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18h UTC; MONDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER 2013: Before starting off today, Your Correspondent feels it best to call the attention of especially the forces of "Tea Party" Zealotry and True Belief to the following from Facebook:

Meanwhile, if ever there were serious reasons to start your online festive-season shopping via the Online Mall of this site this early on, there are plenty galore:
  1. The Hindu festival of Diwali, itself a major gift-giving occasion, occurs this year on Sunday, 3 November, considering where the Hindu calendar is lunar in nature.
  2. The Jewish festival of Hanukkah this year begins at sundown on Wednesday, 27 November (which, know, is the eve of Thanksgiving Day in the United States), and continues for eight nights thereafter (i.e., until Wednesday, 4 December).
  3. The interval between "Black Friday" and Christmas Eve, itself the predominant American timeframe for Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa and New Year's gift purchases, is this year the shortest feasable--i.e., the 26 days between Friday, 29 November and Tuesday, 24 December, inclusive; not exactly the best timeframe to get last-minute gift purchases, online or at brick-and-mortar retailers, out of the way. (By contrast, last year's interval of 31 days is the longest such possible.)
  4. Given the very tight timeframe between "Black Friday" and Christmas Eve, it's no time for the logical sort of holiday shopper to endure bedlam or confusion, especially considering the posibility of industrial action against Walmart called for "Black Friday" proper in protest of low wages and mistreatment of its rank-and-file workers as are paid mininum wage--and the tax burdens that the Good Taxpayers are left to suffer in the end indirectly. Which, in the wrong circumstances, could turn violent and lead to martydroms galore.
  5. If ever there was a need to make your holiday-season shopping mean something, regardless of what your Festive Season gifting period is, it would have to be the fact of Your Correspondent's donating 9.11% of the renumeration received in consequence of your online purchases to Reducing the National Debt of the United States, which Your Correspondent sees as a Good Cause worthy of support as one with protest against conservative delusions of grandeur and Luscious Glory insisting that by keeping taxes all the lower, private-sector jobs will magically ensue spontaneously. (Like that's ever going to happen within measurable distance.)
Does this answer your questions?

Meanwhile, one of the Kanker Sisters' very own idols and heroes--as in infomercial star Kevin Trudeau, himself author of several books of dubious medical advice thus marketed, with repeated run-ins before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over the claims and representations thus contained--recently spent the night in a Federal detention facility in Chicago on a probation violation until bail was posted in his behalf. Trudeau, BTW, is under FTC orders to pay $37 million in penalties and relief for violating past injunctions against the promotion of false, misleading or dubious medical information in book form via the infomercial, and it appears that he may be trying to buy alibis of res angusta domi and "mental illness" with claims of his being in direst financial straits; the FTC, for its part, disputes this by citing receipts from recent weeks for the likes of purchases by Meneer Trudeau of $930 for a box of cigars and $359 for two haircuts.

How much longer before certain hyperconservative prolefeeders start pushing the trope of Kevin Trudeau being a martyr-in-waiting to the cause of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe in relation to Our National Character and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations? (We. Can't. Wait. Especially for the opportunities to drive coach and horses through such sob stories worthy of Glenn Beck's manufactured crying jags that are, indeed, manufactured.)

In the immortal words of the late John Cameron Swayze
as concluded every broadcast
of the Camel News Caravan (NBC-TV, 1949-1956),
"That's the story; glad we could get together ..."


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