in the way" of socioeconomic recovery, not to mention being "archaic," "outdated" and "horse-and-buggy relic." (In essence, seeking a Fascistic socioeconomic agenda in which free enterprise is seen as an agency of the State, to be manipulated as the State deems it necessary.)
  • A new low for the "REAL AmeriKKKan" ideal conservative prolefeeders enjoy trotting out for prolefeed distractive and nothing more: A Florida father is facing Felony Child Neglect charges after it emerged that he left his 18-month-old son at home in the care of its pit bull while the paterfamilias went out to buy some beer at a nearby convenience store.
  • So what motivated South Korean rapper PSY (as in "Gangnam Style") to let slip at the weekend where he recorded (and now regrets) a rather blatant, obscene even, heavy-metal number back in 2004 as called for "kill[ing] the [N4BSK]ing Yankees" engaging in torture and volitation of terrorism suspects in the wake of 9/11's Unfortunate Events? (Never mind where there's a community still insisting that said Unfortunate Events may have been a "false flag" cooked up by Bush the Younger's Administration to excuse dictatotial power grabs in the Name and Luscious Glory of Yahweh God and Jesus Christ.)
    (Which calls to mind what the Instituut vir Christelik Nasionale Onderwys down South Africa way, in the runup to apartheid, was advocating as its preferred educational syllabus; the History such, according to a pamphlet explaining same from 1947 cited in Bryan Bunting's The Rise of the South African Reich, was thus:
    "History should be seen as the fulfilment of God's plan for humanity. The turning-point of history is Jesus Christ - history teaching must therefore include such facts as the Creation, the Fall, the Incarnation, Life and Death of Christ, the Second Coming, and the End of the World; and history must be seen as the struggle between the Kingdom of God and the Empire of Darkness. Also, God has enjoined on each nation its individual task in the fulfilment of His purpose. Young people can only undertake the national task fruitfully if they acquire a true vision of the origin of the nation and of the direction of the national heritage. Next to the mother-tongue the history of the Fatherland is the best channel for cultivating love of one's own, which is nationalism.")
  • Southern Cross Austereo, as owns Sydney radio station 2Day FM that was behind last week's telephonic prank vis-a-vis HRH The Dutchess of Cambridge as cascaded into the self-slaughter of the nurse as took the call, has announced that, in the interest of Corporate Responsibility, it will gift the equivalent of US$525,000 to the afflicted's family (as if suspending the show on which the prank played out for an indefinite period wasn't quite good enough).
  • It may be just moi, but the so-called "Growth and Opportunity Project" seeking to "win over hearts and minds" to the RepubliKKKan agenda vis-a-vis the Fiscal Cliff, notwithstanding its clear and present risk to the very socioeconomic paradigm they insist on defending and upholding, could actually be a thinly-veiled rehashing of the Afrikaner Economic Movement which begat apartheid down South Africa. You?
  • With juvenile obesity rates starting to go into decline after 30 years running of serious gains (which some attribute to disregard for home-cooked meals), Your Correspondent can only wonder how much longer it can get before conservative prolefeeders start playing the "cultural heritage" canard to excuse unhealthy diets as so contribute--especially in the Former Confederacy, where such mindsets are especially likely to prevail all the more.
And speaking of the whole notion of "home-cooked meals" being "healthier" and a "preemptive" to juvenile obesity, Borwick's Baking Powder, a brand out of England's Green and Pleasant Land, pushed the notion just before World War II in its advertising; a couple ads therefor as push this point will illustrate:


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