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18h UTC; TUESDAY, 2 APRIL 2013:
If the (howbeit Engrish-flavoured, reader) title of this post is any indication, it's because we may be seeing "reality TV" starting to seriously unravel big-big time. Witness where one of the stars of MTV's current reality series Buckwild yielded up the ghost at the weekend under suspicious circumstances, forcing the show to suspend production and broadcasts indefinitely pending an investigation into just what happened. Let it be hoped that such may be a "wake-up call," as it were, to the likelihood of just how ridiculous "reality TV" could be becoming. (Or should that be more like "unbecoming," especially given the late revelations about Kim Kardashian's "marriage" actually being scripted more than likely?)

Those Azaleas of Yongbyon could be about to become radioactive what with the news that North Korea, invoking its "sovereign right" to manufacture and possess nuclear weaponry for defensive purposes towards the Luscious Glory of the "people-centred socialism" otherwise known as Juche being finally achieved, has announced its intent to restart the processing and enrichment of high-grade uranium into weapons-quality plutonium at its nuclear reactor among said Azaleas of Yongbyon as immortalised in Korean poet Kim So Wol's famous poem:

You're sick and tired of me
When you go
I'll bid you goodbye without saying a word.

I'll gather azaleas on Yak Mountain,
The burning azaleas of Yongbyon
And strew them in your path.

Tread gently, please,
Step by step, softly,
On the flower of dedication,

You're sick and tired of me
When you leave
I'll not weep though I die.

But then again, notwithstanding North Korean propaganda claims about the Korean People's Army being placed on fullest possible readiness against the likelihood of a joint AmeriKKKan/South Korean "invasion" within measurable distance (setting aside the fact of the latter engaging in joint military exercises presently), it's emerged via satellite intelligence photos that there are no significant North Korean troop buildups or mobilisations at the present time, especially close to the Demilitarised Zone.

Something which the GOP and its "Tea Party" drookies need to think seriously about, and realise the errors of their ideological ways: Videlicet, some economists suggesting that the GOP's Reagan-brand socioeconomic agenda insisting that keeping tax rates low will stimulate private-sector jobs creation towards a theoretical nil rate of unemployment, in its turn translating into a New Golden Age of Industry, Self-Reliance, Personal Responsibility, Thrift based on Cash Economy and a Wholesome and Simple Home Life, may be about to explode in their face per a scenario not unlike that which brought about the 1929 stock-market meltdown as triggered the Great Depression in its turn. (And yet blaming the Democrats therefor all the while, insisting throughout on a socioeconomic-recovery agenda founded on the Afrikaans expression 'n Volk red homself ["a people rescues itself"] whose foundation is a (theoretically) self-financed campaign of Reddingsdaad ["rescue action"] as would create, in its turn, a Reddingsdaadfond ["rescue action fund"] towards creating a new, "people-centred" model of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe expected to emphasise jobs creation and training--and, in its turn, the rescue of a "dispossessed" Volk from continued "poor whiteism" to be officially blamed on the State--over traditional ekonomesie vryheid se emphasis on simple wealth creation and its concentration.)

The Former Confederacy seems to be the epicentre
for the worst concentrations known of pollen allergies made worse by global warming and climate change: A just-released study reveals the worst places to have attacks of pollen allergies are these cities in the South:
  1. Jackson, MS
  2. Knoxville, TN
  3. Atlanta, GA
  4. Chattanooga, TN
  5. Memphis, TN
And they must enjoy asking for it ... especially considering where, before the widespread acceptance of antihistamine drugs and air conditioning, doctors were fond of recommending northern Minnesota (especially along the North Shore, the Gunflint Trail and the Boundary Waters) to such suffering all the more from hay fever for relief therefrom.



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