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17h UTC; WEDNESDAY, 20 JUNE 2012: OK, OK, let's get down to business:
  • And you thought the "Birther" element, and the prolefeeders sustaining them, were trying to make things miserable enow for President Obama's reelection, and the supporters thereof: Imagine how certain hard-wired types in the Southern Baptist Convention--or should that be "Great Commission Baptists"?--are reacting to the election of its first ever President of colour, by name Rev. Fred Luter, in its 167-year history; the better to wash its hands, Pilate-stylee, of past associations with slavery, Jim Crow and bigotry. (Use of the new appellation "Great Commission Baptists" will be left to the discretion of local congregations in communion therewith.)
  • As if GOP/"Tea Party" unease over taxes, and how best to sugarcoat it euphemistically "to make the concept more acceptable to the masses," wasn't stomach-churning enough, consider where a number of touristic businesses in Niagara Falls, ON (CDN) have been assessing an unofficial (and, they insist, optional) "Destination Marketing Fee" under various guises since 2004, and pocketing the surcharge for themselves without any sort of remit to Tourism Niagara, the official tourism-marketing and -promotion agency. (But then again, there are communities who do assess room taxes for tourism-promotion and marketing purposes, proceeds therefrom properly remitted and accounted for under strict controls.)
  • No wonder the GOP/"Tea Party" element has this insistence that only a "complete and final" scheme of "regulatory relief" would help create jobs--howbeit through "taxpayer lawsuits" reeking of prolefeed farce seeking to use the "jury nullification" device to render unconstitutional the likes of the Highway Beautification Act 1965 (restricting billboard placements on highways) and the Green River Ordinance (as bans itinerant salesmen from selling goods or services door to door in many communities around the country; named for Green River, Wyoming, where same originated in 1931), inter alii, by way of invoking "technicalities" bordering on the absurd and frivolous such as will leave the court with no option but to dismiss with prejudice.
  • Another unlikely GOP/"Tea Party" prolefeed meme insists (a la the "Sorry, Charlie" ads for Starkist Tuna) that "companies don't want to add costs; companies really want to add VALUE!--but are prevented from doing so by archaic and outdated laws and regulatory burden," whence they fail to get specific about (especially by example) without's deflating the proletarian-ego behind same.
  • You'll never guess what the GOP/"Tea Party" crowd really sees as "National Unity and Identity:" Nothing less than such encapsulate in the acronym ORION (as in "Our Race Is Our Nation"), especially popular among White Supremacists (further reinforced by the Elmer Gantryite trope that "every nation is rooted in a country allocated unto it by Yahweh God").
  • How many among the "Tea Party" have actually tried that Kopi Luwak (as in cat-dung coffee from Indonesia)?
  • So much for "Tea Party" prolefeed insisting they're the conscience of "REAL AmeriKKKa" (as in unskilled "poor white trash" having few or no marketable job skills, yet insisting that they're "not making hard enough an effort" to find work in the first place): hath it that a new study suggests as many as 90 million "morally superior" AmeriKKKan workers could be beyond any serious hope of work retraining by 2020 unless due and timely action is taken to address the issue (which "Tea Party" prolefeed forever insists is best handled through ekonomesie vryheid met Amerikaanse eienskappe "gebore ons die Volk, die Volk te doen" exclusively--preferably financed through "loan funds" linked to HYIP's structured to "leverage into productive capital" as much of the "idle monies" of the Lower Classes as can be manipulated therefrom By Any Means Necessary, preferably in the stylee of certain pseudoreligious evangels claiming such is a Mission From God).
Now: Any questions?

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