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17h52 UTC; SATURDAY, 21 JUNE 2014: Seeing as where Saturday is generally a slow news day in the weekly cycle, especially so during the summer "silly season," Your Correspondent perhaps thought it best to concentrate on a few random items in the same post (and when you leave your comment through the Facebook-powered comment system, you may comment on any or all of the following items):
  • No wonder people can't trust Walmart anymore: Kraft Foods is issuing a recall of 260 cases of 2-lb. Velveeta loaves as were shipped to Walmart locations in 12 Midwestern and Western states when it emerged that they didn't have enough sorbic acid, a key preservative as prevents spoilage, in that batch with code #021000611614, a "best by" date of "17 DEC 2014" and timecodes in the range 10:54 to 14:35, inclusive.
  • So much for the "cult of personality" oft used by dictatorial and totalitarian regimes to deify their Supreem Leader in glowing terms: Is it possible for there to be an "occult of personality"?
  • Staying on that point for the moment, how do we know the "Tea Party" and "Christian Patriot" ideal of a President "who loves his country" is one, inter alii, with jingoistically xenophobic tendencies and articles of faith calling for socioeconomic self-reliance according to the disciplines of ons styl ekonomesie vryheid (cf. the Juche concept from North Korea)?
  • And pray, how exactly does the "Tea Party"/"Christian Patriot" agenda expecting the Lower Classes to "rescue themselves" off "enslavement to government dependency" expect to achieve the desideratum when the targeted aren't expected to be offered any tools, motivation or resources to help things along? Is it, perhaps, the latent fear that such could only "perpetuate unhealthy dependency" when the desire is one of "a people rescuing itself" by channelling a presumed "natural" Unity and Identity (Volkseenheid in the Afrikaans)?
  • No wonder "Tea Party" and suchlike articles of faith love the mass Kultuur as a tool and weapon for promoting their agenda and articles of faith in terms that especially the stoopid can understand--so long as such is funded through dubious means, the production values nothing but a farce (especially given the desire for quick production schedules) and the plot/story essentially formula-written pablum which the critics can easily discern.
  • As for the popular Christian homophobe trope insisting that animals are somehow "morally incapable" of the same sort of Lewd Acts which their prolefeed insists are rampant in homosexual circles (and, hence, Threatens Thy Dear and Lovely Land and His Grace and Favour Thereon), Your Correspondent understands that Polish zoologists have discovered where a pair of bears in a Croatian zoo have been discerned engaging in oral sex on a regular basis, which the zoologists suggest may be some sort of substitute for their mother abruptly ending their nursing on mother's milk at an early age. (It should be noted, too, that similar behaviours have been found in captive bears at several other zoos which don't meet accepted international standards for proper display of animals.)
Finally, in an effort to further improve potential reach and attention, Your Correspondent will be trying out for to ping these posts to the several blog and RSS feed directories across Teh Innerwebz. Whether such will actually have the desired effect is anybody's guess.

So until next time, folks ... "73"

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