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00h UTC; FRIDAY, 2 NOVEMBER 2012: That old expression "Tell it to the marines" is actually but the first part of a much broader expression which needs to be considered in broader context to be fully understood, viz., "Tell it to the marines; the sailors won't believe it."

(Neither would Ripley, come to think of it.)

I bring this up because of a rather unbelievable sidelight of the rescues in the wake of Megastorm Sandy's devastation and disruption, notwithstanding the inevitable extrapolations from the weird and unwholesome as Your Correspondent was predicting previously: Army National Guard troops as were sent to supply fuel for the backup generators at New York's Bellevue Hospital (alias Mt. St. Elsewhere) wound up having to remove the 325 or so patients remaining therefrom when they became overcome by the stench of gasoline fumes in the halls as said fuel was being pumped into the generators. All such are understood to be in other hospitals for treatment in the interim.

As for the rather absurd, inane even, delusion about Our Antient and Peculiar Sovereignty being all the more at risk under a second Obama term, among other atrocity tropes being spread as extremist prolefeed in the final runup to Indecision 2012, perhaps it was time to ask such responsible for this bit of prolefeed if they know of any actual cases in the Here and Now where the United Nations now hath direct suzerainity over a once-sovereign peculiar via United Nations Plaza, New York (cf. the League of Nations, in its brief twilight between the two World Wars--and notwithstanding lack of United States membership or representation at the Palais des Nations--having control per the Versailles Treaty over the Demilitarised Rhineland [at least until the German Wehrmacht goose-stepped its way therein in 1936] and the Free City of Danzig [now Gdansk, Poland], largely as byproduct of interwar Poland being landlocked with its only sea access being via the Vistula River).

Or, for that matter, the European Union having direct suzerainity over certain of its member states from Place Schumann in Brussels.

Just be thankful that, for the moment, Your Correspondent hath yet to receive any sort of annoyingly obnoxious robocalls relating to Indecision 2012 as opposed to the likes of those from "Rachael at Cardholder Services." (Whoever SHE is.)

One plebiscite that the "Tea Party" crowd would be interested in seeing
would be such seeking the abolition of state or municipal liquor sale monopolies, excused for the most part as being necessary to "discourage excessive consumption" and "encourage morality" while raising badly-needed revenue for public coffers as supporters of such plebiscites seem to be at a loss for offering compensation therefor. (The "Tea Party" defence for such? You guessed it--the defence of ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe, especially in lower-income and culturally-depraved "group areas" especially to be targeted by such abolition initiatives.)

What the Mitt Romney campaign (itself being hit by fresh charges of profiteering from the very bailout of the automotive industry he opposed vehemently, and not making this clear in the relevant tax disclosures) doesn't want you to know about his ideal for socioeconomic rescue and bailout is that such, to pass muster by his Administration, needs to be one "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," as it were.

One as amounts to a spontaneous "subscription drive" up there with the rather pathetic appeals for donations from certain religious "ministries," so-called (cf. the Reddingsdaad campaign launched down South Africa way as part of the larger Tweede Trek exercises in manufactured appeals to Afrikaner Pride, Heritage and Identity in 1938, the larger goal being one of seeking Afrikaner payback for a prolonged litany of British atrocities wrought against the Volk from Slagters Nek on through the Boer War and the forced amalagamation of the Boer Republics into the British-controlled Union of South Africa, and By Any Means Necessary).

The end result of which being a Reddingsdaadfond ("Rescue Action Fund") as would be expected to constantly, and By Any Means Necessary, leverage the otherwise "idle monies" of the Afrikaner Masses into "productive capital" as would have as its ultimate aim not so much simple wealth creation as the creation of jobs and the development of an Afrikaner entrepeneurial class--or, as an Afrikaner nationalist leader once put it, "seizing upon the foreign model of capitalism and adopting it so that it suits our ethnic character." (Otherwise known as the "people-centred" concept of Volkskapitalisme, the "people's capitalism.")

Said Reddingsdaadfond having as its core component an investment fund (Federale Volksbeleggings/FVB; "Federal People's Investments") as would invest in "viable" Afrikaner-owned enterprises or otherwise acquire faltering businesses for rescue and rehabilitation in service to the Volk, expected to "pay its dividends in cash and not in pious words" ... as well as a loan fund supported by such entites with whom a "natural synergy" could be exploited, in particular the Afrikaner Broederbond and its well-known connexions with the life insurer Sanlam, the Volkskas bank and the Saambou building society.

Additionally, "wholehearted popular support" was expected to be generated for the Greater Glory of Afrikaner Socioeconomic Empowerment by way of a mass movement known as the Reddingsdaadbond ("Rescue Action League"), which was expected to uplift and empower the "poor white" element as was the target of the greater Reddingsdaad campaign all along by conflating national and cultural identity with economic empowerment; the Reddingsdaadbond offered jobs-placement services, scholarships and bursaries for such interested in studying business-related subjects and investment advice. (Not to mention where 2d of the monthly 6d members' subscription went towards a group life insurance and burial plan.)

Which, in any event, would plant the seeds of the apartheid regime's agenda of White Christian Supremacy and the Defence of the White Man's Burden in Africa by sadisto means if need be (especially so at Sharpeville and Soweto), replete with paranoia about "Communists" influencing independence movements across Africa from the late 1950's through to the mid-1970's. "Those who do not recall the past," &c.

(But then again, what can we learn here if such an idea were to be pushed anew so as to avoid the taint of associations with the neo-Fascist thought as premeated apartheid in its Luscious Glory, so that it was truly "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk," above race, colour, faith, gender and ethnicity?)

In closing, a "heads-up" for our North American friends
as observed Daylight Savings Time through the summer now winding down: Standard Time resumes at 02h local time on Sunday; hence, make sure to reset your timepieces back one hour Saturday evening. Daylight Savings Time will begin anew at 02h local time on Sunday, 10 March 2013, except where otherwise decreed.


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