19h UTC; FRIDAY, 31 MAY 2013: Ahhh, the fetish Fox News Channel hath for their ideal of the "REAL AmeriKKKan," as in a white, European-AmeriKKKan (what the Nazis would have called "Aryan," as it were), "Bible-Believing" Christian, expected to be too self-conscious of his own race, faith and jingoistic mindsets to recognise the prospect of his being all the more at risk for "poor whiteism" of the highest order, as well as such being exploited by the weird and unwholesome, "For My God and My Country" (or so he's expected to say if asked).

As in he out of New Boston, TX who sent three letters with Shreveport, LA postmarks laced with the castor-bean extractive ricin to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; his Mayors Against Illegal Guns organisation; and to President Obama, all threatening their being "shot in the face" for seeking to "infringe upon our Constitutional and God-Given Rights" to keep and bear arms--and is being interviewed by the FBI, the Secret Service and the Postal Inspection Service as a Person of Interest.

The "REAL AmeriKKKan" Kind of African Country (aside from apartheid South Africa in its Luscious Glory of race honour which Nazi Germany made infamous, even to the extent of banning television broadcasting until 1976): Nigeria's Parliament in Beautiful Downtown Abuja is now considering legislation as would ban as much gay marriage as Improper Outward Displays of Affection Which Could be Construed as Homosexual under pain of penal servitude for up to 14 years.

Thoughts while watching an advert for Androgel 1.62% on the TV this morning: Where exactly is the interconnexion between high testosterone and ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe in its Luscious Glory of a (presumed) mutual interconnexion with Our National Character and Identity as a Peculiar Among the Nations, which conservative prolefeeders of a certain kind insist is extant (and want such given the "mere formality of legal recognition" through a Constitutional Amendment to that respect? (BTW, Angrogel, a prescription-only treatment for low testosterone, is deemed a Controlled Substance.)

No wonder conservative, in particular "Tea Party" and "9/12" types, want any sort of socioeconomic recovery for Thy Dear and Lovely Land to be, in essence, "people-centred," drawing solely upon appeals to National Unity and Identity over "enslavement to State dependency" towards the desideratum of jobs creation towards a (theoretical) nil unemployment rate consistent with the doctrines and disciplines of ekonomesie vryheid, &c., as one with AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity seen as mutually interconnected "by Unwritten Tradition:" In the fashion and stylee of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Bewelding as begat apartheid, such efforts must be not just "people-centred," but must also "pay its dividends in cash rather than pious words."

The larger goal here being one of replacing "pious sentiment" towards the poor (as manifested in welfare and relief) with "jingling coin" (as in profit, wages, consumer purchasing power, even such "idle monies" needing constant and consistent leverage into "productive capital", preferably through The Patriot Fund ... including, among such New and Innovative Investment Vehicles at their disposal to the "REAL AmeriKKKan", ur-debentures as would be issued through the Loan Trust of said Fund, in its turn expected to finance loans as would "promote viable business startups across 'REAL AmeriKKKa' creating REAL jobs, paying REAL money," especially in economically-disadvantaged backwaters of Rampant Poor Whiteism and Chronic Welfare Dependency; same structured on the model of the Liberty Loans which financed World War I, and the postwar Victory Loan, complete with rampant and blatant appeals to the otherwise ignorant of Wall Street to "buy till it hurts" in the name of God and Country and claims of such being "bank guaranteed"--howbeit through offshore such, same excused as being "for tax reasons").

For the sake of historical record and precedent, the several Liberty Loans as occured during World War I, as were structured to finance American and Allied war efforts, were:
  • Emergency Loan Act (First Liberty Loan), 24 April 1917; $5 billion in bonds @ 3.5% p.a. authorised; redeemable after 15 years with full maturity after 30 such.
  • Second Liberty Loan, 1 October 1917; $3 billion in bonds @ 4% p.a. authorised; redeemable after 10 years with full maturity after 25 such.
  • Third Liberty Loan, 5 April 1918; $3 billion in bonds @ 4.5% p.a. authorised.
  • Fourth Liberty Loan, 28 September 1918; $6 billion in bonds @ 4.25% p.a. authorised; redeemable after 15 years with full maturity after 20 such. (Subsequently defaulted because the requirement to pay principal and interest in gold coin was challenged as the loan reached callability in late 1933.)
  • Victory Loan, 21 April 1919; $4.5 billion in gold-backed notes @ 4.75% p.a. authorised; callable after 3 years, maturity in four.
  • Interest on bond holdings up to $30,000 was tax-exempt.
(Eventually, with some $25.6 billion in war-related indebtedness held by the public, and the likelihood emerging that such may not be timely repayable to debtholders once they came due, the Treasury was forced to issue short-term debt securities in 1921 to help in refinancing the several Liberty Loans. Additionally, War Savings Stamps could be purchased for 10 cents each, and could be pasted into saver books not unlike those for trading stamps.)

But when all is said and done, how do we know such "patriotic" securities will actually be used for their intended purpose?

Will business startups actually materialise?

Will jobs actually be created?

Will such loans made possible by such "campaigns" actually be repaid duly and timely?

Will accepted best practice vis-a-vis creditworthiness be applied in making said loans?

Will "pious sentiment" actually be replaced by "jingling coin," as expected of its Zealots and True Believers?

Will there always be "idle monies" available to structure into "productive capital" through such means as these (even if such are more than likely being traded on the Yellow Sheets, the Pink Sheets of bonds and debt securities)?

Will it be likely that the "patriotic appeals" could get too blatantly jingoistic to the extent of scaring off investors, especially in Main Street as is expected to "patriotically and wholeheartedly" rally round said appeals (even to the point of poverty, if need be)?

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