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18h30 UTC; WEDNESDAY, 21 DECEMBER 2011: Not many are aware of it, but today starts the one-year countdown before what some misguided or unbalanced elements of the community see to be The End of the World As We Know It on 21 December 2012.

Which, as it turns out, is actually the reset of the Mayan calendar cycle.

And it seems those who are especially interested in seeing the world fall apart in one year's time from today are the likes of Bible-Believing Christians of the lowest, most narrow-minded sort, seeing events and developments as they do in the rather distorted context of what are best described as rose-coloured beer goggles supported by an equally-distorted, selective even, reading of the Divine Scriptures seeking to reinforce their desire to wrest from apartheid South Africa the title of "G-d's Own Country" as went into abeyance when the whole system of apartheid was abolished in favour of multi-racial, multi-party democracy in 1994, embracing a Christian theocratic model whose closest model in world history would probably have to be the aforementioned apartheid regime, reinforced with a rather distorted perversion of religion seeing the Afrikaner as Divinely-Ordained to Establish His Earthly Kingdom, the Shining City on a Hill, Jerusalem of Gold, upon the Cape and the Highveldt.

In any event, expect the crazies to start pushing plenty of paranoia-driven prolefeed as 21 December 2012 inches all the closer rivalling that which Family Radio Networks owner Harold Camping unsuccessfully tried to push upon the world back in May and (following a stroke when that prediction proved untrue) again in October.


Taking the defence of "White Cultural Heritage" to new lows not seen since the so-called Tweede Trek made its way across South Africa in 1938 for the sake of promoting Afrikaner National Unity and Identity, culminating as it did in the laying of Die Voortrekkermonument's cornerstone outside Pretoria on December 16, 1938 would have to be such forms of "health and nutrition advice" promoted by right-wing prolefeed channels seeking to defend the "roast-and-two-veg" model of cuisine against perceived Political Correctness by playing the "Cultural Heritage" card.

(But then again, let's not forget that the Nazis were pushing Eintopf-Sonntag on the last Sunday of every month, in which German families were expected to serve what official propaganda called "the sacrificial meal of the Reich" in form of a meat-and-potato stew known as Eintopf [literally, "one pot"] instead of the tradition-bound pot roast, with the ensuing savings expected to go to Nazi-sponsored poor-relief campaigns such as the Winterhilfe.)


Make no mistake about it: The GOP, in its desire to undermine the economy and jobs creation through willful and conscious ex-lax excused as being For My G-d and My Country (imagine that last bit being delivered in a whining, hyperjuvenile even, falsetto to maximise emotional appeal--in theory) and recast it in new shapes of its own choosing, would just love to embrace a hybrid of Jucheism (especially because of its guiding principle of Man is the Master of Everything, and Decides Everything; put another way, Thou Art) and Afrikaner Nationalist concepts of a spontaneous and at once mighty appeal to the greater Volkseenheid towards an equally spontaneous Reddingsdaad itself leading to the final achievement of a Volkskapitalisme "born out of the Volk to serve the Volk" as will rescue capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics from itself, thereby ensuring its perpetuation and survival from everlasting to everlasting.

The whole to be supported by a Reddingsdaadfond to be known as "The Patriot Fund," theoretically expected to be self-sustaining through annual "spontaneous appeals" to Our Dear Lovely People and Nation to "give till it hurts" in providing a pool of money theoretically providing "self-liquidating loans" to help with business and industry startups "which use the hands rather than the mind"--only it turns out to be giving favour to such startups having the right political connexions.


Meanwhile, as an alternative to such obnoxious appeals to misguided patriotism likely to be mired in corruption and mismanagement--while, at the same time, encouraging the empowerment of the poor based on mutual self-help such as conservative thoughts still insists on to "help the poor to help themselves" after years of "enslavement" to State welfare and Social Security--may I be one to suggest studying and adopting to American conditions such models of microfinance epitomised by the Stokvel concept in the poorer parts of South Africa and the Korean microcredit societies known commonly as kie or kyu, depending on the region; such usually making loans to contributing members with an insurance component.

Come to think of it, what exactly would intervene in pushing mutual self-help concepts and models as a tool to empower the ever-increasing Lower Classes of Our Beloved Nation? (Especially considering the insistence of conservative prolefeed channels that social-welfare initiatives feed on "poor decisions***we need to punish", preferably through capitalism with AmeriKKKan characteristics being seen as ur-Great White Father, Saviour, Loving Father and Teacher, &c., &c.)


In any case, consider this as the start of my holiday hiatus for this work by its author; after all, even bloggers need to take a break every now and then to get their creative batteries recharged, get out and have some serious time for themselves for once. And the Christmas/New Year's fortnight provides just the right opportunity therefor.

Which will also see him launch his next great website misadventure, to be styled Let's Wisconsin Dells!, to have as its principles, so to speak:
  1. that such visiting Wisconsin Dells don't need to waste money on a fancy waterpark resort vis-a-vis their vacation when there's plenty of "old school" motels and resorts out there where one can get a decent room with the essentials at good value for money; and
  2. that what remains of the "old-school" hosteleries need to make their power and presence known in the face of clear and present threats to their existance, not just by themselves (through such improvements seeking to fight conditions which can be easily exploited by Certain Unscrupulous Elements to buy such out at fire-sale prices and recast them in their preferred image), but also through group cohesion (as in establishing a trade association representing their own best interests not just among themselves, but also among intending value-conscious visitors).
Which, I admit, I launch out of compassionate admiration of and for the Waterpark Capital and its best interests, especially relative to its traditional working-class popularity who can't afford Walt Disney World, on my part and parcel. Hopefully, such will meet with the requisite approval of all interested.

In the meantime, I hope to be back in 2012 with much the same salmagundi of esoterica as comes across my own rather dyslexically-inclined mind. As for yourselves, I'd appreciate your support of the cause represented as much by myself as this work by its author, including your shopping the Online Mall of this site and its T-shirt, &c., Shop, which will help Your Correspondent financially absent his coming into significant money anytime soon. Until then, enjoy your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, New Year's, whatever you observe at this time of year when the old year starts segueing into the new. (And don't forget: "Moderation is always in good taste.")

Your comments on, and responsible sharing of, these posts are always welcome and appreciated.

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