00h UTC; THURSDAY, 11 APRIL 2013: As is evident by the lead image (and the article linked thereto), the United States Postal Service's Grand Delusion of discontinuing Saturday letterpost deliveries to reduce losses Congress wrought upon it with a "gotcha" amounting to back-door corporatisation (preferably through offshore channels "for tax reasons") and share issue (said shares more than likely being traded on the Pink Sheets at the end of the day) has backfired in its face; the Postal Board of Governors acknolwdged that Congress "gave them no choice" but to mandate universal letterpost deliveries from Maine to Mauna Loa six days a week.

Which, if anything, amounts to a victory for the Real America supposedly cherished deeply and dearly by conservative prolefeeders--rural and small-town, for the most part, the sort Grit and Capper's Weekly coveted as their target audience all those years ago, unlikely for the nonce to have anything but dial-in access to Teh Innerwebz because phone companies think extending high-speed Innerwebz to country areas "would be unprofitable," not to mention risking serious signal degredation the further out one in the country is from the local dial station. Which was the same thing many electric power utilities were claiming about extending power lines to rural areas until Rural Electrification-sponsored cooperatives made such possible from the mid-1930's on.

And the Bell System in its Luscious Glory vis-a-vis telephonic service to rural communities until cooperatively-run telephone companies made rural telephone service possible ... initially with party lines, but eventually segueing to dial service from the 1950's on, eventually embracing digital and even remote-switching technologies, buried cable and single-party service. And, in some instances, with DSL Innerwebz and broadband television service.

Honestly: Aren't there certain specimens of popdisk out there which might sound interesting given the Elmer Fudd treatment (cf. Robin Williams' "Elmer Fudd Sings Bruce Springsteen" number)?

Meanwhile, say a prayer for Worthington, MN this evening as this particular part of southern Minnesota such as where Your Correspondent is based faces an Ice Storm Warning for the overnight, given the prospect of between 1/4-1/3" of ice as could make the going rather treacherous to the point of inadvisable ... not to mention ice glazing power lines and tree limbs in close proximity as could cause power outages of extended duration.

Which was the case in Worthington from early this morning on; Xcel Energy and Nobles Cooperative Power reported between them some 30,000 electric customers without power at the heighth of the outage thanks to ice weighting down power lines and poles, and Worthington proper being under a State of Emergency with rolling power cuts due to the limited capacity of backup generators. Several radio stations serving Worthington went off air after the transmitter tower they shared was knocked down by the weight of ice buildup.

And Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has called in the National Guard to help with cleanup and recovery, and to give comfort to the afflicted. Xcel Energy has called in power crews from other utilities interstate to help with rebuilding power lines, substations and related infrastructure in the Worthington area, said work to start as soon as feasable after a Major Winter Snowstorm blows out overnight.

In any event, the Red Cross' advice for these parts for tonight: "Shelter in place." (As in stay indoors and avoid non-essential travel.)



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