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00h UTC; SATURDAY, 26 JANUARY 2013: If the RepubliKKKan Party expects to, in the words of Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal, "stop being the party of stupid" and "reset the compass of conservatism" if it expects significant and measurable electoral successes in Indecision 2014 and (even more so) Indecision 2016, the first thing they ought to do (IMHO) is to purge its membership rolls of such as are attached to the very weird and unwholesome elements as hijacked the GOP agenda and articles of faith over recent decades, unaware that such represented ideals anathema to the American National Character and Identity they insist on being the gatekeepers of.

Especially so such associating or otherwise identifying with:
  • the several permutations of the "Tea Party" (pseudo)movement (especially so the more blatantly fanatical strains such as Tea Party Nation and Tea Party Patriots);
  • the John Birch Society;
  • the Ku Klux Klan;
  • the Council of Conservative Citizens;
  • Americans for Prosperity;
  • Americans for Tax Reform;
  • the Club for Growth;
  • the Cato Institute;
  • the Heritage Foundation;
  • so-called "Christian Patriot" groups, "ministries" and sects; and
  • other sects and movements promoting White Christian Nationalism per an agenda as parallels that of apartheid South Africa ideologically, including super-secretive organisations modelled on the Afrikaner Broederbond and the Ossewa Brandwag.
Additionally, the RepubliKKKan Party would concurrently do well to disassociate with, and disavow, any past or ongoing associations, alliances and interconnexions with the preceding.

However, the first thing the GOP needs to remember in all of this is that "actions speak louder than words."

Especially should it want to avoid a repeat of the dividing wedge in the wake of President William Howard Taft's Winona Speech of September 17, 1909; his attempt to defend the just-passed Payne-Aldrich Tariff, especially Schedule K (wool and woolen goods), as "the best tariff law the Republicans made and, therefore, the best the country ever had" backfired so as to cause such serious divisions between the Stalwart and Progressive factions that were enough to enable Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win the Presidency in 1912. And, for that matter, resorting to extreme measures such as the Nazis used in the Rohmputsch (a/k/a the "Night of the Long Knives") in June 1934 against the SA.

Something to watch-and-ward for from the Christian Right
, especially with an eye towards their depantsing satiric: Calls by such sects identifying with racist elements for "REAL AmeriKKKans" to show "solidarity with the Afrikaner Peoples of South Africa in Clear and Present Danger of Genocidal Persecution," howbeit lacking in credence, by claiming "common bonds" of "self-conscious" Race Identity and Heritage reinforced by a Pious, Simple and Humble Christian Faith Cherished Deeply and Dearly as Shapes Their Common Values and Identity. Even to the extent of using scare tactics to raise funds for (officially) "evacuation" of Afrikaner families from South Africa towards eventual AmeriKKKan resettlement as "refugees" (howbeit lacking any credible substance), only to divert such at the last minoota for undisclosed reasons.

As today happens to be Australia Day "Down Under," readers, perhaps my fitting contribution therefor would have to be perhaps my single favourite poem of their greatest poet ever, A. B. "Banjo" Patterson--and no, it's not what you think. I'm talking about "Hay and Hell and Booligal," which are actual communities in the Riverina region of western New South Wales and have since come down as an Australian colloquialism for hot and oppressive weather best avoided at any cost:

"You come and see me, boys," he said;
"You'll find a welcome and a bed
"And whisky any time you call;
"Although our township hasn't got
"The name of quite a lively spot —
"You see, I live in Booligal.

"And people have an awful down
"Upon the district and the town —
"Which worse than hell itself they call;
"In fact, the saying far and wide
"Along the Riverina side
"Is 'Hay and Hell and Booligal'.

"No doubt it suits 'em very well
"To say it's worse than Hay or Hell,
"But don't you heed their talk at all;
"Of course, there's heat — no one denies —
"And sand and dust and stacks of flies,
"And rabbits, too, at Booligal.

"But such a pleasant, quiet place,
"You never see a stranger's face —
"They hardly ever care to call;
"The drovers mostly pass it by;
"They reckon that they'd rather die
"Than spend a night in Booligal.

"The big mosquitoes frighten some —
"You'll lie awake to hear 'em hum —
"And snakes about the township crawl;
"But shearers, when they get their cheque,
"They never come along and wreck
"The blessed town of Booligal.

"But down in Hay the shearers come
"And fill themselves with fighting-rum,
"And chase blue devils up the wall,
"And fight the snaggers every day,
"Until there is the deuce to pay —
"There's none of that in Booligal.

"Of course, there isn't much to see —
"The billiard-table used to be
"The great attraction for us all,
"Until some careless, drunken curs
"Got sleeping on it in their spurs,
"And ruined it, in Booligal.

"Just now there is a howling drought
"That pretty near has starved us out —
"It never seems to rain at all;
"But, if there should come any rain,
"You couldn't cross the black-soil plain —
"You'd have to stop in Booligal."


"We'd have to stop!" With bated breath
We prayed that both in life and death
Our fate in other lines might fall:
"Oh, send us to our just reward
"In Hay or Hell, but, gracious Lord,
"Deliver us from Booligal!"

Anyhow, Happy Australia Day to the Australian readers of this The Blog Our Parents Warned Us About ... and there's also an Australian version of the e-boutique for this very blog's promotional endeavours you're welcome to check out.



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