17h15 UTC; MONDAY, 27 OCTOBER 2014: As you no doubt have heard by now, the Pew Research Centre has come out with a new study which reveals just how wide the ideological gap is vis-á-vis Teh Innerwebz and news media generally--as in revealing where the conservative ideal is an ideologically-driven, doublethink-enriched sort of media and the liberal such one based on facts and objectivity, empirically-enriched even.

And that conservatives will want to stop at nothing when it comes to advancing ideology at the expense of facts, especially the sort reeking of the racist, the nativist, the sexist and the xenophobically jingoistic. Especially the sort which sees Thy Dear and Lovely Land as Divinely-Endowed to be His Ideal Among the Nations solely by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour, and that His Protection can be Revoked Without Prior Warning and Notice for Failing to Remain Blindly Steadfast and Orthodox to His Glorious Will.

Such a notion, methinks, calling to mind apartheid South African-era propaganda which implied that God sent the Afrikaner unto South Africa in Service to His Luscious Glory of White Euro-Christian Colonialism Upon the Inferior Peoples, to Subjugate Them by Any Means Necessary (and excuse such as being for the Glory of White Christian Power and Dominion), and to Hold Dominion Over South Africa from Everlasting to Everlasting, Exploiting the Land to His Will and Service as Pious and Humble Farmers and Pastoralists; well, you certainly get the notion.

Ideology, especially the sort which can be grounded on warped and perverted Scripture, also figures heavily into the conservative desideratum for the public-education syllabus, what with their belief in education being a "tip of the spear" for "winning over hearts and minds" in the impressionable. Especially where such can excuse many of the same articles of faith explained earlier, and deploy many of the same tactics Communist regimes in particular employed ideologically. Only these days, many of these tactics preferred by conservatives are modelled on those of the Juche Idea from North Korea, with requisite modifications to conform to the AmeriKKKan models socioeconomic and religiopolitical cherished deeply and dearly by the conservative ideologue as Essential and Integral to Our National Character, Unity and Identity as a Sovereign Peculiar Among the Nations by the Goodness of His Grace and Favour.

Journalistically, the ideology-driven conservative would love to see as its models the ilk of the Nazi-era tabloid weekly Der Stürmer in its Luscious Glory of anti-Semitic crudity, "written so you can understand it" even (and with the full blessings of the Propaganda Ministry) ... Signal, a Nazi-sponsored pictorial fortnightly widely circulated during World War II in neutral or otherwise Nazi-influenced countries across Europe ... even South Africa's Afrikaans weekly Die Huisgenoot ("The Home Friend") during especially the apartheid era, when its ideological influence was sugarcoated by a desire "behind the scenes" to pacify, appease even, the Afrikaner Volk with manufactured distractives of Völkisch uplift serving the Afrikaner's perceived need to see itself as God's Chosen People Upon Africa (which may have explained where Huisgenoot was seen in some Afrikaner intellectual circles as "the people's university").

All heavy with ideology reeking with overdone patriotism and an "AmeriKKKa = The World" mentality, reinforced with doublethink and appeals to the basest of patriotic feelings as deemed necessary.

Which, all in all, only risks a State-sanctioned epidemic of mental and emotional illness and amnesia over time, unless challenged and questioned.

On a somewhat more tasty note, readers, you may have heard about a study out of Columbia University--funded, know, by Mars--which suggested that the flavinols in dark chocolate may actually be beneficial in enhancing memory and imagination in the older generation--so long as you eat at least seven dark-chocolate bars a day.

The which, know, may be tempered by the news that--
  • the ongoing Ebola outbreak in western Africa may be affecting the cocoa crops in Côte d'Ivore and Ghana for want of guest labour strong enough to harvest the crop;
  • many cocoa farmers in the aforementioned states are considering giving up on cocoa cultivation, what with its labour-intensive nature and its risk for injury; and
  • three major international cocoa importer/processors, as in Nestlé, Cargill and ADM, were recently found guilty in court proceedings of knowingly purchasing cacao harvested and processed by child labour in several major cocoa-producing countries.
But then again--

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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