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17h54 UTC; MONDAY, 2 JUNE 2014: As if certain specimens of conservative Zealotry and True Belief insisting that the concept of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid was essential to AmeriKKKan National and Sovereign Identity wasn't bad enough, in and of itself, consider where you have certain scions of the Christian Right also supporting this trope, as if to insist that AmeriKKKa is entitled to call from abeyance apartheid South Africa's abandoned mantle and title of "God's Own Country"--and that said ekonomesie vryheid made it all the more so.

Subject, of course, to such condoning crony capitalism which, in and of itself, condones cartel behaviour with clear and present socioeconomic harm to especially the vulnerable and easily-influenced, afflicting as much business as consumers.

Not to mention worsening socioeconomic disparity by sugar-coating such to create the illusion of "Christian Witness" being thereby served. That, and using His Name to condone contempt for National Minorities by claiming that Holy Writ entitles Good Christians "by natural right" to discrimminate in the name of their faith and values (cf. apartheid South Africa).

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And pray, what exactly is the harm posed unto ekonomesie vryheid with President Obama's seeking to use an Executive Order to push for tighter controls on carbon emissions from coal-fired power stations in the interest of public health and safety, especially given "Tea Party" and suchlike canards that such threatens jobs and the "natural right" to "penny-cheap electricity" as one with National and Sovereign Identity, &c., made possible only because of ekonomesie vryheid, or so the prolefeed would have it?

Consider, dear reader:

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