20h21 UTC; SATURDAY, 25 OCTOBER 2014: First off, Your Correspondent feels it best to apologise at this time for starting off this post a little later than usual; Winona State University's Homecoming parade, followed by lunch buffet at the local Pizza Hut ("just down the street" from my place, so to speak), followed by a nap just to get over the tired, lethargic feeling ensuing, explains all.

In any event, doesn't it seem as if RepubliKKKan articles of faith
as hold that the State has no place in setting the stage for socioeconomic recovery (as opposed to Die Volk, united by an all-encompassing Natural and Organic Unity and Identity to be channelled, manipulated even, By Any Means Necessary) call to mind elements of North Korea's Juche Idea ideologically, with aspects of Afrikanerdom's ideal of a "people-centred" Reddingsdaad expected to secure payback against British rule in South Africa through socioeconomic dominion based on Afrikaner models devised by their "voice and conscience" in the Afrikaner Broederbond and its Great Within in their name and behalf?

Too, we can just imagine conservative prolefeeder hysterics ensuing over TLC's announcement just yesterday that Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo was cancelled over reports that "Mama June" was dating a Known Sex Offender--especially such which play into stock anti-Semitic tropes about Jewish Control of Hollywood to the Detrius of the "REAL AmeriKKKa" which Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo represented (or so the prolefeed will expect us to believe) as the Model and Ideal Which Will Reclaim Thy Luscious Glory to His Noble Will and Service, all that Mickey Mouse.

As for my new Hanna-Barbera-flavoured fanfic site, work has just started on same, and it will certainly take some time for such to achieve what I hope for it. Especially so the blog page. In the interim, feel free to look over the homepage for yourself and leave comments with moi using the feedback form.

So till next time, folks: "73"
(Which, incidentally, was railroad telegraphers' shorthand for "goodbye.")

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