18h UTC; SATURDAY, 29 JUNE 2013: One particularly popular trope that Elmer Gantry types seem to be pushing heavily all the more of late, thanks to this past week's Supreme Court decisions on same-gender marriage, is that the mere exposure of children to homosexuals or homosexual behaviour, even accidentally on a day's outing, "morally corrupts" them and scars them psychologically for life.

This absent any clear, demosntratable evidence as has been empirically researched and peer-reviewed in line with accepted testing methods and protocols; rather, Christian Right atrocity prolefeed in this regard seems to rely all the more on anecdotal, "friend-of-a-friend" stories related over Kaffe-Klatsche as may themselves lack any semblance of credibility.

And the inevitable answer to such "corruption" (especially where physical signs of "moral umbarge" in the "victim" are lacking, instead showing a silly indifference to the circumstances): None other than the Rite of Exorcism seeking to cleanse such specimen of Impressionable and Tender Youth from "demonic influences" as were brought on by such exposure to "sexual degeneracy" as risks Compromising, even Betraying, Thy Dear and Lovely Nation to the "New World Order" in Its Reckless and Utter Disregard for the Antient and Peculiar Sovereignty and Identity of Nations (itself reinforced by another "Bible-Believing" Christian trope as holds that "every Nation is founded upon a Country [Landsbodem; i.e., "Holy Blood and Soil"] allocated unto it by Yahweh God").

Only the exorcism is more than likely to be grossly mismanaged to the point of misadventure with overtones of a South Park episode welded onto "hicksploitation" cinema of the cheapest and worst possible sort (more than likely rushed into production and release, and showing it throughout), what with the exorcist himself being the sort as requires a stiff dram or two of The Tyrconnell, Old Bushmills, Jameson's, Crown Royal or Jack Daniels beforehand "for courage" (or so he's bound to explain it if and when pressed to explain, which is highly unlikely to say the least) ... and the exorcist's intonations being more like a drunken bawling (cf. the sort of sermons common to Fundamentalist/Primitive Christian churches, usually rushed through on Saturday night after a few heavy jags "for inspiration") that you can't readily understand coherently.

As well, expect the demand that the possessed speak in Greek (the traditional "mother tongue," as it were, of the homosexual) to backfire when it turns out that the possessed speaks a steady stream of--wait for it--some obscure "civilised" language like Afrikaans, Vlaams, Ladino, Manx, Scots Gaelic or even Welsh, thus making the exorcist even more frustrated and peeved and his "holy task" even more delusional. Even weirder still is when the possessed levitates off the floor spontaneously, goes into a reclining position this levitate, and spins around like a centifurge, spewing projectile vomit and rather explosive flatus throughout ... and given the speed of such levitational spinning, the possessed eventually knocks down the exorcist unwitting and unconscious and, before the exorcist's premi is reduced to smoke and ash by the sheer speed of this vortex, the supposedly "cleansed" thereof manages to escape while the exorcist's fate--perhaps such is best left to the imagination of you, dear reader.

As for the overzealously hard-wired, "Bible-Believing Christian" parents of the by-now wreck of such an attempt at "cleansing homosexual tendencies" through "preemptive" means ... let's just say they're left with no choice but to disown him as they leave for designs on resettling in Die Volskstaat Orania down South Africa way out of a (misguided, it may turn out in time) Luscious Glory of Racial and Christian Duty Made Manifest.

The prospect thereof--?


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