18h UTC; TUESDAY, 9 JULY 2013: As if Pat "700 Club" Robertson's Latest Infamous Suggestion that Facebook add a "vomit" button in response to the increasing acceptance of homosexuality in the United States (and in His Name and Luscious Glory, at that) wasn't awful enow, Your Correspondent has to wonder if the Christian National Homeschooling syllabus calls for Orwellian mind games such as are modelled on the dystopic Oceanic police state's Three Disciplines of crimestop, blackwhite and doublethink being used from time to time in service to its desideratum of promoting a healthy brand of "gay panic" and revulsion in Impressionable Children, just as they're expected to show revulsion and umbarge at the sight of zoo animals in sexual and/or excretory postures.

And try to use these mind games in such way as would avoid attracting the suspicions of child welfare agencies vis-a-vis Mental Harm, Abuse and/or Cruelty, in its turn likely prompting the removal of children thereby subjected and their having to undergo therapy as essentially amounts to unlearning the whole "gay panic" exercise.

No wonder the GOP and their "Tea Party"-influenced drookies must be desperate to undermine the free-market socioeconomic paradigm they insist is essential to Our National Character and Identity as a Soveriegn Peculiar Among the Nations, and By Any Means Necessary--even to the point of expecting such deemed "chronically and habitually dependent upon government," and yet unable to find work in the community "despite reasonable efforts" to find employment through their Vocational Guidance Counsellors, to fall for scams in the "work from home," "work online" and "network marketing" arenas in the name of "finding gainful employment" (unaware that such may require substantial initial investments, usually disguised as "deposits" or "processing fees," more orthodox employers don't charge applicants--which could adversely affect their limited savings and, in time, their credit ratings).

Alternately, pushing a "people-centred" concept of socioeconomic recovery as turns out to be a veiled rehashing of the Afrikaner Ekonomesie Beweldig down South Africa way from the late 1930's on as would plant apartheid's seed, in essence, replete with tacky appeals to True Patriot Love Thou Dost in Us Command tending to brainwashing and mind control towards the masses' "spontaneous and wholehearted" embrace of "people-centred" (read: "Tea Party" and/or "9/12"-sponsored) campaigns of what the Afrikaans calls Reddingsdaad ("rescue action") as expects the "REAL AmeriKKKan" to "give till it hurts" whatever "idle monies" they have into The Patriot Fund, as would (theoretically) leverage it (and constantly) into "productive capital" as would serve the Luscious Glory of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe (which, when all is said and done, is more than likely to become a Ponzi game serving only the sponsoring entities with no real employment or business startups to show for it).

What the Zealots and True Believers in industry-based self-regulation
in the name of "saving ekonomesie vryheid, &c., from itself"--hoping such will magically and spontaneously translate into significant and measurable jobs creation in the private sector all the more--need to think about:

"Organisations that regulate themselves may be the most corrupt."

(The which Your Correspondent picked up from the public-radio business news show Marketplace the other night in an item about the possibility of Federal antitrust action targeting the National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA], the sanctioning body for collegiate sport in the United States. And which ought be pondered by especially such insisting that only self-regulatory Codes of Best Practice sponsored by industry or trade organisations, especially such as are lacking in checks and balances to protect the interests of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end users can best serve ekonomesie vryheid, &c., and the defence thereof by eventually driving down prices through wider selection and increased competition.

(Which ought be considered as theory; in actual fact, more than likely, self-regulatory policies may only be an unwitting back door to cartel behaviour being condoned outright, never mind the potential harm and injury to be suffered by all stakeholders, especially those in lower-income and socioeconomically-marginalised groups such Zealotry and True Belief excusing same claims will only "benefit" all the more "thanks to their being given greater choices than ever before, thanks to the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace." And besides, such zealots are lacking in actual, viable case studies of industry sectors where self-regulation actually works.)

The revelations over now-disgraced TV chef Paula Deen's
overzealous use of the Mark Fuhrman Special, not to mention emerging revelations of general contempt towards blacks in her employ, notwithstanding certain conservative prolefeeders rushing to her defence as a "victim of McCarthyism," an "early warning of what may happen to Bible-Believing Christians in Thy Dear and Lovely Nation," &c., &c., are enough on my part to recall misguided "advice," as I was preparing to graduate from high school in 1980, on the career choices available to a mentally-disabled and emotionally-injured person like myself (apart from such that Vocational Rehabilitation provides through the sheltered-workshop system and its limited prospects):

Some foster-siblings I was living with at the time, all of whom had serious drug-related issues (and whose common foster-parents had the belief that hard farm work would help preempt further drug dependency), had used the Fuhrman at least once in reference to hazardous and highly-dangerous positions, usually on the owl (i.e., overnight) shift, that were "suggested" in regards to my own career prospects; such work, it was claimed, was about the only such blacks were willing to take because of the high pay offered as belied the extreme expendability thereof, especially where supervisors could fabricate "accidents" to intimidate or otherwise silence "outspoken" specimens of workers thereon, adding "we can get more of you where you came from" on the cheap.

Which calls to mind the Hawk's Nest Incident of 1930-35, during which (depending on sources) between 109 and 1,000 out of some 3,000 African-Americans and "poor whites" recruited to construct a diversion tunnel as part of a hydroelectric power station on West Virginia's New River died from the effects of silicosis, a lung infection caused by unprotected exposure to silica sand deposits uncovered during construction; want of respirators, not to mention gasoline fumes from the mining and extraction equipment running inside the tunnel site, only worsened the death toll, with many other workers returning home within a year after falling sick. And to add insult to injury, the contractors' records of casualties and injuries have gone missing, and most of the martyred are buried in unmarked graves near the site. "Those who do not recall the past," &c.


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